Q101 1st Class subscription confirmed!

You are now part of an exclusive class, Q101 1st Class. Through the undergoing Quenya course provided here, you’ll learn all the basics of the language with complete lessons designed to give a glimpse in all the features of the language! Sample dialogues with audio, detailed grammar explanations, vocabulary insight and exercises to train you in the elven path of fluency.

The current password for access in the Quenya101 1st class is gonna be sent to your Paypal email very soon. Check there.

1st Elvish School class

Enter the 1st Class!

Also, please consider the Q101 Patreon alternative! You can access all exclusive 1st Class content here AND get rewards, bonuses and extras in a monthly basis! Why not, huh? A dose of Tolkien now and then will just quench the thirst for elvish lore in your half-elven blood, right?

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