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It was about time to create some gallery here, right? To start, I’ll share with you something I created in 2007-8. It’s a card game involving all Tolkien mythology. Due to “budget” I never completed it properly, printed it and actually played. The basic structure of rules are based on Magic The Gathering, but there are elements of RPG, board and dice game. It’s all mixed up. I’ve always enjoyed creating games or expanding existing rules since I was a kid. Then I took the huge task of converting ALLTolkien creatures to cards. I went as far as 925 cards, but there are still missing some from the race of Men. Now, as it didn’t work out as a cards game, I’ll share my creation just as pictures, visual entertainment for Tolkien fans.

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War Of Wrath – After Eärendil came to Valinor to beg for the aid of the Valar, they sent a mighty force into Middle-earth to do battle with Morgoth. Led by Eönwë, the herald of Manwë,… Read more

War Of The Ring – The great conflict at the end of the Third Age, named for the One Ring and the importance this had in the final outcome. The war was fought between the… Read more

First Age – The first of the four Ages chronicled by Tolkien. Unlike the Second and Third Ages, there is no detailed chronicle of the events of the First Age, at least in any canonical sources, and so dates… Read more

Third Age – The Third Age began a little over four thousand years after the Rising of the Moon in the first year of the First Age. Of the Ages, it is the best known, as the events of The Hobbit and…Read more

Trees Age – The long years that lay between the founding of Valinor and its Darkening. During this time, Valinor was lit by the light of the Two Trees, but Middle-earth lay in darkness… Read more

Girdle Of Melian – The fence of enchantment set around Thingol’s kingdom of Doriath by Melian his Queen, preventing entry into his land without his will and consent.

Grímas’ Advice – The counsellor of ThéodenKing of Rohan, who acted as a spy of Saruman to keep the country of Rohan weak. After the destruction of Isengard by the Ents, he accompanied Saruman northward to the Shire.

Nauglamír – The Necklace of the Dwarves; originally made for Finrod Felagund, in which Thingol had set the Silmaril recovered by Lúthien and Beren.

Gurthang – Iron of Death‘, the name given by Túrin Turambar to Beleg’s black sword Anglachel after its reforging in Nargothrond.

Númenna – For most of the travellers, the voyage to the Undying Lands was a journey into the unknown, but not for all.

Oron Manaro –  Orodruin seems to have lain dormant when Sauron was away from Mordor, and sprung into life when his power grew. 

Nazgûl – A word from the Black Speech, usually translated ‘Ringwraith’; the name of the nine Men corrupted by the power of Sauron’s Nine Rings, and transformed into his dark and deathless servants.

Battle Of Greenfields – A battle fought in the Shire’sNorthfarthing in the year III 2747. An invading band of Orcs from Mount Gram were led into the Shire by their chief Golfimbul; who was slain by Bandobras Took.

Leave now – Gollum first appears in the Tale of Years in ‘about’ 2463, when he murders his friend Déagol and steals the Ring.

They’re Not For Eating – Great Orcs… that kind is stronger and more fell than all others.

Lugdush – An Orc, and apparently an Uruk, in the service of Saruman. He was a member of Uglúk’s raiding band that captured Merry and Pippin beneath Amon Hen, and… Read more

Déagol – Hobbit-like creature of the same kind as Sméagol (Gollum), who found the One Ring on the bed of the River Anduin while fishing. He was murdered by his friend Sméagol, who stole the Ring.

Vision of Iúvatar – The vision of the World created by Ilúvatar through the Music of the Ainur, later given being by him.

Battle Of The Field Of Celebrant – In the time of Steward CirionGondor suffered invasion by a fierce eastern people known only as the Balchoth. In desperation, Cirion sent…Read more

Grishnákh – An orc of Mordor, and possibly one of the Uruk-hai. He was part of the raiding party that captured Merry and Pippin at Parth Galen, and was slain by the Riders of Éomer near the eaves of Fangorn Forest.

Miruvor – The reviving cordial of the Elves, a liquor with the power to grant renewed vigour and strength. Miruvor was clear and colourless, with a pleasant fragrance. Gandalf carried a flask of it with him…Read more

You withdraw your guard – In III 3014Théoden began to fall ill, and Gríma began to gain a significant hold over him, though he had evidently been in the King’s service for some time before this.

Houses Of Healing – The houses that lay in the sixth circle of Minas Tirith, surrounded by lawns and trees, where the healers of Gondor did their work.

You Shall Not Pass – In Gandalf, the Balrog finally encountered a being of the same order and power as itself.

Draugluin – wolf servant of Sauron, called the lord and sire of the werewolves of Angband. He was slain by Huan, and Beren used his pelt as a disguise in his quest for a Silmaril.

Iron Crown – The crown forged by Morgoth after his return to Middle-earth to hold the three Silmarils; he bore it throughout the First Age, but after his defeat by the Valar the crown was beaten into a collar for his neck.

Nine Rings – Nine potent Rings of Power, each mounted with a gem, made by the Jewel-smiths of Eregion under the guidance of Sauron in his guise as Annatar. When the One Ring was forged, the other…Read more

Snaga – A contemptuous term for the lesser Orcs of Mordor and Isengard, used especially among the larger and stronger Uruk-hai. It comes from a word in the Black Speech meaning ‘slave’.

Gollum – Originally a creature of Hobbit-kind, who came by the One Ring in the River Anduin, where Isildur had lost it more than two millennia before. Coming under its power, he hid away in the…Read more

Meriadoc Brandybuck – Son of Saradoc Brandybuck, called ‘The Magnificent‘, Merry accompanied Frodo on the Quest of Mount Doom. Captured with his friend Peregrin Took by Orcs,…Read more

24 responses to “Gallery

  1. louis

    I am so amazed by your work. I chanced upon your blog when i was reading lotr.wikia and i was hooked to it for hours. With the magic the gathering elements in it, it makes everything so real and would like to see more! Favorites would be maiar and naucor set.

    • Thank you louis for the compliments! I’m glad you found Quenya101! Tell me, I’m curious, where did you exactly find it? Lotr.wikia? Where???

      Additionally, if there’s any card you would like to see here (but it’s not yet) talk to me. There are 925 cards total and most of them are waiting to see the light of day.

      • Louis

        Ohh sure, I found it under the Istari page which has a image of Pallando the Blue wizard which is in the form of a magic card so i googled and found your site! The link is here,

        Would like to see the dunedain series!

        • Thank you. I checked the page and saw the cards there. Pretty cool! I’m glad it helped bringing you here!

          So, which dúnadan specifically would you like to start?

  2. anonymous coward

    Man, this is amazing.

    Nice owrk

  3. Colin Redpath

    I’m not kidding when i say this IS AMAZING. I
    Ve ALWAYS ALWAYS wanted an Arda MTG set. You are my hero. I’d be really awesome if this was playable!

  4. 8a mporousate na m beite to onoma m gt den mporw na to brw?
    to onoma einai stauros.

  5. i very very like this!

  6. Wow, these are AWESOME. I wish some of these were real and usable in MTG. My favorite ones are the lands “Narchost”, “Annúminas” anf the enchantment “Girdle of Melian”.

    • Once, when I first made them, I thought about printing them so they would become ‘real’, but after calculating the costs I gave up (pretty quickly).

      And most of them are really not ‘usable’ as Magic The Gathering cards due to the different pattern of rules I developed for them. For instance, the creatures combat (power/toughness) are slightly different with huge numbers for simple Magic cards!

      I’m happy you liked it! Stay tuned here for the constant releases of new cards from this collection of mine!

  7. Pim

    Dude, wonderful! You did a great job. (y)

  8. edisinho

    I love those cards, awesome work !

  9. Arandur

    Wonderful work! I love your cards!

  10. dude, these are awesome. where are the rest? /o/

  11. Those are beautiful and just darn cool.

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