Nóri (Lands)

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Alburg – One of the oldest settlements in Rohan, Aldburg stood on a green hill in the region known as the Folde, some miles to the southeast of Edoras. During Eorl’s time it was the chief township of Rohan,… Read more

Alqualondë – The Swanhaven of the Teleri, on the eastern shores of Aman. This was the site of the Kinslaying in the time immediately before the beginning of the First Age.

Amon Darthir – A mountain in the range of the Ered Wethrin, the Mountains of Shadow that separated Dor-lóminto the north from Beleriand to the south. It stood near the house of HúrinRead more

Amon Ethir – A hill raised by the people of Finrod in the wide plain of Talath Dirnen, a league (approximately three miles) east of the Doors of Nargothrond above the river Narog. Over the years, trees grew…Read more

Andram – The Long Wall of hills that ran across Beleriand from west to east.

Andúnië – An important city and port in the Andustar region of western Númenor. The Lords of Andúnië were the ancestors of the Kings of the Dúnedain in Middle-earth.

Annon-In-Gelydh – The Sindarin name for the lost Gate of the Noldor, found after years of searching by Tuor, and used by him to escapeHithlum and find his way into Nevrast.

Annúminas – The city of the Kings of Arnor, on the shores of Nenuial. The city was founded by Elendil himself, on the shores of the northern lake Nenuial, near the sources of the Baranduin. It was… Read more

Ascar – The northernmost of the rivers that flowed through Ossiriand, along the northern bank of which lay the Dwarf-road from the Blue Mountains. It was renamed Rathlóriel(‘Goldenbed‘) after the sinking of…Read more.

Belegost – An Elvish name (meaning simply ‘Great Fortress’) for the Dwarf-citadel that lay near Mount Dolmed in the Blue Mountains, called Gabilgathol by the Dwarves themselves.

Brethil – A forest on the western marches of Doriath. It was occupied in the later years of the First Age by the Edain of the House of Haleth, and it was there that Túrin Turambar slew the dragon Glaurung.

Chetwood – The broad woodland that lay to the north and east of the Bree-hill. The village of Archet was built among the trees near its edge.

Cirith Gorgor – Called the Haunted Pass, the point where the mountain ranges of the Ered Lithui and the Ephel Dúath met, to the northwest of Mordor. It was sealed by the Black Gate of the Morannon,…Read more

Dale – A township of Men lying between Erebor and Esgaroth, destroyed when Smaug descended on the Dwarf-kingdom. After Smaug’s destruction, Dale was refounded by Bard, the descendant of its lords.

Erech – An ancient site at the feet of the White Mountains in Gondor, though it seems to have predated the foundation of that land. Erech was most famous for a huge Stone, said to have fallen from heaven…Read more

Gates Of Sirion – The cavernous mouth in the southern hills of the Andram where the River Sirion emerged from its underground course.

Gladden Fields – The marshlands that formed where the Gladden River flowed down out of the Misty Mountains and into the Great River Anduin. This was the site of Isildur’s loss of the One RingRead more

Glanhír – A small stream that rose in the uplands beneath the Halifirien that flowed through the Firien Wood, then north and east across the plains of Rohan. It met the Entwash after that…Read more

Harrowdale – The name given to the deep north-south valley cut out of the White Mountains by the Snowbourn River. At its southern end, beneath the mountain known as the Starkhorn, stood Dunharrow,…Read more

Haven Of Umbar – A natural harbourage far to the south of the Bay of Belfalas. It was used by the Númenóreans during the Second Age, and it was here that Sauron surrendered himself to Ar-Pharazôn. Its history…Read more

Limlight – A tributary of the River Anduin that flowed eastward from Fangorn Forest to meet the Great River at the Field of Celebrant. It formed part of the northern boundary of Rohan.

Lórien – A woodland kingdom of the Silvan Elves on the western banks of the River AnduinGaladriel and Celeborn came there in the Third Age, and ruled it after the loss of its ancient lord, Amroth.

Michel Delving

Michel Delving – The chief town of the Shire in the White Downs, that lay in the Westfarthing of the Shire. Its name means simply ‘large excavation’.

Min-Rimmon – One of the seven beacon-hills of Gondor, on the northern flanks of the White Mountains. With Eilenach and Amon Dîn, Min-Rimmon was one of the oldest beacons, set in place even before the… Read more

Minas Tirith – The seven-tiered citadel of the Kings of Gondor, originally named Minas Anor. After the destruction of Osgiliath, Minas Tirith became the seat of power in the South-kingdom.

Moria – The Black Chasm; the name given to Khazad-dûm after its desertion by the Dwarves, after which it became a dark and evil place.

Mount Rerir – A peak in the far north of the Blue Mountains, above Lake Helevorn.

Narchost – The western of the two towers known as the Teeth of Mordor, that stood on hills either side of the Black Gate of the Morannon, guarding the northwestern entrance into MordorRead more

Newbury – A large village in northern Buckland, situated a few miles north of Crickhollow.

Orodruin – The fire-mountain in the northern parts of Mordor, in which Sauron forged the One Ring during the Second Age, and into which the same Ring fell thousands of years later to bring about… Read more

Ost-In-Edhil – The chief city of Eregion, the great Elvish nation of the mid-Second Age. It was here that the House of the Mírdain stood, and here too that the Rings of Power were forged by Celebrimbor and…Read more

Pass Of Anach – A pass through the western Ered Gorgoroth, and the only southward route out of the land of Dorthonion. It was discovered by the spies of Morgoth after the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, and used by…Read more

Pelóri – The mountain-fence of Aman, raised by the Valar against the evils of Melkor. The highest peak of the Pelóri was Taniquetil, on which were the mansions of Manwë and Varda.

Ramdal – A cluster of low hills in East Beleriand, some miles to the west of Amon Ereb. They marked the eastern extent of the Andram, the Long Wall that ran eastward for many leagues from the hills around Nargothrond.

Ravenhill – An outlying hill beneath the height of Erebor, the Lonely Mountain. It stood at the end of a ridge of high ground extending southwards from the mountain itself, overlooking… Read more

Scary – A small settlement that lay in the hilly region that formed the northern parts of the Eastfarthing, which also gave its name to the surrounding stony hills. Tolkien associates the name with…Read more

Stairs of Cirith Ungol – A pair of steep Stairs that cut into the Mountains of Shadow on the borders of Mordor. They led upward and away from Minas Morgul, the city that guarded the main pass through the…Read more

Taniquetil – After the Lamps of the Valar were destroyed by Melkor in the distant past of the World, the Valar themselves withdrew from Middle-earth into a land on the far western edges of Arda… Read more

Tharbad – An ancient city of Men that grew up where the North-South Road crossed the River Gwathló (Greyflood). Tharbad was deserted in the late Third Age after it was devastated in the floods that…Read more

Thrihyrne – The three steep-sided mountain peaks that stood out above the gorge of Helm’s Deep. They were the northernmost of the White Mountains, and so they also marked the southern edge of the…Read more

Tirion – The city of the Elves in Aman, built on the hill of Túna. Originally shared by the Vanyar and the Noldor, the Vanyar later departed to dwell beneath Manwë’s halls on Taniquetil.

Tol Eressëa – The Lonely Isle of the Elves of Aman, on which Ulmo brought the Elves to Valinor long ages before the rising of the Sun and Moon, and on which many still dwell within sight of the Blessed Realm.

Tol Falas – A large island, also named in the form Tolfalas, that stood beyond the Ethir Anduin in the Bay of Belfalas. Its sharp southern cape was traditionally considered as marking the southernmost point of Gondor proper.

Tookbank – The smaller of the two main settlements of the Tookland, about seven miles to the west of Tuckborough, which was the larger of the two towns in the region. The name ‘Tookbank’ is clearly derived…Read more

Underhill – The part of Hobbiton that lay directly beneath Hobbiton Hill. Its most famous smial was within the Hill itself: Bag End.

Upbourn – One of the small villages that lay in the White Mountains, in the valley of the River Snowbournknown as Harrowdale. This placed it close to Rohan’s capital of Edoras, and indeed it was on the road…Read more

Vales Of Sirion – The wide valley of the River Sirion, that separated West Beleriand from East Beleriand. The term (also seen in the singular form ‘Vale of Sirion’) seems to apply especially to that part of…Read more

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