Aulë – One of the Aratar, the eight greatest of the Valar, Aulë was the Vala concerned with the substance of Arda; rock and metal. As his name suggests, he was also the builder and inventor of the Valar. He… Read more

Estë – A lady of the Valar, the spouse of Irmo, who dwells with him in the gardens of Lórien in Valinor.

Lórien – The common name given to the Vala Irmo, from the gardens in Valinor where he dwelt with his spouse Estë.

Mandos – The Doomsman of the Valar and keeper of the slain in his Halls in the west of Valinor; his true name is said to be Námo.

Manwë – Greatest of the Valar, spouse of Varda and King of Arda; he dwells in his halls on Taniquetil, highest of mountains, and the winds and airs of Arda are under his command.

Melkor – Said to be the mightiest dweller in Arda, Melkor was of the same order of the Valar and equal in power to Manwë himself, who was Melkor’s brother in the mind of Ilúvatar. While the Valar descended into…  Read more

Morgoth – After his theft of the Silmarils and destruction of the Two TreesMelkor fled the Valar and returned to Middle-earth, as Fëanor cursed him and gave him a new name, Morgoth, the Black Enemy of…Read more

Nessa – The spouse of Tulkas and sister to Oromë, who delights in dancing on the green lawns of Valimar.

Nienna – Queen of the Valar, the sister of Námo and Irmo, who dwells alone on the western borders of the World. Nienna ranks as one of the eight Aratar, the most powerful of the Valar. Grief and mourning… Read more

Oromë – The Huntsman of the Valar, the brother of Nessa and one of the eight Aratar. In ancient times, he rode often in the forests of Middle-earth, and it was he who first discovered the Eldar at Cuiviénen.

Tulkas – The last of the Valar to descend into Arda, and the most warlike; he did battle with Melkor in the years when the World was young.

Ulmo – One of the chief of the Valar, and one of the most powerful, ranked only behind Melkor and Manwë. Before the making of the World, he delighted in the making of music, and played a great part in… Read more

Vairë – Queen of the Valar, the spouse of Mandos, who weaves the tales of the history of Arda.

Varda – The Queen of the Stars and spouse of Manwë the King of Arda, great among the Queens of the Valar. She set the stars in the sky, for which the Eldar of Middle-earth revered her, calling her by the name of Elbereth.

Vána – A lady of the Valar, the sister of Yavanna and spouse of Oromë. Flowers were said to open, and birds sing, at her passing.

Yavanna – Called the ‘Giver of Fruits’, Yavanna was the Vala whose province was all growing things upon the earth. She was the spouse of Aulë the Smith.

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  1. perfect, i love your Tolkien blog

  2. Rowan Rutherford

    These are just fantastic. Wanted to drop by and leave a word of appreciation.

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