How do we say (…) in Quenya?

There are some unchangeable truths about Quenya: it’s Tolkien’s masterpiece, it’s superbly well-done, it’s beautiful and it’s limited! Due to its vocabulary limitation, I announce here the beginning of my compilation of the NEW QUETTAPARMAR. Am I going to create words out of the thin air? No, no way! That’s not the goal, not the point. I’m gonna bring together all the adaptations, useful expressions and etymologies which sometimes you must use if you wanna render a Quenya translation. I’ll expose here some of the questions people have already brought to me (How do I say this? How can I write that?) in order to help you all at once at one place at the same time! If you wanna request any random sentence, do it here! (Famous quote or lyrics? Then do it there!) Go to the bottom of this page and enter your request at the comment box there. Use your patience and when the time comes, you’ll have it translated as accurate as possible into Quenya with its analysis! So far, check below what has already been answered:

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Quenya Archives (XIV 139-XV 1)

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Question & Analysis

Q: How do we say “Hope” in Quenya?

A: “Estel”

L: “Hope”

Middle Earth Ready`V81Rj


  • Estel = n. hope, faith
Asked by:tq101
Ben Neadle
(9 Yávië 2)
Instead of waiting in line for several weeks, Ben had this request answered in 89 hours with HUGE Tengwar fonts perfect for a tattoo through Tattoo Q101

Estel 1Estel 2Estel 3Estel 4Estel 5Estel 6


Q: How do we say “Not all those who wander are lost V S” in Quenya?

A: “Queni yar ranyar ullumë vanwë umir V S”

L: “People who wander never lost are(n’t) V S”

Middle Earth ReadyzR5% hÍE6 7E5#Ì6 `Mj&°t$ yE5nR `Mt%6 y 8


  • Queni = quén+[i] = n. person, one+[plural marker]
  • yar = rel. pron. “that, which, who”+[plural marker]
  • ranyar = vb. to wander+[plural marker]
  • ullumë = adv. never
  • vanwë = vanwa+[ë] = adj. lost, gone, departed+[plural marker]
  • umir = umë+[r] = neg. vb. “not to be, not to do”+[plural marker]
Asked by:tq101
Vilok Bhatia
(1 Yávië 2)
Instead of waiting in line several weeks, Vilok had this request answered in 91 hours with HUGE Tengwar fonts perfect for tattoos through Tattoo Q101

V S 1V S 2V S 3V S 4V S 5V S 6

Tengwar Fonts choice:

Q: How do we say “When the mountains fall and the oceans dry I’m still in love with you” in Quenya?

A: “Talumë i oronti lantar ar i ëari parcë nar melinyel en.”

L: “At the moment the mountains fall and the seas dry are I love you still.”

Middle Earth Ready1EjUt$ `B `N7Y4% jE4#6 `C6 `B `V`C7T 1E6aR 5#6 t$jT5%Ìj `V5


  • Talumë = adv. at the moment, at the time, when
  • i = def. art. “the”
  • oronti = oron+[i] = n. mountain+[plural marker]
  • lantar = lanta+[r] = vb. to fall+[plural marker]
  • ar = conj. “and”
  • ëari = ëar+[i] = n. sea, great sea+[plural marker]
  • parcë = parca+[ë] = adj. dry+[plural marker]
  • nar = ná+[r] = vb. to be+[plural marker]
  • melinyel = melë+[nyë]+{l} = vb. to love+[pers. pron. “I”]+{obj. pron. “you”}
  • en = adv. “still” (future related, not past)
Asked by:FF
Sander Hilven
(57Lairë 2)
Instead of waiting in line several weeks, Sander had this request answered in 69 hours through FAST LINE

Talumë i oronti lantar ar i ëari parcë nar melinyel en

Tengwar Fonts choice:

Q: How do we say “Courage, kindness, hope” in Quenya?

A: “Huorë, márië, estel.”

L: “Courage, kindness, hope”

Middle Earth Ready9M`N7R= t~C7T`V= `V81Rj


  • Huorë = n. courage
  • márië = n. goodness, kindness, compassion
  • estel = n. hope
Asked by:tq101
Stella Nenou
(30 Lairë 2)
Instead of waiting in line several weeks, Stella had this request answered in 91 hours with HUGE Tengwar fonts perfect for tattoos through Tattoo Q101

Huorë Márië Estel 1Huorë Márië Estel 2Huorë Márië Estel 3Huorë Márië Estel 4Huorë Márië Estel 5Huorë Márië Estel 6

Tengwar Fonts choice:

Q: How do we say “Focus on the good” in Quenya?

A: “Á harya indo máralessë”

L: “Have mind on the goodness”

Middle Earth Ready~C 9C7EÎ `B2^ t~C7Ej$,F


  • Á =imperative particle
  • harya = vb. to have
  • indo = n. mind, state of mind, inner thought
  • máralessë = máralë+[ssë] = n. goodness+[locative case suffix]
Asked by:tq101
Enzo Jäger
(24 Lairë 2)
Instead of waiting in line several weeks, Enzo had this request answered in 72 hours with HUGE Tengwar fonts perfect for tattoos through Tattoo Q101

Á harya indo máralessë 1Á harya indo máralessë 2Á harya indo máralessë 3Á harya indo máralessë 4Á harya indo máralessë 5Á harya indo máralessë 6

Tengwar Fonts choice:

Q: How do we say “Beautiful little moon, illuminate my dark night” in Quenya?

A: “Vanima níca Isil, á calya morna lómenya”

L: “Beautiful small Moon, illuminate my dark night”

Middle Earth ReadyyE5%t# 5~BaE `B3Gj= ~C aEj#´ t^65# j~Nt$5#Ì


  • Vanima = adj. fair, beautiful
  • níca = adj. small, little
  • Isil = n. Moon
  • á = imperative particle
  • calya = vb. to illuminate
  • morna = adj. dark, black, somber
  • lómenya = lómë+[nya] = n. night+[poss. pron. “my”]
Asked by:FF
Monica Diaz
(47 Tuilë 2)
Instead of waiting in line several weeks, Monica had this request answered in 78 hours through FAST LINE
Vanima níca Isil á calya morna lómenya
Tengwar Fonts choice:

Q: How do we say “Always follow your heart and intuition” in Quenya?

A: “Illumë á hilya órë ar tercenelya”

L: “Always follow your heart and insight”

Middle Earth Ready`Bj&°t$ ~C 9Bj#´ ~N7R `C6 1R6aR5$j#´


  • Illumë = adv. always, all time
  • á = imperative particle
  • hilya = vb. to follow
  • órë = n. heart, inner mind
  • ar = conj. “and”
  • tercenelya = tercen+[lya] = n. insight, “through-sight”+[poss. pron. “your”]
Asked by:mt-button-small
Keeley Fung
(24 Tuilë 2)
Instead of waiting in line for several weeks, Keeley had this request answered in 324 MINUTES with HUGE Tengwar fonts (perfect for tattoos) through Max Tattoo 360

Illumë á hilya órë ar tercenelya 1Illumë á hilya órë ar tercenelya 2Illumë á hilya órë ar tercenelya 3Illumë á hilya órë ar tercenelya 4Illumë á hilya órë ar tercenelya 5Illumë á hilya órë ar tercenelya 6Illumë á hilya órë ar tercenelya 7Illumë á hilya órë ar tercenelya 8Illumë á hilya órë ar tercenelya 9Illumë á hilya órë ar tercenelya 10Illumë á hilya órë ar tercenelya 11Illumë á hilya órë ar tercenelya 12Illumë á hilya órë ar tercenelya 13Illumë á hilya órë ar tercenelya 14Illumë á hilya órë ar tercenelya 15Illumë á hilya órë ar tercenelya 16Illumë á hilya órë ar tercenelya 17Illumë á hilya órë ar tercenelya 18Illumë á hilya órë ar tercenelya 19Illumë á hilya órë ar tercenelya 20Illumë á hilya órë ar tercenelya 21Illumë á hilya órë ar tercenelya 22Illumë á hilya órë ar tercenelya 23Illumë á hilya órë ar tercenelya 24

Tengwar Fonts choice:

How do we say (…) in Quenya?


Quenya101 has got


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coming from 655 random sentences requested by YOU! If you want any sentence, just ask below at the comment box! If you don’t want to wait in line, click on Fast Line and your answer will come super fast! It’s a pleasure to be helpful.

Waiting Line

  1. …Until the moment being strong is the only choice. (by evi)
  2. To obscure what has been revealed, and to reveal what has been obscured. (by Zoe)
  3. An angel passed by earth. (by Panos)
  4. Keep your mind wide open. (by Gwen)
  5. Lothlórien. (by Luis Miguel)
  6. Should I return? (by jesusfreak11)
  7. Never without my permission. (by Ashley)
  8. Husband. (by Don)
  9. Love to my parents. (by Luis M.)
  10. We will reborn from our ashes. (by Taki Genjuri)
  11. Together. (By toni psarra)
  12. Life. Iron lung. Death. (by Mia)
  13. Greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return. (by Tori Aspey-Kent)
  14. There is no fate but what we make. (by Andras)
  15. We will always protect you, Alice, don’t be afraid. (by Althea)
  16. See it through. (by Evan)
  17. I’m smiling. (by demonai)
  18. Happiness is a choice. (by Renata)
  19. Grandfather. (by Hailey)
  20. Live the life you love, love the life you live. (by Isabela Ch)
  21. Love your fate. (by christos)
  22. Believe in your dreams. (by Alessandra)
  23. Follow me men. (by Harry Dunn) #
  24. We are all made of stardust. (by Liz)
  25. Divide the earth beneath. (by Lady Merridell)
  26. Air above me, Earth beneath me, water around me,…but fire within me. (by Cedric DeDe) #
  27. What is love? (by Cedric DeDe) #
  28. If it makes you happy. (by Jony)
  29. Goodbye, father. Legacy remains. (by Rocío)
  30. If I find in myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world. (by Katie)
  31. For my children. (by love beauty not cruelty)
  32. Light of the sky. (by lux caeli)
  33. Spring morning. (by @AlineSicsu_u) #
  34. What you give you get back. (by Asmoday21)
  35. For those I love, there is nothing I won’t sacrifice. (by LOTRis#1)
  36. I put out the flame. (by Mandy Sperow)
  37. Don’t play what’s there, play what’s not there. (by Massimo Guasconi)
  38. Learn from the past, live in the now, look forward to the future. Never regret. (by Ecthelion)
  39. I’m shining like the brightest star. (by Blair)
  40. My soul is invincible. My spirit is unbreakable. (by Guilherme)
  41. Those who are most free, thoughts wander far. (by Nin)
  42. Yours truly, Suzanne. (by Suzanne)
  43. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. (by Pantelis)
  44. A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new. (by Thomas)
  45. The shadows that define me. (by Irini Theodorou)
  46. May those who accept their fate find happiness. May those who defy it find glory. (by Alex)
  47. I loved you at your darkest. (by Mark)
  48. She-wolf. Little wolf. (by Taya)
  49. You are my strength. (by Evelyn)
  50. Princess. (by Roy)
  51. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow has not yet come. (by Zani)
  52. Different, not less. (by Juliana Paukowski)
  53. Once upon a time and once upon a time there was. (by Nicolás)
  54. Tattoo. (by SteveLaw)
  55. Fear no man. Fear no shadow. Fear not the uncertain but face it with a brave heart. (by kyle)
  56. Wishing a happy birthday to my dearest uncle. You will forever be my inspiration. Your loving niece, Rachel. (by Rowena)
  57. Infinite. (by Dena)
  58. Keep the earth below my feet. (by Maddie)
  59. Hope anchors the soul. (by Rachel)
  60. Familie über alles. (by Hakuna Matata)
  61. Work hard, dream big, stay focused. (by Benegeserit)
  62. As you wish. (by zola)
  63. Balance. (by Sophie.) #
  64. Family over everything and all. (by espen)
  65. I carry your heart with me. I carry it in my heart. (by Tony)
  66. When the sun has set no candle can replace it. (by ash)
  67. If you can dream it, you can do it. (by amelia)
  68. Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something is more important. (by amelia)
  69. One is too many and a thousand never enough. (by Roger)
  70. Deep waters aren’t silent. (by Ella)
  71. Go pro, be a hero. (by dimitris)
  72. Dragon. (by Emilia)
  73. My sons are my light in my darkness. (by Carrie)
  74. Jesus loves you (Romans 8:38-39). (by jesusfrkforever)
  75. I love you, my brother and I will miss you. (by Joaquin)
  76. Throw me to the wolves and I’ll come back leading the pack. (by Aristotletruth)
  77. Fate is inexorable. (by neil)
  78. Hers and his. (Davidson Queiroz)
  79. Onward to victory, for country and king! (by Zeke)
  80. One above all. (by Onyema Wachuku)
  81. Already. (by Fano)
  82. Purple. (by Kat Rodriguez)
  83. Survivor. (by aude)
  84. Reverse that which has begun. Stop that which I would become. Put an end to the transformation. Change me back to what I am. (by Caleb)
  85. You are my sister. (by Simone Due)
  86. Positivity. (by Anne de Ruijter)
  87. Animals. (by Stefan)
  88. When I found you, I found myself. (by Alexandra)
  89. My way, my life, my game. (by lelieflower)
  90. Day of new beginnings. (by elaofprim)
  91. My wife, my son, my daughter, the three parts to my soul. (by dru)
  92. Our love will last even after the sun has ceased to be. (by RobertoBravo)
  93. Friendship throws out deep roots in honest hearts. (by nomdeplume)
  94. And the stars make love to the universe. (by Aurore)
  95. Time spent with you is worth every second. (by Chloe)
  96. I will overcome. (by Arianna)
  97. Honor, courage and commitment. (by Frodo)
  98. Starlight. (by Madi Kurtz)
  99. Stormchaser. (by jovrtn)
  100. Summer solstice girl. (by Summer Solstice Girl)
  101. One ring to show our love, one ring to bind us. One ring to seal our love and forever to entwine us. (by Chocoholic24)
  102. I am the wolf and the hawk. I am the ghost and the flame. (by Juan Camilo)
  103. Better to die standing, than to crawl to live. (by kiki)
  104. Dreams of wisdom. (by Nolwë)
  105. Courage, brethren; and on, on to the victory! (by Aryeliss)
  106. May your memory never fade. (by ailenmuselli)
  107. Shine your light. (by Sandii)
  108. The world has moved on. (by Dayhana Berta)
  109. Higher than that. (by Marko)
  110. Ambition drives us, strong and righteous, in darkness, loyalty guides us. (By Pj)
  111. Mischief managed. (by lyricgirlz)
  112. Teacher. (by WicCaesar)
  113. You are my blood, you are my flesh and forever you will stay in my heart. (by Mattyld)
  114. Just keep swimming. (by Ellie McNeal)
  115. Who defines himself, restricts himself. (by Philippovich)
  116. Life brought us close and love unites us forever. (by Guilherme Freire)
  117. I will never give up. (by Konstantin)
  118. Two hearts together forever. (by Martynas)
  119. Oak. (by MissR)
  120. Blessed are those who expect nothing… because they will never be defrauded. (by Nestor Fonseca)
  121. Mankind has the ability to live in an ocean of crystal clear clarity, but emotions force him to live in a swamp. (by Tee Lo)
  122. Never give up on the dreams in your life. (by Blazère Leslie)
  123. It was my pleasure. (by Christina)
  124. It has been too long. (by Christina)
  125. From gratitude comes joy. (by Em)
  126. You will forever be my always. (by Adib)
  127. Soulmate. (by Clayton)
  128. The best love grows from the smallest of things. (by Andrew Sanchez)
  129. Unapologetically undocumented and explorer of the world. (by Giovanni Amado)
  130. Stand against evil. (by Sam)
  131. Darkness has fallen to light the day. (by Warren)
  132. Nightfire. (by Shandren)
  133. Movies, writing and travelling. (by Mary)
  134. Live without limits. Love without fear. (by Giulia)
  135. The loved ones are eternal. (by Cynthia)
  136. You demand respect, to be treated like a king. Yet you are not willing to respect me back. And for this, I shall disrespect you. (by Anira)
  137. Lover. (by Qu¡r0)
  138. Strong enough to walk all corners of this world. (by fht3t)
  139. Loser. (by Kelly)
  140. Sea longer. (by Jesse L.K. Overton)
  141. Under the stars or under the moon I will be your doom. (by Luiz Felipe)
  142. Children of the White Blossom. Child of the White Blossom. (by On Silver Wings)
  143. Son of no one. (by Telis.k)
  144. Rainy laughter. (by Hello)
  145. First we have to live! (by Victor)
  146. The father lives on in the hearts of his sons. (by david21ascione)
  147. The acceptance of a gift, honors the giver. (by John Emler)
  148. In the house of Tom Bombadil. (by Griffin Miller)
  149. Sit. Down/off. Bathroom/potty. (by Apryl Fulp)
  150. La bête du Gévaudan. (by Jinta Saitenchi)
  151. There can be no triumph without loss. No victory without suffering. No freedom without sacrifice. (by Daniela)
  152. She who whispers. (by Yassine)
  153. Arcane Lobotomizer. (by Paul Lemus)
  154. I am not perfect, and I need you to perfect me. (by Kade Grevas)
  155. Teaching the truth. Searching for truth. Asking for truth. (by Sam Watson)
  156. Don’t let your only heart be drowned in the darkness of sorrow. (by Pedro Avila)
  157. Will you marry me? (by celia pate)
  158. Search. Rest now. (by Saul Foster)
  159. Welcome to the crossroads. (by Steve Aultman)
  160. I am the Green Wizard. How may I serve you? (by Steve Aultman)
  161. If your hurts grieve you still and the memory of your burden is heavy, then you may not rest, until all your wounds and weariness are healed. (by rocky aqua)
  162. The hands of the queen are the hands of a healer, and so the rightful queen shall be known. (by Zach Thal)
  163. Here is your chance. (by Robert Rangel)
  164. Moonwater. (by Celine Handojo)

* = Awaiting feedback from the author in order to be correctly translated.

# = Special font requested as well.

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  4. Francesca Gabrielle Hurtado

    May I request a translation of “What about second breakfast?” please? Thank you.

  5. Steve Aultman

    a second translation request: “I am the Green Wizard. ” How may I serve you?”

    many thanks! 🙂

  6. Steve Aultman

    translation request: “welcome to the crossroads.”

    • Your request is added to the waiting line, Steve!

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  11. How do we say ‘Imagine’ in quenya? And also, how do you write it please?

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