Here’s a compilation of some Quenya names already requested to me according to each one’s etymology. If your name isn’t already in the list, feel free to ask me through reply here. I’ll be glad to help everyone!

Note on surnames: There are no surnames in Quenya. None. But how can I get my full name then? Easy! Same principle ancient Israelites used, genealogy. So, if you’re a man, take your father’s name in Quenya and apply the genitive suffix (-o) which means ‘of’ (origin). If you’re a woman, your mother’s name. In the end, what you’ll have will be something like, for instance: Túrin (son of) Húrin or Lúthien (daughter of) Melian. You need to be careful only with some rules about the genitive suffix, but this will be treated later and deeper in the Elvish Course page. Below, the alphabetical names list:

(Click on the letters and images)



Quenya101 has got


etymologically composed names and


genealogically formed full names into

coming from several languages such as: Ænglisc,  العربية, български език, Brezhoneg, Brythonic, Català, Čeština, Cymraeg, Dansk, Deutsch, l4ljjl6, Eesti, Ελληνικά, English, Español, فارسی,  Français, Gaeilge, Gàidhlig, Hawaiian, Հայերէն, हिन्दी, Hrvatski, Italiano, , Lietuvių LINGVA LATINA, עִבְרִית, Македонски јазик, Nederlands, 日本語, Norrœnt, Norsk, Polski, Português, Română, Pусский, Slovenčina, Slovenščina, Cрпски, Suomen, Svenska, Türkçe, Yorùbá, 中文 and ☥.

Waiting line

Next names to be added according to people’s requests:

  1. Nebojša
  2. Herman
  3. Maëlys
  4. Kalliope
  5. Emerson
  6. Titus
  7. Leland
  8. Anastasia
  9. Stelios
  10. Devin (Irish)
  11. Karissa
  12. Mirza
  13. Sinclair
  14. Simge
  15. Hunter
  16. Kayla
  17. Celeste
  18. Demeter
  19. Elijah
  20. Emmett
  21. Flavio
  22. Ciarán
  23. Judith
  24. Chantelle
  25. Anita
  26. Jamie
  27. Manoela
  28. Rosario
  29. Ezequiel
  30. Desmond
  31. Eveline
  32. Mustafa
  33. Vanda
  34. Erica
  35. Harrison
  36. Brent
  37. Rubén
  38. Berenice
  39. Abigail
  40. Yasser
  41. Viviana
  42. Yvette
  43. Eric
  44. Glenn
  45. Bart
  46. Deborah
  47. Geoffrey
  48. Yuval
  49. Fiorella
  50. Jabin
  51. Athena
  52. Esther
  53. Levi
  54. Meritxell
  55. Odette
  56. Norma
  57. Piper
  58. Bianca
  59. Trinity
  60. Kiera
  61. Courtney
  62. Daenerys
  63. Aiden
  64. Josephine
  65. Mariana
  66. Panos
  67. Lyle
  68. Sharifa
  69. Ancalagon
  70. Angelica
  71. Iva
  72. Isaac
  73. Dean
  74. Guadalupe
  75. Isha
  76. Ezra
  77. Justin
  78. Basileios
  79. Cameron
  80. Åse
  81. Mason
  82. Aldo
  83. Emiliano
  84. Jefferson
  85. Nestor
  86. Darryl
  87. Abel
  88. Trajan
  89. Bridget
  90. Connor
  91. Mario
  92. Sharon
  93. Harvey
  94. Vasilis
  95. Hilaria
  96. Chloe
  97. Kacper
  98. Vidar
  99. Matea
  100. Jasmine
  101. Clelia
  102. Hidde
  103. Maud
  104. Vivek
  105. Roberta
  106. Safira
  107. Ida
  108. Evren
  109. Erhan
  110. Skye
  111. Raj
  112. Dobrosława
  113. Clive
  114. Orlando
  115. Ornella
  116. Argyris
  117. Meredith
  118. Danica
  119. Svenja
  120. Celia
  121. Jesse

* = Awaiting  further explanation from the one who requested it in order to be composed.

“Patience a virtue is” – Yoda
“Go, Fast Line, show us the meaning of haste” – Gandalf
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1,826 responses to “Names

  1. Daneka Martin


    I just requested two names to be translated into Quenya.

    I forgot to ask if I could have them written in all scripts/fonts offered?

    Thank you for your time!


  2. Daneka Martin


    I wasn’t sure if I could ask about more than one name in a comment, so, this is my second comment.

    Could you please translate the name, Bryton (original spelling Brighton) in Quenay?

    Thank you!

    • No, I could not. I need your help to do so. What is its etymology? Is there any orthographic variance for this name? Which language does it come from? Is it male or female? Do you have a reliable source to attest any etymology at all?

      Without answering those questions, I’m afraid I won’t be able to compose something etymologically accurate for you.

  3. Daneka Martin


    I just came upon your site tonight and have been looking at it for HOURS!! So much fun!!

    When you have time, I’d like to learn my name, Daneka (original spelling Danica), in Quenya.

    Thank you!

    • Happy to hear that, Daneka!!! When Q101 captives you for hours and hours bringing you fun, well….we got our mission accomplished and you’re definitely a Tolkien fan, our target audience!

      Danica is added to line now! It’s #118 in the waiting line.

      Wait patiently in line (as it’s long) and in due time it’ll be done for you. If you don’t wanna wait at all in line or are in a rush, please check how Q101 Special Services work here:

      Thank you for requesting at Quenya101 Language Institute! It’s my pleasure and delight to help you!

  4. I was wondering if you could translate Meredith, Emily, and Agnes. I don’t remember seeing those on the list.

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