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AaliyahAaronAbdullah – AdamAdeleAdir – AdrianAdriannaÆlfsige – AgnessaAlanAlbaAlberich – AlejandraAlejandroAlessioAlex – AlfonsoAlfred – AliceAlineAltaira – ÁlvaroAman – Amanda – Amandine

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 AmauryAmber – Amelia – AmyAnandaAnastasios – AndersonAndreaAndrew – Andúril – Ang – Angela –  Angelina – Angelito – Angus – Anna – Anthony – April

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 Aquila – Ariel – ArnieArnold – Arturo – ArvinAsher –  Ashley – AstridAudrey – AugustoAurelia – Aurora – AustinAutumnAvery – AycanAyoub


  • From: Masculine and feminine Roman cognomen coming from Latin AQVILA.
  • Meaning: Eagle
  • Quenya: Soron (n. eagle) OR Sornë (n. eagle. Feminine variant)

Soron Sornë


  • From: Hebrew name  אֲרִיאֵל  (Ari’el)
  • Meaning: Lion of Yahweh
  • Quenya: Erurávo (Eru+rá+[o] = God+lion+[masculine names suffix]) or Eruvennë (Eru+ravennë = God+she-lion)

Erurávo Eruvennë

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  • From: Diminutive form of Arnold which is derived from the Germanic elements arn & wald. 
  • Meaning: Arn means “eagle” and wald means “power”
  • Quenya: Sorturinco (soron+túrë+[incë]+{o} = eagle+power+[diminutive suffix]+{masculine names suffix})


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  • From: Masculine Germanic name derived from the Germanic elements arn & wald. 
  • Meaning: See Arnie entry here.
  • Quenya: Sorturon (soron+túrë+{on} = eagle+power+{masculine names suffix})



  • From: Possibly British art combined with viros, or it could be related to Irish art.
  • Meaning: British art means bear, viros means man. Irish art means stone.
  • Quenya: Morconer (morco+nér = bear+man) or Ondoner (ondo+nér = stone+man)


  • From: Unknown
  • Meaning: Unknown
  • Quenya: Arvin (orthographic equivalent)


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  • From: Masculine Hebrew name  אָשֵׁר
  • Meaning: “Happy” or “blessed”
  • Quenya: Alassëo (alassëa+[o] = happy+[masculine names suffix]) OR Almárëo (almárëa+[o] = adj. blessed+[masculine names suffix])

Alassëo Almárëo

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  • From: English surname which was originally derived from a place name in Old English.
  • Meaning: Ash tree clearing
  • Quenya: Yúlaldië (yúla+alda+[ië] = ember, smouldering wood+tree+[feminine names suffix])


  • From: Modern form of Old Norse name Ástríðr derived from the elements áss & fríðr
  • Meaning: Áss means “god” and fríðr “beautiful, beloved”
  • Quenya: Erumeldë (Eru+melda+[ë] = God+adj. beloved+[feminine names suffix])


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  • From: Medieval diminutive of Æðelþryð coming from Old English.
  • Meaning:  Æðel means “noble” and þryð “strength”.
  • Quenya: Artúrë (Ar+túrë = prefix denoting noble+strength, power, might)



  • From: Spanish, Italian & Portuguese form of Latin AVGVSTVS
  • Meaning: Great, Venerable
  • Quenya: Túron (túra+[on] = great+[masculine names suffix]) OR Arto (arta+[o] = noble, lofty+[masculine names suffix]


  • From: Feminine form of Latin name AVRELIVS which is a Roman family name coming from AVREVS
  • Meaning: Golden, gilded
  • Quenya: Laurëa (laurëa = adj. golden)



  • From: Feminine Latin name coming from the Roman goddess of the morning.
  • Meaning: Dawn
  • Quenya: Árë (ára+[ë] = n. dawn+[feminine names suffix])


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  • From: Medieval contracted form of Augustine which originally came from Latin AVGVSTVS
  • Meaning: See Augusto entry here
  • Quenya: Túro (túra+[o] = great+[masculine names suffix]) OR Arton (arta+[on] = noble, lofty+[masculine names suffix]


  • From: English, the name of the season, ultimately from Latin AVTVMNVS.
  • Meaning: Autumn
  • Quenya: Yávië (yávië = autumn/harvest) or Quellë (quellë = autumn/fading) NOTE: Read more on the 2 autumn elvish seasons here


  • From: Surname which was itself derived from the Norman French form of the given names Alberich or Alfred.
  • Meaning: Alberich is derived from alf “elf” and ric “power”.  Ælfræd, composed of the elements ælf “elf” and ræd “counsel”.
  • Quenya: Eldatúro (elda+túrë+[o] = elf+power+[masculine names suffix]) or Eldatúrië (elda+túrë+[ië] = elf+power+[feminine names suffix]) OR Eldanolmo (elda+nolmë+[o] = elf+knowledge, philosophy+[masculine names suffix] or Eldanolmë (elda+nolmë+[ë] = elf+knowledge, philosophy+[feminine names suffix]

Eldatúro Eldatúrië Eldanolmo Eldanolmë 1Eldatúro Eldatúrië Eldanolmo Eldanolmë 2Eldatúro Eldatúrië Eldanolmo Eldanolmë 3Eldatúro Eldatúrië Eldanolmo Eldanolmë 4Eldatúro Eldatúrië Eldanolmo Eldanolmë 5Eldatúro Eldatúrië Eldanolmo Eldanolmë 6

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  • From: Turkish name
  • Meaning: Oh dear
  • Quenya: Aimeldo (ai+{melda}+[o] = interj. ah+{adj. dear}+[masculine names suffix]) or Aimeldë (ai+{melda}+[ë] = interj. ah+{adj. dear}+[feminine names suffix])

Aimeldo Aimeldë


  • From: Arabic name أيوب  (Ayyūb) supposedly a variation of Hebrew אִיּוֹב (‘Iyyov), Job.
  • Meaning: Persecuted, hated.
  • Quenya: Tévino (tévina+[o] = pass. participle hated+[masculine names suffix]

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