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EarlEcthelion – EdenEdgar – EdithEduardaEdwinEftychia – EireannEleanorEliElina – Elizabeth

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Ellie – ElliottÉlodie – EltonEmanuel – EmilieEmmaEnzoErinErnest – ErtuğrulEugeniaEva – EvanEwen


  • From: English diminutive of names such as Eleanor & Ellen
  • Meaning: See Eleanor & Helen(a) entries here.
  • Quenya: Exincë (exë+[-incë] = other+[diminutive suffix] OR Isilincë (Isil+[-incë] = Moon+[diminutive suffix])


  • From: English surname which was derived from diminutive of the medieval Elias, cognate of Elijah from Hebrew אֱלִיָּהוּ (‘Eliyyahu).
  • Meaning: My God is Yahweh (i.e. Jehovah)
  • Quenya: Yáwerunyo (<Yáwë>+Eru+{nya}+[o] = +God+{poss. pron. “my”}+[masculine names suffix])

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  • From: French form of Alodia possible a Visigothic name derived from the Germanic elements ala & od.
  • Meaning: Ala means “other, foreign” and od “riches, wealth”.
  • Quenya: Ettelalmë (ettelëa+alma+[ë] = adj. foreign+n. riches, wealth+[feminine names suffix])


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  • From:Old English surname which was originally from a place name.
  • Meaning: Ella’s town in Old English
  • Quenya: Elloston (Ella+osto+[on] = Ella*+city, town+[masculine names suffix]) * = Orthographic equivalent of Ella, no etymologies applied to the town’s name.


  • From: Scandinavian, German, Romanian and Croatian form of Emmanuel which comes from the Hebrew name עִמָּנוּאֵל (‘Immanu’el)
  • Meaning: God is with us
  • Quenya: Erómëon (Eru+ómë+[on] = God+with us+[masculine names suffix])


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  • From: Feminine form of the Roman family name AEMILIVS, which was derived from Latin AEMVLVS. Variants include: Emily, Emelie, Emilia, Émilie, Emilija, Emmy, Millie, Emília, etc.
  • Meaning: Rival
  • Quenya: Nottië (notto+[ië] = enemy+[feminine names suffix])



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  • From: Originally a short form of Germanic names that began with the element ermen
  • Meaning: Whole, universe
  • Quenya: Ilúvë (ilúvë = the whole, allness)


  • From: Uncertain. It may come from an Old Italian form of Heinz or a variant name of Germanic Anzo. Also, in modern times it’s used as short form of Italian names Vincenzo Lorenzo.
  • Meaning: Anzo comes from a Germanic element ant meaning “giant”. Check also Henry, Vincenzo Lorenzo entries here.
  • Quenya: Norson (norsa+[on] = giant+[masculine names suffix])


  • From: Anglicized form of Éireann
  • Meaning: See Eireann entry here
  • Quenya: Íverindë (Íverin+[ë] = Ireland+[feminine names suffix])



  • From: Germanic eornost
  • Meaning: Serious
  • Quenya: Raitalóro (raita+{lóra}+[o] = smile+{suffix -less}+[masculine names suffix])


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  • From: Turkish name composed by the elements er & tuğrul
  • Meaning: Er means man, manly & tuğrul is a bird akin to hawk or falcon (related to doğan)
  • Quenya: Hanwafiono (hanwa+fion+[o] = adj. male+n. hawk+[masculine names suffix])


  • From: Feminine form of EVGENIVS  the Latin form of the Greek name Ευγενιος (Eugenios)
  • Meaning: See Owen entry here.
  • Quenya: Mainónë (mai+nóna+[ë] = well+born+[feminine names suffix])


  • From: Latinate form of Eve which comes from the Hebrew name חַוָּה (Chawwah), which was derived from the Hebrew word חוה (chawah) or the related word חיה (chayah)
  • Meaning: חוה (chawah) means “to breath” and חיה (chayah) means “to live”
  • Quenya: Súyë (súya+[ë] = vb. to breathe+[feminine names suffix]


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  • From: Anglicized form of Iefan, a Welsh form of John.
  • Meaning: See John entry here
  • Quenya: Eruntanon = (Eru+anta+[on] = God+to give+[masculine names suffix]) NOTE: Suffix -non used just to make a little distinction from John itself.


  • From: Variant of Ewan which is the Anglicized form of Eoghan
  • Meaning: Born from the yew tree
  • Quenya: Malinornon (malinornë+{nóna}+[on] = n. yellow-tree+{adj. born}+[masculine names suffix]


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