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  • From: Masculine and feminine name coming from the English word for the inland body of water. It is ultimately derived from Latin LACVS.
  • Meaning: Lake
  • Quenya: Ailinon (ailin+[on] = n. pool, lake+[masculine names suffix] OR Ailinië (ailin+[ië] = n. pool, lake+[feminine names suffix])

Ailinon Ailinië

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  • From: English feminine short form of Alan and as Лана (Lana), Russian short form of Светлана (Svetlana).
  • Meaning: See Alan entry here. Svetlana is derived from a Slavic element svet meaning “light, world”.
  • Quenya: Sardë (sar+[ë] = small stone+[feminine names suffix]) or Calië (cala+[ië] = n. light+[feminine names suffix])

Sardë Calië


  • From: English surname Lane
  • Meaning: Lane, path
  • Quenya: Tion (tië+[on] = n. path, way+[masculine names suffix])


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  • From: Greek feminine name supposedly related to Λαζαρος (Lazaros)
  • Meaning: As there’s no attested source of the Lazarus relation, no meaning can be assured for certain.
  • Quenya: Larya (Orthographic equivalent)


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  • From: Russian short form of  Лариса (Larisa) which is possibly derived from the name of ancient Greek city Larisa in Thessalony.
  • Meaning: Citadel
  • Quenya: Minassë (minassë = fort, city, with a citadel and central watchtower)


  • From: Scandinavian name Lars which is a variation of Laurence coming from Roman name LAVRENTIVS.
  • Meaning: Larson means ‘son of Lars’ which comes from Latin (as shown above) and it’s related to laurel.
  • Quenya: Laurion ({laurë}+[ion] = {archaic form of gold, the color not the metal which seems to be composed by Tolkien having in mind the Latin word laurel, which is strongly related to gold and/or the golden tree which carries the name.}+[patronymic suffix meaning ‘son of’]


  • From: Feminine form Late Latin name LAVRVS
  • Meaning: Laurel
  • Quenya: Riellë (ría = garland. Riellë is an attested word and it means literally “maiden crowned with a festival garland”)
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  • From: Name of Laurel tree. Ultimately, derived from Latin LAVRVS
  • Meaning: See Laura entry here.
  • Quenya: Ríewen (ría+[wen] = n. garland+[maiden, girl suffix])


  • From: Feminine form of Laurence coming from Latin LAVRENTIVS
  • Meaning: See Lorenzo entry here.
  • Quenya: Laurentellë  (Laurento+[llo]+{ë} = Quenya orthographic equivalent of the city name+[ablative suffix]+{feminine names suffix})


  • From: Arabic name  ليلى 
  • Meaning: Night
  • Quenya: Lómë (n. night)



  • From: Hebrew name לֵאָה (Le’ah) which was probably derived from the Hebrew word לְאָה (le’ah)
  • Meaning: Weary
  • Quenya: Lumbë (lumba+[ë] = adj. tired, weary+[feminine names suffix])



  • From: Spanish, Portuguese and Italian form of Leander which comes from Greek name Λεανδρος (Leandros), derived from λεων (leon) and ανηρ (aner) (genitive ανδρος)
  • Meaning: Λεων (Leon) means “lion” and ανηρ (aner) “man”
  • Quenya: Rávener (rá+[nér] = n. lion+[n. man])



  • From: Feminine English name combining Lee & Anne.
  • Meaning: Check Lee and Anna entries here.
  • Quenya: Pallalmë (palla+alma+[ë] = adj. expansive+good fortune+[feminine names suffix]) OR Pallalmarë (palla+almarë = adj. expansive+blessedness)

Pallalmë Pallalmarë


  • From: English surname derived from Old English leah
  • Meaning: Clearing
  • Quenya: Pallo (palla+[o] = adj. expansive+[masculine names suffix]) OR Pallë (palla+[ë] = adj. expansive+[feminine names suffix])

Pallo Pallë


  • From: Surname which was a variant of Layton and comes from an Old English surname derived from a place name.
  • Meaning: Settlement with a leek garden
  • Quenya: Mastarwalíco (masto+{tarwa}+[líco] = village+{garden}+[orthographic equivalent of læc, the Old English form of leek]



  • From: Hawaiian name derived from Hawaiian elements lei lani
  • Meaning: Lei means “flowers, child” and lani “heavenly, royal”
  • Quenya: Menellótë (meneldëa+lótë = adj. heavenly+n. flower) OR Arnahínë (arna+hína+[ë] = adj. royal+n. child+[feminine names suffix])

Menellótë Arnahínë

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  • From: Spanish form of Leon derived from the Greek λεων (leon)
  • Meaning: Lion
  • Quenya: Rávo (rá+[o] = n. lion+[masculine names suffix])


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  • From: English name derived from Germanic elements levon & hard. Variants: Léonard, Lennart,  Lenard, Leonardo, Leonhard, etc.
  • Meaning: Levon means lion & hard means brave, hardy
  • Quenya: Rátulco (rá+tulca+[o] = lion+strong+[masculine names suffix])


  • From: Scottish surname which was derived from a Scottish place name, probably derived from Gaelic leas celyn.
  • Meaning: Garden of holly
  • Quenya: Ercassetarwë (ercassë+tarwa+[ë] = holly+garden+[feminine names suffix])


  • From: Irish short form of William
  • Meaning: See William entry here
  • Quenya: Níracas (níra+cassa = will+helmet)


  • From: Originally a medieval diminutive of Ibb, itself a diminutive of Isabel. It is also used as a diminutive of Elizabeth.
  • Meaning: Check Isabel & Elizabeth entries here.
  • Quenya: Eruvandincë (Eru+vanda+[incë] = God+oath+[diminutive names suffix])



  • From: Hebrew feminine name ליאל
  • Meaning: “God to me”, “God for me”
  • Quenya: Eruninnë (Eru+nin+[ë] = God+to me+[feminine names suffix])Eruninnë

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  • From: English feminine name coming from the name of the flower, a symbol of purity. The word is ultimately derived from Latin LILIVM.
  • Meaning: Lily.
  • Quenya: Indil (indil = lily)

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  • From: Arabic name  لينا 
  • Meaning: “Palm tree” or “tender”
  • Quenya: Paltaldië (palta+alda+[ië] = palm+tree+[feminine names suffix]) OR Milya (milya = adj. soft, mild, tender, gentle)

Paltaldië Milya

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