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RachelRaeRafaelaRamónRaphaelRaulRavenRebeccaReginaReidRen – RenanRenéRenéeReuelRichard

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Roanne – RobertRobynRodrigoRohitRominaRomoloRonaldRosalie – RoseRosemaryRoshandaRossRossellaRyanRylie


  • From: Hebrew רָחֵל (Rachel)
  • Meaning: Ewe
  • Quenya: Mámë (máma+[ë] = sheep+[feminine names suffix])


  • From: English short form of Rachel or feminine form of Ray which is the short form of Raymond
  • Meaning: See Rachel and Ramón entries here
  • Quenya: Mámë (máma+[ë] = sheep+[feminine names suffix]) OR Maquevarnë (mára+quetta+varya+[në] = good+word+vb. to protect+[feminine names suffix])

Mámë Maquevarnë


  • From: Spanish, Portuguese & Macedonian feminine form of the Hebrew name רָפָאֵל (Rafa’el)
  • Meaning: See Raphael entry here.
  • Quenya: Eruenvinyantë (Eru+envinyanta+[ë] = God+healed, renewed+[feminine names suffix])


  • From: Spanish form of Raymond which comes from the Germanic name Raginmund composed of the elements ragin & mund.
  • Meaning: Ragin means “advice” and mund means “protector”
  • Quenya: Maquevarno (mára+quetta+varya+[no] = good+word+vb. to protect+[masculine names suffix])


  • From: Hebrew name רָפָאֵל (Rafa’el)
  • Meaning: Yahweh has healed
  • Quenya: Eruenvinyanto (Eru+envinyanta+[o] = God+healed, renewed+[masculine names suffix])


  • From: Italian and Portuguese form of the contracted form Ralph which comes from Radulf from the Old Norse Ráðúlfr. Variants include: Ralph, Radulf, Raoul, Raúl, etc.
  • Meaning: Ráð means “counsel” and úlfr means “wolf”
  • Quenya: Asëanarmo (asëa + narmo = helpful + wolf). [Obs.: There’s no word in Quenya for “counsel” and here it was applied the adjective asëa to express the beneficial nature of counsels.


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  • From: English name derived from the bird. Ultimately from Old English hræfn.
  • Meaning: Raven. Etymology of the word ‘raven’ is connected with PIE root *ker-, imitative of harsh sounds
  • Quenya: Naracalammo (naraca+lamma+[o] = adj. harsh+n. sound+[masculine names suffix]) OR Naracalammë (naraca+lamma+[ë] = adj. harsh+n. sound+[feminine names suffix])

Naracalammo Naracalammë


  • From: Hebrew name רִבְקָה (Rivqah)
  • Meaning: Possibly means “cow, cattle” or even “snare”
  • Quenya: Yaxië (yaxë+[ië] = n. cow+[feminine names suffix])


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  • From: Late Latin name REGINA
  • Meaning: Queen
  • Quenya: Tári (tári = queen)


  • From: Surname which is a Scots variant of Reed, coming from multiples Old English sources such read & ried.
  • Meaning: Old English read means “red” and ried means “clearing (in the woods)”
  • Quenya: Carno (carnë+[o] = adj. red+[masculine names suffix]) OR Pallon (palla+[on] = adj. expansive+[masculine names suffix])

Carno Pallon


  • From: Masculine & Feminine Japanase name coming from   or  .
  • Meaning:   means “lotus” &  “romance, love”.
  • Quenya: Lóton (lótë+[on] = n. flower, single flower+[masculine names suffix]) or Lótië (lótë+[ië] = n. flower, single flower+[feminine names suffix])

Lóton Lótië


  • From: Irish name Rónán which came from the word rón
  • Meaning: Seal
  • Quenya: Eärhuon (ëar+huon = sea+dog)


  • From: French form of Latin RENATVS
  • Meaning: Born again
  • Quenya: Atanóno (ata+nóna+[o] = again+born+[masculine names suffix])


  • From: Feminine French form of Latin RENATVS
  • Meaning: See René entry here
  • Quenya: Atanónë (ata+nóna+[ë] = again+born+[feminine names suffix])


  • From: Hebrew name
  • Meaning: Friend of God
  • Quenya: Erumeldo (Eru+meldo = God+friend)


  • From: Germanic elements ric and hard.
  • Meaning: Brave power. Ric means power, rule & hard means brave, hardy.
  • Quenya: Túretulco (túrë+tulca+[o] = power+strong,brave,firm+[masculine names suffix])

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