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Sabine – SabrinaSachaSamanthaSamira – SamuelSanna – SantiagoSarahSatuSaul – Scarlett – ScottSebastianSeleneSelmaSem – SerafinaSeren – SergejSethShadowfax – Shafiq – ShannonShelbySheldon

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Shirin – Sienna – Sileide – Silke – Simon – Slobodanka – Solomon – Sonja – Sophie – Stephanie – Steve – SusanSunshine – Suvi – Sydney


  • From: French and German form of Sabina which is a feminine form of Roman cognomen SABINVS.
  • Meaning: Sabine. An ancient people of central Italy who lived chiefly in the Apennines northeast of Rome and were subjugated by the Romans about 290 BCE
  • Quenya: Sapinë (an orthographic equivalent in Quenya)


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  • From: Latinized form of Habren, the original Welsh name of the River Severn. According to Geoffrey of Monmouth, Sabrina was the name of a princess who was drowned in the Severn. Supposedly the river was named for her, but it is more likely that her name was actually derived from that of the river.
  • Meaning: Unknown (the name of the river)
  • Quenya: Harenë (orthographic adaptation of the original Welsh name)


  • From: French form of Sasha which is the diminutive of Russian  Александр (Aleksandr) &  Александра (Aleksandra)
  • Meaning: See Alejandro & Alejandra entries here
  • Quenya: Atarvarno (atan+varno = man+defender) OR Atanvarnië (atan+varno+[ië] = man+defender+[feminine names suffix])


  • From: Perhaps intended to be a feminine form of Samuel using the name suffix antha, possibly inspired by Greek ανθος (anthos).
  • Meaning: See Samuel entry here
  • Quenya: Lótelastië (lótë+lastië = flower+has listened)

LótelastiëLótelastië 2Lótelastië 3Lótelastië 4Lótelastië 5Lótelastië 6

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  • From: Feminine Arabic form of Samir  سمير
  • Meaning:  سميرة means “companion in evening talk”
  • Quenya: Andúmeldë (andúnë+meldë = n. evening, sunset+n. friend [female form])


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  • From: Hebrew name שְׁמוּאֵל (Shemu’el)
  • Meaning: ‘God has heard’ or ‘Name of God’
  • Quenya: Erulastëon (Eru+alastië+[on] = God+has listened+[masculine names suffix]) OR Erusso (Eru+essë+[o] = God+name+[masculine names suffix])



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  • From: Swedish short form of Susanna. It can also be related to the Swedish word sann
  • Meaning: See Susan entry here. Sann means true.
  • Quenya: Anwië (anwa+[ië] = adj. true, real+[feminine names suffix])



  • From: Spanish santo combined with Yago, an old Spanish form of  James
  • Meaning: Saint James (See James entry here)
  • Quenya: Ainencaitar (aina+encaita+[r] = holy+to lie down+[short agent suffix])


  • From: Hebrew שָׂרָי (Saray)
  • Meaning: Princess or lady
  • Quenya: Aranel (aranel = princess)

Aranel 1Aranel 2Aranel 3Aranel 4Aranel 5Aranel 6

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  • From: Finnish feminine name Satu
  • Meaning: Fairy tale, fable
  • Quenya: Nyárë (nyárë = tale, saga) OR Quentalë (quentalë = story, account)


  • From: Hebrew name שָׁאוּל (Sha’ul)
  • Meaning: “Asked for” or “prayed for”
  • Quenya: Hyamaino (hyamë+ina+[o] = vb. to pray+passive participle suffix+[masculine names suffix])



  • From: A surname derived from the word scarlet from a shortened form of Old French escarlate, ultimately derived from Persian  سقرلاط (sakhrilat).
  • Meaning: A person who sold or made clothes of scarlet (A kind of fabric. Literally “rich cloth”)
  • Quenya: Alyannë (alya+lannë = adj. rich, prosperous+n. tissue, cloth)



  • From: English and Scottish surname which referred to a person from Scotland or a person who spoke Scottish Gaelic. It is derived from Latin SCOTI ultimately with unknown origin.
  • Meaning: Unknown
  • Quenya: Caleton (Quenya name composed following the same principles used in the composition of Scotland)



  • From: Latin SEBASTIANVS which came originally from Greek word σεβαστος (sebastos)
  • Meaning: From Sebate (a city in Asia Minor) and sebastos means venerable
  • Quenya: Alcarinollo (alcarin+o+llo = glorious+masculine names suffix+ablative suffix meaning from)


  • From: the name of the Greek goddess
  • Meaning: Moon
  • Quenya: Isilië (Isil+[ië] = Moon+[feminine names suffix])


  • From: Possibly a short form of Anselma which is the feminine form of Anselm composed by the Germanic elements ans helm.
  • Meaning: Ans means ‘God’ and helm ‘helmet, protection’.
  • Quenya: Eruvarnië (Eru+varnë+[ië] = God+protection+[feminine names suffix]



  • From: Dutch form of Hebrew name  שֵׁם (Shem)
  • Meaning: Name
  • Quenya: Essëon (essë+[on] = n. name+[masculine names suffix])



  • From: Italian, Portuguese and Polish form of Seraphina which comes from Late Latin name SERAPHINVS, derived from the biblical word seraphim which is Hebrew in origin.
  • Meaning: Seraphim means “fiery ones”
  • Quenya: Uruitë (adj. fiery)



  • From: Welsh feminine name
  • Meaning: Star
  • Quenya: Elen (elen = star)


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  • From: Russian form of the Roman family name SERGIVS. Variants include: Sergio, Serge, Sergi, Sergiusz, Serghei, Sérgio, Serhiy.
  • Meaning: Servant
  • Quenya: Andur ([a]+{ndur} = [supporting vowel]+{suffix meaning servant})


  • From:  Σεθ (Seth), the Greek form of Egyptian   Swtkh (reconstructed as Sutekh). It also had a Hebrew counterpart שֵׁת (Shet)
  • Meaning: Seth possibly meant “pillar” while Shet means “appointed, placed”
  • Quenya: Tarmon (tarma+[on] = pillar+[masculine names suffix]) OR Tanco (tanca+[o] = firm, fixed, placed+[masculine names suffix])


  • From: Composed English name derived from its Old English counterpart Sceadufax
  • Meaning: Sceadu means “shadow, shade, grey”, fax means “hair” or “coat”
  • Quenya: Lómifindë (lómin+findë = shadow, shade+lock of hair)

Lómifindë 1Lómifindë 2Lómifindë 3Lómifindë 4Lómifindë 5Lómifindë 6Lómifindë 7Lómifindë 8Lómifindë 9Lómifindë 10Lómifindë 11Lómifindë 12Lómifindë 13Lómifindë 14Lómifindë 15Lómifindë 16Lómifindë 17Lómifindë 18Lómifindë 19Lómifindë 20Lómifindë 21Lómifindë 22Lómifindë 23Lómifindë 24

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  • From: Arabic name شفيق 
  • Meaning: Compassionate
  • Quenya: Máron (mára+[on] = adj. good (morally good)+[masculine names suffix])



  • From: The name of the river Shannon, the longest in Ireland which was named after the Irish goddess Sionann, probably related to Old Irish words sen
  • Meaning: Sen means “old, ancient”
  • Quenya: Yárië (yára+[ië] = adj. old, ancient+[feminine names suffix])



  • From: English surname which was possibly a variant of Selby from a place name.
  • Meaning: Willow farm coming from Old Norse.
  • Quenya: Tasarinon (tasarinan+[on] = n. willow-valley+[masculine names suffix]) or Tasarinanië (tasarinan+[ië] = n. willow-valley+[feminine names suffix])

Tasarinon Tasarinanië

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  • From: Surname which was originally derived from a place name in Old English
  • Meaning: Valley with steep sides
  • Quenya: Aiquatumbo (aiqua+tumbo = steep+deep valley)

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