Y names

Y Ю य 姚 ي


Yannis –  YaoYasmine –  YemojaYolanda – YudhisthiraYuriYvonne


  • From: Chinese 姚 (Yáo)
  • Meaning: Handsome, elegant
  • Quenya: Vanimo (vanima+[o] = fair, beautiful+[masculine names suffix])


  • From: Persian  یاسمین, Arabic يسمين and English name, a variant of Yasmin which in its turn is a variation of Jasmine coming ultimately from the Persian یاسمن (yasamen).
  • Meaning: یاسمن (yasamen) means “jasmine”
  • Quenya: Yáminë (orthographic equivalent as there is no specific word for jasmine in Quenya as well as not trace of its etymology leading to a composition based on it)


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  • From: Yoruba goddess name who is the contracted form of the Yoruba sentence yeye emo eja. Variants include: Yemaja, Yemonja, Yemanja, Iemanjá, Janaína, etc.
  • Meaning: Mother of the Children of Fish, mother whose children are like fish, mother of fishes.
  • Quenya: Amillingwë (Amillë+lingwë = Mother+fish)


  • From: Medieval French name Yolande, which was possibly a form of the name Violante, which was itself a derivative of Latin VIOLA. Variants include: Yolande, Iolanda, Jolanda, Jola, Jolana, Yolonda, etc.
  • Meaning: VIOLA means Violet
  • Quenya: Helinië (helin+[ië] = n. violet, pansy+[feminine names suffix])


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  • From: Sanskrit name युधिष्ठिर  (Yudhiṣṭhira)
  • Meaning: Steady in war
  • Quenya: Tuluncohto (tulunca+ohta+[o] = steady+war+[masculine names suffix])


  • From: Variant transcription of Yuriy (Russian: Юрий / Ukrainian: Юрій) which ultimately is in both languages the form of George.
  • Meaning: See George entry here.
  • Quenya: Cemendur (cemen+[dur] = earth, soil+[suffix meaning servant of])


  • From: French feminine of Yvon, a diminutive coming from Yves which was the  medieval French form of Ivo, Germanic name.
  • Meaning: See Ivo entry here.
  • Quenya: Malinornë (malina+{ornë} = yellow+{fictitious kind of tree related to Sindarin mallorn})

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