U2 – One

One love. One blood. One life. You got to do what you should Er melmë. Er sercë. Er coivië. Mauya len carë ya mauya len

U2 – Pride

In the name of love, one more, in the name of love

Essessë melmeva, enta, essessë melmeva

U2 – Sunday Bloody Sunday

Sunday bloody Sunday Valanya sercëa Valanya

Uglúk @ The Two Towers

Looks like meat’s back on the menu, boys! Yétas sen hrávë entullë sarnossë, seldor!

Ungoliant @ The Silmarillion

Blackheart! I have done thy bidding. But I hunger still Morórë! Acárien selmalya. Mal nanyë maita er


2 responses to “U

  1. Hi,

    “er” as “still” is early material, obsoleted by “en” or “éna”.
    According to later material: er: cardinal “one, alone” (ERE, VT48:6, VT49:54).
    There are sentences attesting “still” like “Quetir en” i.e. “They still say”.

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