Zack De La Rocha – Memory Of The Dead

I will see my own blood flow before you take my land or my liberty.

Cenuvan sercenya sirië nó mapal nórenya hya lérarenya.

Zack Fair @ Final Fantasy VII

Embrace your dreams and whatever happens, protect your honor Á mapa olorinyar ar marta ilyan, á varya alcarelya

Zayne Carrick @ Knights Of The Old Republic

Master Lucien says I’m living proof the Force has a sense of humor! Equë Heru Lucien nanyë cuina astarmo i Túrë harya lalala síma!

Zigur @ Akallabêth

For Darkness alone is worshipful

Pan Mornië er ná airinta

Zigur @ Akallabêth

He will deliver you from this phantom; and his name is Melkor, Lord of All. Etelehtuvaryel fairello; ar esserya ná Melcor, Heru Ilyo.

Zigur @ Akallabêth

The Valar lie to you concerning the land where there is no death

Valar hurir len nórëo yassë eä lá Nuru

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