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8th Year and counting!

Quenya101 Logo 2018

Quenya101 celebrates its 8th of life and the gift is yours!

New ideas, new projects, new Patreon rewards, new T-shirts, new translations, new languages are all in the mixture for this new year that begins right now! It’s…


Let’s rewind and go back a little in another time, in another reality where it all began…

8th year is the very first year I got helped in loco by my partner in life, my wife to design and come up with the new variant logo for this year. Bone of my bones, love of my heart, I thank you for helping me so much!!!


The Q




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1Y Quellë W3

One special new design to celebrate the exact date when Q101 Shop started! This is one bonus round spread into 6 different versions to mark the 6 different months/seasons (Quellë, Hrívë, Coirë, Tuilë, Lairë & Yávië) of the elvish calendar.



Enjoy the one in its different forms and check other products to get the one suited to your elvish/Tolkien collection:


1Y Quellë W2

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7th Year +


Quenya101 starts its 7th year of life!

It began in a February, 3rd…just like this one here, but it was in a different world, in a different life, many things are left behind there and they are never coming back.

It began with a Welcome! post with no pretension at all. Actually, I had no idea what to do, what to write, how I would build this place wherein I would deposit everything that I love about this language.

It began with my words. My keyboard and words. Love was the fuel and in time, things started to grow, to develop, like an embryo.

One section here, another page there, let’s help people with this, now with that…and here I am, years later with millions of faithful elves joining the multitude of devoted Tolkien fans.

Now, Quenya101 has 61 special dates converted into the elvish calendar, 471 famous quotes translated, 524 posts published, 556 names etymologically composed, 4,084 words translated into Quenya, 8,892 comments and thousands (I really can say that) thousands of hours of my FREE time dedicated to Quenya101 Language Institute site.



Because of YOU!

I’m here because of you. You are the ones who want it. You are the ones like myself who urge to learn, to understand, to have that written, pronounced, translated and explained in Quenya.

You want it, you got it!

Forgive me if I cannot deliver the amount you want and deserve. Millions of you are too many for one of me.

But I am here and I’m gonna try my best. Be sure of that.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for being there at the other side of the screen.

Year 6 brought some many new things! We were back with regular posts (some months almost in a daily basis…something never saw here), the creation of our OWN exclusive Tengwar Fonts as well as a new Tengwar Font Guide compiling the best there is currently. A SHOP was opened! New services directed to tattoo fans who wish to get theirs. A new full-time project to follow the Ainulindalë Quenyanna legacy now covering Eärendillinwë (thanks to Jonathan Britton)…

Wow, man….if you only knew what is coming this 7th year! But I cannot spoil the surprises. You’ll have to sit down and enjoy at the right time what’s in store for you. Stay tuned here where you know you get everything in Quenya…




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