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Adventure … in Quenya

Adventure in Quenya

NEW sentence translated into Quenya!

(Requested by Kristy Aiani and answered in 360 MINUTES with HUGE Tengwar fonts perfect for tattoos through Max Tattoo 360) Continue reading

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There and back again … in Quenya

There and back again in Quenya

There and back again.

NEW sentence translated into Quenya!

(Requested by Rosemary Gooden and answered in 34 hours through FAST LINE)

More details about this translation? Check here 

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There and back again which is the 614th sentence translated into Quenya…




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You never know how strong you are… in Quenya


You never know how strong you are…

NEW sentence translated into Quenya!

(Requested by evi)

Learn now all details here or you can search about it and much more!



Request anything you want in the appropriate pages and they’ll all be gladly answered to you. If you don’t wanna wait a long time in line, please consider quicker options like…


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600 sentences mark achieved! Wow!

You never know how strong you are… is the 600th sentence translated into Quenya…



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Ready for adventure … in Quenya

Ready for adventure in QuenyaReady for adventure.

NEW sentence translated into Quenya!

(Requested by Sarah Ashley and answered in 89 hours with extra features through X101)

More details here or through the search option.



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Ready for adventure is the 586th sentence translated into Quenya…



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Quenya101 Stupendous Lembas XIV

506f3c77399550e17a607f59ad3886a1Yummy…is there someone hungry for some lembas? Well, here we come with our update bringing all there is new in Quenya101. New names, new quotes, new sentences and new dates all requested by you. If it smells good, tastes good and let your bellies full for 2,400+ hours until the next meal…grab a piece and enjoy the Quenya101 Lembas bread! There’s none like it! Guaranteed!

(Click on the updates’ images below to check its details)

New names









New famous quotes

Luwin @ A Clash Of Kings “The years pass in their hundreds and their thousands,”

Luwin @ A Clash Of Kings“And what does any man see of life but a few summers, a few winters?”

Beatles – All You Need Is Love

Shantideva @ A Guide To The Bodhisattva’s Way Of Life “For as long as space endures, for as long as living beings remain,”

Shantideva @ A Guide To The Bodhisattva’s Way Of Life “Until then may I too abide to dispel the misery of the world.”

Bilbo Baggins @ The Fellowship Of The Ring

Bilbo Baggins @ The Fellowship Of The Ring

Aragorn @ The Return Of The King

Elrond @ The Fellowship Of The Ring

Gregory Of Nyssa @ The Life Of Moses

Fëanor @ The Silmarillion

Steve Rogers @ Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Florence And The Machine – Various Storms And Saints

New sentences

The way to have them live on is to never stop loving them.

Buildings burn, people die, but real love is forever.

A ring to catch the unicorn.

I still remember your laugh. I miss you father.

Rabbit’s bane.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

A knight in a shining armor is a man who has never had his metal truly tested.

I don’t know but I am learning.


I am a loving, free, brave man.


Fucking Nazgûl.

More than the drops in the ocean.

He had things to attend to.

Humbleness. Light.

Ink body. You know my name, not my story?

Nuevas frases

Una amistad inquebrantable como el mithril.

Te amo con todo mi corazón.

New elvish dates

September, 26th, 2015 (before sunset)

November, 24th, 2013 (before sunset)


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Quenya101 Magnificent Lembas XIII

1389919459-0Here we are, once more, to bring you the recent updates in Quenya101 where you can have names, quotes, sentences all translated accurately into Quenya. Community is growing a lot here and I know for a fact that it’s way past my expectations and I cannot keep up with the sheer number of requests, but I’ll try my best and be the drop in the bucket! Let’s see what we got:

(Click on the updates’ images below to check its details)

New names
















New famous quotes

Luke @ Luke 1:79a

Bilbo Baggins @ The Hobbit

Aleister Crowley @ The Book Of Law

Arwen @ The Two Towers

New sentences

Whoever defines himself restricts himself.

My lady.


Begin each day with a grateful heart.

Grateful. Gratitude.

The best is yet to be, warrior of the stars.

I have lived a thousand lives.

I have lived a thousand lives and I’ve loved a thousand loves.

I’ve walked on distant worlds and see the end of time. Because I read.

Manners are what make the man.

I am with you always.

Give extra.

Do I dare to eat a peach?

If the people we love are stolen from us,

Multiple sclerosis fighter.

Gift of men.

She needed a hero so that is what she became.

New elvish dates

June, 6th, 2014


Request anything you want in the appropriate pages and they’ll all be gladly answered to you. If you don’t wanna wait a long time in line, please consider quicker options like…

Thank you all and see you soon in the next meal!



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Quenya101 New elvish year’s Lembas XII

elvish treeA new year has begun recently according to the Reckoning of Imladris (i.e. elvish calendar). We’re on XIV 143 the second to last year of this yén! Wow! Not sure of what that means? Take a seat, have a nice read here while you enjoy the very last updates from Quenya101 down below:


(Click on the updates’ images below to check its details)

New names









New famous quotes


Ed Sheeran – I See Fire

Leonard Cohen – Hallelujah

Gandalf @ An Unexpected Journey “…that keep the darkness at bay…small acts of kindness, and love.”

Rush – The Garden “The measure of life is a measure of love and respect,…”

Rush – The Garden “…so hard to earn so easily burned.”

Bilbo Baggins @ The Hobbit

Bilbo Baggins @ The Hobbit

Solomon, Agur or Lemuel @ Proverbs 28:1 (King James Version)

Rush – The Garden “In the fullness of time, a garden to nurture and protect.”

Luwin @ A Clash Of Kings

John Ronald Reuel Tolkien @ The Lord Of The Rings “With beating hearts and heads held up high.”

New sentences

Always in my heart.

Big dark love.

Love is a verb, fearless on my breath.

The saddest thing in life is wasted talent.

Life is a beautiful lie but death is a painful truth.

You are strong.

Bass clarinet.


Karma is a bitch.

Vána, queen of flowers, our garden behold.

I have stood for thousands of years and have not faltered; the day I met you, my legs shook.


How we remember changes how we have lived. Time run both ways.

We make stories of our lives.

My heart is like a moon. It also has a dark side.

You were given this life, because you are strong enough to live it.

Only God can judge me.


Nuevas frases

Solo un momento de valor, solo una llama de calor triunfar caer.

New elvish dates

June, 13th, 2005


Request anything you want in the appropriate pages and they’ll all be gladly answered to you. If you don’t wanna wait a long time in line, please consider quicker options like…

Thank you all and see you soon in the next meal!




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Quenya101 Glamorous Lembas XI

Glitter Lembas

Glitter Lembas! Now you’ll never want to eat regular sloppy Lembas wherein there’s no glitter, no glamour, no shiny sprites coming out at the toilet…

Errr…..well, nevermind that… let’s cut to the chase and check the most recent hall of glamorous updates from Quenya101:


(Click on the updates’ images below to check its details)

New names








Gerard (son of) Richard







New famous quotes

Legolas @ The Lord of the Rings

Aragorn @ The Return of the King

Katholische Academische Verbindung Lovania Leuven’s motto

Led Zeppelin – Ramble On “But Gollum, and the evil one, crept up and slipped away with her.”

Gandalf @ An Unexpected Journey

Thorin Oakenshield @ The Hobbit “If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold,…”

Thorin Oakenshield @ The Hobbit “…it would be a merrier world.”

Aibileen Clark @ The Help

Bilbo Baggins @ The Hobbit

New sentences

As the eagles fly.

Our future begins now.


A safe fairyland is untrue to all worlds.

Live fast, time won’t last.



Nuevas frases

Bajo el cielo, está un hombre sobre las olas del tormento…

Su más grande fuerza, su más grande flaqueza.

New elvish dates

August, 25th, 2014

January, 3rd, 2011

December, 29th, 1981


Request anything you want in the appropriate pages and they’ll all be gladly answered to you. If you don’t wanna wait a long time in line, please consider quicker options like…

Thank you all and see you soon in the next meal!




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I can’t get my mind out of…



And here is some very early review with extra layers of spoilers (DO NOT READ THEM) to tease us all in the top max way possible!

From: businessinsider.com

Warning: There are some spoilers ahead.


“The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” is out in theaters Friday.

We saw the second installment to Peter Jackson’s “Hobbit” trilogy Tuesday night in 3D and enjoyed it a lot.

The film by no means is perfect, but it is a vast improvement upon the first. (The second time around there aren’t any musical numbers by the dwarves, so that’s a plus.)

It’s faster paced with a new threat around every bend whether from spiders, elves, Orcs, or a deadly dragon and should be a solid box-office win for Warner Bros. come this weekend.

“The Desolation of Smaug” wastes no time picking up right where the first film ended with hobbit Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman) continuing his perilous journey with 13 dwarves and the wizard Gandalf (Sir Ian McKellen) to the Lonely Mountain to recover the lost dwarf treasure from a dragon.


hobbits desolation of smaugWarner Bros.

Another downside to all of these characters, if you haven’t memorized all of the dwarf names you’ll be finding another way to identify the weary travellers (we suggest going by beard).


And it’s clear to say that of all the characters, Freeman masterfully delivers in his return as Bilbo.


For a small hobbit, he’s a ball of fire on screen. Having seen all of the “Lord of the Rings” (LOTR) films, Bilbo manages to be more courageous and do more in one scene at the beginning of the film than Frodo (Elijah Wood) did in three. (If you think about it, someone else was always saving his life — Sam — and in the third film, he was getting dragged and carried through most of it.)

However, other than the dwarves and Gandalf — who by now feels like a dear old friend welcomed into your home as the old wizard — the film has a lot of new faces (along with one old).

Here’s a quick rundown of who you need to know:

Orlando Bloom returns as LOTR favorite Legolas
Lee Pace plays Legolas’ father, King of the wood-elves, Thranduil
Evangeline Lilly (“Lost”) joins as a female elf, Tauriel, who Legolas has his eyes set on.
Stephen Fry (“V for Vendetta”) joins as a conniving and corrupt politician, the Master of Lake-town
Luke Evans (“Fast & Furious 6”) plays a widowed father of three children who helps the dwarves on their quest.
Benedict Cumberbatch is not one, but two villains — the menacing dragon Smaug — and the less-physical, but even more threatening, Necromancer.

Because there are so many characters, you often feel like you’re watching not one movie, but three, or at the least three to four different mini-sodes as the story shifts back and forth between Bilbo and the dwarves, Bilbo and the ring, elves Legolas and Tauriel, and Gandalf’s side adventure having to do with a big tie-in to the “Lord of the Rings.”

However, some of the characters are welcome.


legolas the hobbit desolation of smaugWarner Bros.


Sure, Legolas wasn’t in “The Hobbit,” but it gives fans a reason to see the film while also creating another bridge between the prequel and sequel. True to form, Legolas is a master with a bow and arrow and he delivers some of the best action sequences to see on screen. Prime example: At one point he’s hobbling around on dwarf heads shooting arrows at Orcs.


He’s still a bit rough around the edges at this point, but we’re watching the makings of a great warrior and he does NOT disappoint every time he’s on screen.

We soon learn Katniss Everdeen of “The Hunger Games” isn’t the only arrow slinger on screen worth rooting for with the entry of Tauriel (Lilly). The “she-elf,” as she’s called in the film, is a new character director Peter Jackson invented for the film who gives girls an added reason to see the film.

evangeline lilly the hobbitJames Fisher / Warner Bros.


One of my biggest issues watching this film is despite all these characters, there aren’t a lot of redeeming ones who I want to rally behind. The viewer isn’t really sure who they’re supposed to side with as a protagonist, mainly because they’re kind of a bunch of selfish jerks.



the hobbit desolation of smaugWarner Bros.

We think Bilbo just wants more time to play with the ring honestly.


You have Bilbo, who despite selflessly pledging his allegiance to the dwarves, is a liar and a thief (having stole the “One” ring from Gollum and mischievously hiding it from Gandalf). While it’s a pleasure watching him take a sword to spiders in the film’s first leg, unlike the dwarves, he’s fighting them not to save his crew, nor to really save his own skin, but to save the ring — his ever-growing precious — from the wretched snare of the spider.


Though Bilbo’s character grows as the movie progresses — he saves the dwarves a few times — you’re never really sure if he is doing these acts selflessly or if he’s just helping the elves for a share of the treasure Smaug the dragon is guarding.


thorin the hobbit desolation of smaugWarner Bros.

Thorin Oakenshield, probably not your first pick for a trustworthy ally.


Then there’s Thorin Oakenshield the leader of the dwarves who multiple times is warned numerous times of dwarf greed and what it can do to a person. There’s a part of the film where his true allegiance comes into question when he just sits back and let’s Bilbo risk his life for his clan without lifting a finger to help him (you can see it in the trailers when one of the other dwarfs defiantly defends the hobbit briefly saying, “His name is Bilbo”).


Though Thorin sort of comes to his senses (it’s clear he still doesn’t completely trust Bilbo) and the dwarves and Bilbo all work together in the end against the big bad dragon, it really all seems like a means to an end for everyone involved — especially Thorin.

After *mini-spoiler* seeing him side with the weasel Master of Lake-town *mini-spoiler*, I’m not sure that’s a dwarf I’d want to align myself with.

At this point, you’re not really sure what to make of Gandalf. Forget what you know about him from “LOTR.” Like the first film, he’s with the crew for a few moments before he disappears on his own adventure in Dol Guldur after being whisked away from a vision.


gandalf the hobbit the desolation of smaugMark Pokomy / Warner Bros. Pictures


His role is exactly like that in LOTR. Show up in the beginning of the series, disappear for a long time, come back magically as a brand new wizard to save the day. At least, that’s how we predict it will turn out for movie three: Gandalf saves the day.


Perhaps the only real likable character — other than Legolas, Tauriel, and (sure, why not?) Gandalf — is mysterious secondary character Bard. Maybe it’s the added family element, but compared to all of the other characters, he’s the only one who seems completely trustworthy, selfless, and righteous. There’s plenty more to his story we don’t know that I’m sure will be shared in the final installment.

bard the hobbit desolation of smaugWarner Bros.

Give us more Bard, please.


Enough about the characters because there is a lot of non-stop action in the sequel that lends itself to great cinematography.


The spider scene early on in the film was a fantastic use of Freeman that I won’t give away but that shows once-again Bilbo is quite the asset to the dwarves despite his small size.

One that many reviews touched upon, is the epic waterfall barrel scene that pits the elves vs. the dwarves, the Orcs vs. the dwarves, and the elves vs. the Orcs. It’s one of the most imaginatively shot and orchestrated fight sequences I’ve seen in a long time.


the hobbit the desolation of smaug dwarves barrelsWarner Bros.


The creative use of barrels brings to mind playing Donkey Kong on the Nintendo 64. And — as mentioned earlier — it’s fun to watch Legolas prancing around on the heads of dwarves to take effortless shots at Orcs.


The most aggravating and absolutely frustrating scene to watch comes near the end of the film *mini-spoilers* when the dwarves finally do arrive at the Lonely Mountain and they can’t figure out how to get inside. Rather than take a minute to think it through they try a few mindless ways to break down a wall that ultimately prove futile. Just like that, they give up on their mission and decide to head home.

What? You’re telling me that after months of traveling and risking your lives countless times that once you’re so close to getting what you want, you’re going to let a little wall stop you? Sorry. I’m just not buying it.

Of course, they eventually get inside, but at this point, you feel like these people may not even deserve the riches inside for being so stubborn.*mini-spoiler*

That aside, the best may be the final half hour or so while Bilbo encounters the dragon Smaug and Gandalf goes toe-to-toe with the shadowy Necromancer.

The funny part is that both Bilbo and Gandalf are fighting different villains played by the same man at the same time. Yes, you probably wouldn’t realize unless you were told but Benedict Cumberbatch not only delivers the sly, velvety allure of the monstrous dragon Smaug, but also the chilling monologues of the Necromancer the wizard faces.

If you’re a fan of the book, there’s a big twist with what happens in the Smaug encounter that I won’t spoil here since the film isn’t out yet. It’s a lot longer and more drawn out than in the novel. Bilbo’s altercation with the dragon in the Lonely Mountain becomes MUCH much more complicated.

What Jackson does is unexpected going in to the film but makes sense as you’re watching. Otherwise, a third film really would have felt unnecessary for this prequel series.


smaug the hobbit Warner Bros.

You won’t be disappointed by Cumberbatch’s take on Tolkien’s iconic dragon.


Both instances of Cumberbatch’s vocals are quite grand and for “Sherlock” fans its a pleasure to see him reunited with Freeman on screen in different form before the show’s January return.


The reveal of the dragon is ultimately satisfying as well. Bringing Smaug to life has never been an easy feat for anyone. (Look at the cartoon version.) This interpretation is definitely worthy of Tolkien’s character.

In many ways, “The Desolation of Smaug” is like the second “Lord of the Rings” installment, “The Two Towers.”

Both have multiple story arcs that are setting up for big showdowns in their respective third films. We see growing Orc armies, *spoiler* the eye of Sauron *spoiler*, the Necromancer, and a giant nuisance that just won’t go away in the forms of Gollum and Smaug (except one is frightfully more scary, breaths fire, and is actually a threat to humanity).

Overall, the film was much more captivating then the first to watch and didn’t feel nearly as long as it was (2 hours 41 mins).

We saw it in 3D at what I believe was normal frame rate. That felt kind of unfair, since most of the showings are supposed to be in the higher-frame rate. So I can’t comment on whether it was too much on the eyes. Though there were times the screen did get too bright — any time Smaug breathed fire toward the screen — and I had to look away.

A few other quick notes:

Funniest part of the film that’s not meant to be funny: 

Maybe it’s just me, but look out for the scene when the Bilbo and co. are entering the wood-elves home. The introduction of the elf King Thranduil plays out like a perfume / shampoo ad.

Best line of the film:
Delivered by one of Bard’s little girls: “Why are there dwarves coming out of our toilet? Will they bring us luck?”

Oh yes, and for those looking, keep a watchful eye out for director Peter Jackson at the very start of the film. It’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment.







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A quest in our Middle-Earth

Top 10 LotR board games continues taking up from the previous parts (#10#9#8 #7#6 & #5) and now we got a very juicy game in our 4th place. It’s “symbolically” a bronze medal (you’ll understand that later when our top 10 is finished). And the game is:


Middle-Earth Quest




Middle-earth Quest takes place approximately ten years after Bilbo Baggins leaves the Shire, and several years before Frodo leaves Bag End on his journey leading to the destruction of the One Ring. Thus, Middle Earth Quest will take place in a time of growing darkness. Players will take control of characters such as a Gondorian Captain, a Rider from the Westfold, or numerous other character types. Not only will characters be able to experience new adventure in Middle Earth, but we will carefully seek to tie in the experience with the massive amounts of lore and story that takes place around the edges of the central THE LORD OF THE RINGS storyline.

Middle-earth Quest is a game of adventure and conflict set in the time leading up to the creation of the Fellowship. One player will adopt the mantle of Sauron and do his best to spread his evil influence across the lands. Up to three players become heroes and will do their best to foil Sauron’s foul plots, and rally the peoples of Middle-earth to their side.

This is absolutely a must-have if you enjoy long and deep board games. It’s a pretty large one (and as the legend goes “the larger the board game, the deeper and cooler it is”). I saw just once people playing it, never had to chance to sit down and battle for any quest in Middle-Earth, but in the future I’m gonna surely buy this big one!

To be continued…



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Where do your choices lead you, Bilbo?

“And Bilbo found a ring and he returned it to its owner, a vile creature called Gollum.”

Bilbo and the Ring

Imagine that! I don’t know which kind of story we would have if Bilbo had done that and this is just an illustrative way to show the important role our own choices play in life.

If there is a power we all have at the same amount is: free will. Eru gave it to all (do you really REALLY believe in a predetermined life where fate won’t let you escape any final outcome? Oh NO!) and we should start thinking deeply what you’re doing with your choices. Are you choosing wisely your friends? Your career? Are you choosing good deeds or bad? Are you following a good path?

samsung-ativ-tabWhy the hell am I talking about that here? A couple of weeks ago, I found a someone’s precious in an ATM. The person had lost its tablet and I couldn’t imagine how frustrated that person was (or would be when he realized it) about losing such  a particular item.

And here comes the choice role I’m talking about. I checked some things in the tablet and realized the person spoke German! Contacted him by email, we met and I gave his precious back. I have already lost my wallet with my ID and all my papers in it a few years ago and a homeless guy who found it, called me up and returned me that. I was so so so thankful! Now it was my turn to be on the other side!

465px-Coat_of_Arms_of_Slovenia.svgToday Zmago, the Slovenian guy who won’t need to buy another tablet and make all his Zmagobusiness projects again, invited me up to a pub where we had a great fantastic time. I met his friends and business partners, Beitia (from Basque Country) and Marcos (from Brazil) and instantly I saw what an excellent choice I have done. The guy is awesome, many things in common and certainly I got a new friend where I wasn’t expecting to find one! I had just found a tablet but with it, a huge choice and I’m happy to have chosen wisely!

For all Hobbits out there…let’s behave ourselves and spread some goodness in this vast World of ours, huh? The road goes ever on and on and where it may lead, sometimes it’s totally up to you and you only!!! Choose wisely!





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For still there are so many things that I have never seen

But she’s seen it!

Chabs Bondoc Baluyut

Once again, more frequently than ever, I bring forth to ye all, the laudatory post dedicated to this beautiful Filipino girl who recently have enhanced her beauty with something full of meaning to us all (including Bilbo Baggins, of course). Perhaps you haven’t seen it, but now you will! Behold:

An eä er rimbë engwer ya ullumë ecénien.

Not only she got that tattooed, but she even documented extensively all the painful process of getting a tattoo at her Facebook. Tough girl!

From now on, she will be remembered and named here The One With Things To Be Seen and will be part of our exclusive Quenya101 Hall of Fame  composed so far by The OneThe One In Female FormThe One With The LightThe One With The ForceThe One With The Birdies & The One With The Time. (7 People and many more to come! There has been a flood of tattoos popping out everywhere!)

You can find this Bilbo’s quote translated into Quenya here as well as many other ones. If your favorite quote is not added yet, just request it!





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