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Q101 Stirring Collection

…is released!


Today is the first day of a new elvish month (1 Coirë 144) and you know what that means! A NEW Q101 Shop Collection!

Check out our new products and designs:


AND….you’re ALL getting free shipping until 02/14/17 12PM CT (any order over $45 US or $80 International except Wall Art for International orders)

Free shipping code is:


Let things be reborn and be stirred with new life…




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The One that has it all & The One that praises the Lord

Aiya! It’s me again and I’m here to talk about some friends and their amazing tattoos. As you could guess from the post title, I’m talking about two people. I promise that my double posts will end soon!

First, let me talk about Judith ‘Mithrellas’ Arantes. She’s a good friend of mine and, a while ago, she asked me to translate Psalm 150 into Quenya:

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord

We worked together to find some the perfect translation, with two different translations, finally going for the following:

Á lávë ilyë súliva eälar laitar i Héru

Literally, this means Let every spirit-possessing being praise the Lord. One interesting thing I found while working this translation is the intimate relation between breath and spirit in Quenya. Quoting the Quettaparma:

BREATH (noun) hwesta (breeze, puff of air), foa (puff of breath), súlë (Þ) (spirit) (earlier [MET] form thúlë = Þúlë)

As usual, check out the Tengwar version:

Á lávë ilyë súliva eälar laitar i Héru

But this was not a simple tattoo! It has a full work of art into it! Check it out, together with a photo of Mithy cosplaying as Tauriel:

Now let’s go for the second part of the post.

I promised in my last post that you would hear more of Franz ‘Maglor’ Brehme. Well, Maglor not only tattooed the famous Not all those who wander are lost verse, but MANY other nerd culture references! Batman, Star Wars, Wheel of Time, Tolkien: you name it, he has it somewhere on his body! And Maglor is also a tattoo artist, so you can guess how tattoos are special to him.

So, let’s finish with some photos of him. Don’t get scared by the “bad boy” looks, he’s a very nice person!

That’s all for today, folks!




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Ano Novo OR Año Nuevo? It’s XIV 142 upon us!

A new elvish year is upon us!!! 142 starts NOW and along with it we have really good stuff for you all, NEW stuff! Dedicated pages for the whole Americas! Portuguese and Spanish are now official languages of Quenya101 and the “revolution” starts with special content! You can check it right now and pedir tu(as) frases agora(hora) mesmo(ismo)!



Página especial dedicada ao Português! Ondo Carniliono, nosso mestre Brasileiro do Quenya101 cuidará da página, ajudando todos com seus pedidos.



¡Página especial dedicada al Español! Erutulco Eruntano, nuestro maestro Uruguayo de Quenya101 cuidará de la página, ayudando a todos con sus pedidos.

Enjoy! Aproveitem! Disfruten!


Quenya101 staff

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Como se diz (…) em Quenya?

Aiya! Eu sou o Ondo Carniliono, um dos Quenya Masters aqui do Quenya101. Como alguns de vocês sabem, eu sou brasileiro e, portanto, falante de português!
Recentemente, o número de leitores, principalmente da América Latina, aqui no site cresceu muito, e vocês são muito bem vindos! Então, criamos uma página em português (y tambien en español!) para que os leitores que não dominam o inglês possam fazer perguntas relacionadas ao estudo do Quenya, pedir traduções, tirar dúvidas e etc diretamente em sua língua natal.

Responderei a todas as mensagens aqui assim que possível e em breve também ativaremos uma Linha Rápida para aqueles que tem um pouco mais de pressa!

Obrigado e namárië!

PS: A página será criada em breve e pedidos serão feitos a partir do Ano Novo élfico (XIV 142)




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Due to my strong link with Brazil I needed to post this! I got friends there, I have visited the places several times, my girl is from there (she’s in Belo Horizonte now), etc… I’d like to share it, contribute with my Quenya and dedicate it to the Brazilian riots happening in there now.

We have already occupied Mordor here, and even though I’m not that political riot person, I have an empathy with the people there! It’s a valid situation. Things suck and they are fed up with it. I don’t know exactly where the process gonna lead them, but if you’re not happy DO something! Make your voice heard and change what needs to be changed!

Today, I recommend all of you who are not aware what’s going on in Brazil, to read the news, to spread the cause, to share it! Bad governments are there simply to be disposed of! Egypt had its time, Libya did too recently, Argentina in the 2000’s, now wakie wakie Brazil!

And don’t forget, don’t get mislead….

Umis i 20 telepso

Umis i 20 telepso


Sorry if this is not the most Tolkienian post ever and sorry if you hate political stuff (I do too), but sometimes we all need to wake up a bit and face the real world! Á mahta, Hrasil!



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Not all those who wander are lost 4

He did it TOO!

Fernando Tadeu Ginez Fabretti

Fernando Tadeu Ginez Fabretti

For the 4th time, I come here before ye all, to praise a Tolkiendil who permanently and most poetically had that immortal saying marked on his skin. Fernando from Brazil (holy shit! His hometown is my girl’s!!!!) has become part of the club, the exclusive Quenya101 club. From now on he shall be known here as The One Who Wanders In Brazil. Alongside The OneThe One In Female FormThe One With The LightThe One With The ForceThe One With The BirdiesThe One With The TimeThe One With Things To Be SeenThe One With Ainulindalë & The One Who Loves Her Sister. Behold his ink:

Not all those who wander are lost Fernando

Queni ya ranya ullumë vanwë umir


A cool guy from a cool place and with lots of things in common. While checking some photos of his, I realized the guy plays Flag Football! Amazing! I never thought there was such an organized Flag in Brazil!


I don’t know why, when, how is he playing it, he never talked to me before about it. It looks like he’s a cornerback from most of the pics I saw. I’d love if he could tell here about that (I’m really curious). Also….I’m dying to know if there’s any chance he knows my girlfriend? She lives where he lives! Great coincidence! Anyway….

Flag 3

It’s a Tattoo Touchdown




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The one was deep and wide and beautiful…

…and so were his!

Vivaldo Lopes

Vivaldo Lopes

In this great day, I joyously announce the commendable tattooS of this Amazonian guy to the whole world to gaze upon in awe for his well-executed idea and be mesmerized by his own tribute to Father Tolkien and the Genesis of all elves, Ainulindalë. Let us sing the song of creation:

Minë né tumnaar palla’r vanya, mal’enca’r quanta únótima nyérëo, yallo vanesserya túlë ambë.

Minë né tumna ar palla’r vanya, mal’enca’r quanta únótima nyérëo, yallo vanesserya túlë ambë.

I exë síenétie’rderya; mal nes róma, ar lusta, ar oialavë vorima; ar haryanes titta rainë

I exë sí enétie’rderya; mal nes róma, ar lusta, ar oialavë vorima; ar haryanes titta rainë

Yes, my fellow ones. Both arms inked with Ainulindalë itself! I praise him highly for such achievement! From now on, he is to be called and remembered here as The One With Ainulindalë. He has become part of our select group composed by: The OneThe One In Female FormThe One With The LightThe One With The ForceThe One With The BirdiesThe One With The Time & The One With Things To Be Seen.

You can check the exact quote Vivaldo, errr… I mean The One With Ainulindalë took from the Ainulindalë Quenyanna here and here.





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Where do your choices lead you, Bilbo?

“And Bilbo found a ring and he returned it to its owner, a vile creature called Gollum.”

Bilbo and the Ring

Imagine that! I don’t know which kind of story we would have if Bilbo had done that and this is just an illustrative way to show the important role our own choices play in life.

If there is a power we all have at the same amount is: free will. Eru gave it to all (do you really REALLY believe in a predetermined life where fate won’t let you escape any final outcome? Oh NO!) and we should start thinking deeply what you’re doing with your choices. Are you choosing wisely your friends? Your career? Are you choosing good deeds or bad? Are you following a good path?

samsung-ativ-tabWhy the hell am I talking about that here? A couple of weeks ago, I found a someone’s precious in an ATM. The person had lost its tablet and I couldn’t imagine how frustrated that person was (or would be when he realized it) about losing such  a particular item.

And here comes the choice role I’m talking about. I checked some things in the tablet and realized the person spoke German! Contacted him by email, we met and I gave his precious back. I have already lost my wallet with my ID and all my papers in it a few years ago and a homeless guy who found it, called me up and returned me that. I was so so so thankful! Now it was my turn to be on the other side!

465px-Coat_of_Arms_of_Slovenia.svgToday Zmago, the Slovenian guy who won’t need to buy another tablet and make all his Zmagobusiness projects again, invited me up to a pub where we had a great fantastic time. I met his friends and business partners, Beitia (from Basque Country) and Marcos (from Brazil) and instantly I saw what an excellent choice I have done. The guy is awesome, many things in common and certainly I got a new friend where I wasn’t expecting to find one! I had just found a tablet but with it, a huge choice and I’m happy to have chosen wisely!

For all Hobbits out there…let’s behave ourselves and spread some goodness in this vast World of ours, huh? The road goes ever on and on and where it may lead, sometimes it’s totally up to you and you only!!! Choose wisely!





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An elvish love gift

Do you remember our friend Ismael Seidel a.k.a. Erulastano from the previous post in this series? After sharing his great love story now, as promised, we’ll bring you the making of of that gift he gave to his beloved Eruenvinyantë! In his own words, here is how it was done:

By Ismael Seidel

It all began with a poem, as said before. A few days after I wrote it, I thought: “I need to see how it fits in Quenya” – which Rafaela presented me. At the start I didn’t plan to make a book, but I knew that in some way I’d give her the poem as a gift.

One day, I started to draw a sketch of her. Later I wrote some tengwar on it, my name, her name and my poor Quenya translation of the 1st verse of my poem. Then I tried a little bit more with the second verse and experimented using computer fonts. Once again I hadn’t liked the results, mainly because I felt Tengwar should be more natural than a computer generated image. I was really interested in handwriting the whole thing, so I started researching calligraphy material and found out pretty cheap stuff. An art teacher advised me about the ink and then I bought 8 different colors to start my project.

I bought three nibs as well. A thin one called pointed nib and two others called broad nibs. The latter ones were hard to find here, but I got lucky as a great friend of mine bought that to me as she lives in larger city. Funny fact is that Rafaela was with me when I got those nibs (and she knew nothing about it)

In my first tryouts, I couldn’t get it right. Common paper wouldn’t work at all. The solution was parchment paper.

That’s when the idea of making it a book took place! Sadly I also decided a delivery date and by then my translation wasn’t good as it should be. The first three pages had an awful translation and I’m aware now I need to improve my skills and keep studying more and more. Anyway, back to the book…

From now on, let’s illustrate more. Check the gallery below:

Some of the materials I used to write and cut…

…to go from step 1 to 3

The Making of

This is such a huge project! There are so many details that could be told and discussed about each image! Instead of writing all of them here (a massive task I found out at the end) I’ll open the comments below to anyone curious about the making and the details of the process. I invite Ismael as well to keep track of the comments so he helps answer any question that may arise.

Additionally you can find much more detailed info in his Facebook albums here.

Thank you for sharing this beauty with us, Ismael…the talent of your fingers!



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Visualizing Tolkien’s readability

While I’m somewhere between Brazil and Argentina, on my vacations, I’ll let you with this interesting article about the “readability” of the 3 major books of Tolkien: The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and The Silmarillion.

Which one of them is the hardest to read? Which one can a person who’s not a fan find it a bit boring?

Let’s not guess answers here and analyze data! Read the article below:

Visualizing Tolkien


First and foremost, I am a huge fan of J.R.R. Tolkien’s work. I have lost count of the number of times I have read Lord of the Rings. But I had not read The Hobbit or The Silmarillion yet, and decided to put an end to that situation.

Prior to purchasing it, I read several reviews about The Silmarillion. One of the reviewers argued that it was the hardest book to readbecause ‘and’ was the most used word in the book. I wondered if that was the case. And if not, why is it that The Silmarillion is so hard to read? And I can testify that it is definitely hard to read: I attempted to read it at least thrice past year, but I ended reading several other books instead, Lord of The Rings again as well.

The classic graphs

To find out if ‘and’ is the most frequent word in The Silmarillion, I wrote a simple program who counted how many times did each word appear in the book. This quickly contradicted the affirmation by that reviewer, since the most frequent word in The Silmarillion is the, followed by and and of.

Obviously, as I had this program and it could analyse any text instantly, I thought that maybe I could analyse the other two main important works from Tolkien: The Hobbit and The Lord Of The RingsIf I place all results side by side I may be able to deduct why ‘The Silmarillion’ is not as readable as the others, I said to myself. So I did:

Interestingly enough, all three books share the same top three words. In fact, all of their top words are pretty much the same (the, and, of, in, to, he, that, …). So it was totally unfair (apart from incorrect) to blame them for the lack of readability of a book.

What about the proportions and the distribution of words? If we compare the shapes of each chart together, it is easy to see that while the shapes for The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings charts are really similar, the same does not occur with The Silmarillion, where there is a huge quantitative difference between the top three words and the rest. Now that might explain something!

But I was not satisfied with this analysis yet. You cannot reduce style differences to numbers only; there were a number of factors that I had not considered yet: relations between words, typical constructions, language richness, even the length of the text itself! So I built a few more charts:

The word count chart confirms something we knew: The Hobbit is shorter than The Lord of The Rings, but slightly surprises me when it shows so clearly that The Silmarillion is almost half the length than LOTR. Specially because the reader does not experience that very same perception.

Maybe the readability differences could be attributed to the originality index? That is an index that I “invented”, taking the number of unique words for each book and dividing it by the total word count. That would provide us with another way of comparing the books. But the originality index chart is surprising as well. I expected The Hobbit to have the lowest index, since that was the book that I perceived as easiest to read; in fact I even thought it was slightly dumb at certain points, too much children-oriented. But I was wrong; proportionally it is the most original book, and according to this chart, The Silmarillion would be only a bit less enjoyable than LOTR, that with only a 3% index, should be a bore.

My assumptions were not working, because LOTR is not a bore!

Could it be that I had taken into account the stop words but I should have not? I am referring to common English words such as the, and, of… — which are the most frequent in these works! On one hand I was very tempted to execute again the program, excluding those words. On the other hand, I did not believe it could be a good idea, since when we read a book, we are reading the stop words as well. We are not one of those rudimentary search engines who need to filter information out in order to distinguish keywords! If I removed those words from the text, the results would correspond to entirely different books.

Still, I decided to build a simple chart comparing the proportion of stop words vs. non stop words. Again, the results were surprising. One would expect The Silmarillion to have more filler text, but it was quite the contrary, with The Hobbit being the richest in stop words. In any case, the differences between books were not very significative.

I ran another quick test (not pictured in this page) where I built these charts for Dracula instead of LOTR. That returned a very different set of results on every chart, so maybe instead of using these indices to compare books of the same author, they could be used to compare books of a known authors versus anonoymous books — that way we could guess who was the author of a book or piece of text!

And here end the most classical-academic of my speculations about Tolkien. I was satisfied with refuting that reviewer regarding the overuse of ‘and’, and had also found some interesting surprises. I could think of more indices to be calculated: the proportion of verbs, adverbs, adjectives, nouns and etc; types of used tenses, type of constructions… but if I really wanted to get serious with this whole text analysis business, that would require way more time and resources than building a few charts and speculating about them.

By http://5013.es/p/1/

Well, well, well…next time someone criticizes the Silmarillion (my favorite book EVER) saying it’s hard to read, boring story and some other absurds like that, here it’s provided the empirical data proving that’s not the case! Full objectiveness and zero subjectivity!



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May the Force be with you

…cuz it is with HIM

…and the Force is a strong ally!

Rise Lord Diefenthäler! I now pronounce you Darth Elvish and from now on you will be addressed here as The One With The Force. I’m not sure if you are a Knight of light or tend to follow the lies of the Jedi, but I can assure you: Strong is the Dark Side and….the cookies are pretty delicious! Yummy!

Well, as you can see, my buddy from Brazil, Fábio Diefenthäler (Wait? Brasilien oder Deutschland?) has got this beauty tattooed on his skin! May the Force be with you in Quenya (Nai i Túrë nauva ólë). Super cool, man! Originally thought, mixing two grand passions of mine too (Star Wars+Lord of the Rings).

Fábio, chilling out on a distant planet before a Lightsaber training!

The One With The Force will join the ranks and be part of the most exclusive group alongside The One With The Light, The One In Female Form & The One. 4 people from the 4 corners of the World with 1 thing in common: a kick-ass 100% legit Quenya tattoo (and you know this is kinda rare)



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Elvish (?) heraldry


Every you look on the internet, you can find elvish heraldry. It’s easy to find a lot of important Silmarillion characters’ heraldry. They are pretty cool, well designed (it’s Tolkien’s baby!) and full of meaning.


If you don’t know them all yet, that’s a good research and reading you should do as soon as you can. Wait….am I not talking about elvish heraldry in this post? NO!


I wanna make something quite different. I wanna fuse the world’s emblems, coat of arms, flags with the elvish style of presenting ensigns!

So…as I have already drawn maps from some countries here, I extended the tribute to each nation by creating an “elvish” coat of arms! And here they are:

Aranië Telpina

Aranië Látiva

Aranië Rávosto

I Aranië Andúnëo

Aranië Finnórë

Hostaina Aranië Hrasilo

In time, the posts with the countries’ maps will be updated to include their elvish coat of arms!


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