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Q101 Stirring Collection

…is released!


Today is the first day of a new elvish month (1 Coirë 144) and you know what that means! A NEW Q101 Shop Collection!

Check out our new products and designs:


AND….you’re ALL getting free shipping until 02/14/17 12PM CT (any order over $45 US or $80 International except Wall Art for International orders)

Free shipping code is:


Let things be reborn and be stirred with new life…




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Rogue One Vader NEW Design


Don’t choke on your aspirations

New commemorative design to celebrate the release of the epic Rogue One, bringing a Darth Vader’s quote taken from the movie.

Get your Vader Q101 mashup product right now and come to the dark side!

(Don’t forget to bring some cookies to Mordor, will you?)




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It’s May, 4th! It’s Vader Frenzy!

Nai i cantëa nauva ólë

Nai i cantëa nauva ólë!

In celebration of May, the 4th (be with you) Quenya101 proudly institutes the tradition of honoring such a prestigious saga, Star Wars. It’s also of my passions and it’s not that hard to make cool crossovers with it and Tolkien. It’s all interconnected, you know.

This day, I’ll bring you Vader! The one and only. The most iconic character of all, the one who captivated people’s attention and fear from the early minutes on. Below, check all the immortal quotes of Anakin Skywalker a.k.a. Darth Vader a.k.a. Luke’s daddy!



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