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4th Year begins!

Q101 i fëa Quenyava ná sissë

Quenya101 is BACK! But not only that, we’re celebrating our 3rd anniversary and the beginning of year 4! Wow….huh? No…not only that…it’s post-Super Bowl Monday and that’s just an extra reason for the celebration. Ok, ok…Monday is not a day that calls for celebration, but it doesn’t matter! Let’s have it! I’m happy to be back after this hot melting vacations and I’m anxious to release all new stuff coming up in our site!

The amount of people trying to reach me is staggering and it keeps growing. I’m afraid I’m not able to answer them all with the speed they require but be sure I AM DEFINITELY answering them all sooner or later. To help all people who were awaiting the return of Fast Line from vacation, below I’ll provide the list so you know when yours is coming and if I need further info from you.

Fast Line Vacation line

The requests marked as “?” need further info. There was no message attached in Paypal. Even if you have already commented in the site about it, please send an email so I can clarify what your request is.  The request marked as “!” is invalid as it’s not following the Fast Line rules closely. Please, Ines, contact me also by email.

Quenya101 logo 4th year

X101 was a hit and there are already people who joined the special Quenya101 raffle. That’s a great opportunity to get your request answered within 101 hours AND with extra stuff! Use it as you will!

Super new stuff is coming but I cannot spoil the surprise…just yet! Stay tuned for this new 4th year and spread the elven path to all Tolkiendilli out there!

A new dawn arising.

A new dawn arising.




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Public announcement

Starting this December, 1st, 2013, people will have a new Fast Line feature. It’ll be called eXtra101 (X101) where you’ll get MUCH MORE than what Fast Line already gives you. After you’re familiar with Fast Line rules, read below what’s different with X101 and the good things that are kept the same!

What’s the same:

  • 101-hour delivery time guaranteed!
  • Answers given publicly through the site.
  • Accuracy primed so you get the best there is concerning Quenya syntaxis, name’s etymology and so on.

What’s different:

You get MORE, always more according to the request you make.


Poem & Prose

How do we say (…) in Quenya?

Attention: My special day in the Elvish Calendar does not participate in the X101 new feature.

Crazy, huh? Yeah! Fast Line is a huge success and X101 will only give you MORE!


If you want it EXTRA, come and get it!

If you’re ready for the extra elvish feeling, get it below. Don’t forget to fill the form HERE with all the details of your request, so I can deliver it to you as fast as X101 guarantees!

Do you want more? MUCH MUCH MORE? Then click here!




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Facebook 2.0 (Elvish like a Boss)

Quenya Facebook logoWDo you remember when we created our Facebook campaign? It’s been a year and let’s renew it with the release of not one but several Facebook covers for you, Tolkien fan and crazy for Quenya!

Quite simple! Grab the images below and use them as you wish! Spread them, share, like, whatever you feel like! It’s a lil’ gift for you! (even though mommy says don’t accept things with elvish writing from strangers, specially rings)

So, here we go:

Quenya Gothic Pointers

AP2When you feel basic.

LK – Lembas King

LKWhen you feel hungry.


LailócëWhen you feel like partying.

Elvish Love

Elvish LoveWhen you feel in love.

White Trees

WTWhen you feel artistic.


AntaparmaWhen you feel social.


IngolëWhen you feel smart.

Cup of coffee

YávaWhen you feel you need caffeine!

Quenya Facebook




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The Greatest Elvish Tattoo Collection EVER

One year ago, we had the Ultimate Elvish Tattoo Collection which was a big hit and many many people came into contact with the truth about elvish tattoos and the major mistakes involving them (invisible to the lay eye). Now it’s time to update this Quenya101 collection, but let’s forget about the bad examples for a while and focus on the nice stuff, the well done tattoos, the ones who deserve our praise not only because they look cool on the skin but because they respected what Tolkien left to us.

Below you’ll have the finest examples one can get. It may not be news for most of Quenya101 followers, but as new people are always joining our ranks, it’s cool to have them all in one spot. So, BEHOLD…the greatest elvish tattoo collection ever:

I’d like to thank every single one who shared with us their tattoos ( The OneThe One In Female FormThe One With The LightThe One With The ForceThe One With The BirdiesThe One With The TimeThe One With Things To Be SeenThe One With AinulindalëThe One Who Loves Her Sister & The One Who Wanders In Brazil ).

This post will always be updated whenever new jewels join the club. Stay tuned and never forget the golden rule:

Do NOT tattoo something you cannot read!




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When an elf reads an elvish tattoo

This is an eye opener. It’s not about elvish tattoos per se. You can check good(?) examples here. This post is about the nauseating feeling one who understands and reads Tengwar, gets when one lays eyes upon the misspelled misfortunes of others’ skins.

Sometimes people don’t get it. They think it’s quite ok getting Tengwar gibberish. “It doesn’t matter” they say. “The letters are beautiful and nobody’s gonna read them anyway” they say. But they are


It matters! There are people who’s gonna read them! Now you’re gonna read the tattoos below and understand how it feels when you can read awful elvish tattoos. BEHOLD:

Who is life?

Who is life?

Lord give me strenth

Lord give me strenth

Because if you never don't give up then you always won't succeed.

Because if you never don’t give up then you always won’t succeed.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but tradgedy well, it's THERE!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but tradgedy well, it’s THERE!

I wonder if he really knows the band! Sabbaht is unheard of.

I wonder if he really knows the band! Sabbaht is unheard of.

Too much sugar on your....kidneys? Girl, you gotta see a doctor quickly!

Too much sugar on your….kidneys? Girl, you gotta see a doctor quickly!

My next what? Seriously man, I'm curious now.

My next what? Seriously man, I’m curious now.

Prome being short for....?

Prome being short for….?

Is that an aptitude test? "No dream is to big as apple is to _________"

Is that an aptitude test? “No dream is to big as apple is to _________”

Yes, definitely belive! Don't bedie!

Yes, definitely belive! Don’t bedie!

I foresee there WILL BE more crossing-outs.

I foresee there WILL BE more crossing-outs.

What will you do redundantly? Uh-uh....nevermind.

What will you do redundantly? Uh-uh….nevermind.

An angel born in Gaurdia? Tell me more about that.

An angel born in Gaurdia? Tell me more about heaven’s geography.

I wonder if you were not awsome, what kind of shitty tattoo you would get.

I wonder if you were not awsome, what kind of shitty tattoo you would get.

Isn't it ironic? Don't you think? A little too ironic!

Isn’t it ironic? Don’t you think? A little too ironic!


How does it feel? Would you facepalm them or compliment their beautiful letters? That’s how we (the ones who know Quenya and/or Sindarin) feel when we see tattoos that don’t make sense. I mean, they tried and they felt short. They may look cool and awsome, but they’re not. And the moral of the story is: LEARN how to WRITE first, then get a TATTOO! Be it English, be it Japanese, be it Quenya! It’s golden rule for them all!



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The Children of Starchamber

Do you know Starchamber? If not, you’ll have the displeasure of getting to know it through this post!


As already shown here, Starchamber is a site where one can be misled to believe Tolkien is a jerk and dumb creator. Yes, I said it! Basically, what Starchamber does is: teach people wrongly how the Tengwar alphabet works under the wrong approach with the wrong symbols for it, combined with the wrong info of how the writing actually works. It’s like Depeche Mode’s song WRONG!

In essence, Starchamber mislead people and pretend they can learn how to write “Elvish” by simply substituting letters like a code. Ok…that’s not new around here, but here comes the thing:

Starchamber offspring! (a.k.a. Children of the Damned)

Children of the Damned

Yes, the damned thing is reproducing now! Not only that, the thing’s offspring is teaching others and “translating” names into Quenya AND Sindarin! How versatile huh? Shall we take a look?

For the ones who cannot read Quenya, it TRULY says: ëarrshwild (and that's NOT a Quenya word)

For the ones who cannot read Quenya, it TRULY says: ëarrshwild (and that’s NOT a Quenya word)

The most painful thing to me, personally, frankly, is to know that the person who asked the question now believes it’s written “Earthschild” above. Next step is getting a tattoo, can you imagine that? I can!

With a single word as “ëarsshwild”, that child of Starchamber broke 5 orthographic rules! Let’s count:

  1. Wrong tengwa for R
  2. Wrong doubling of consonant R
  3. Wrong usage of the tengwa for S (as there’s no tehta above it)
  4. Wrong position for HW. It can only come initially.
  5. Wrong consonant (D) ending a word. In Quenya, it can only be T, N, L, R, S

1 word, 0 meaning, 5 orthographic mistakes! Thank you very much Starchamber!!!!


It’s not over! Let’s check a name now. Shall we? Are you prepared for what its coming? Be strong:

For the ones who cannot read Quenya, it TRULY says: "ahlyë". It looks like a Quenya word, but IT IS NOT!

For the ones who cannot read Quenya, it TRULY says: “ahlyë”. It looks like a Quenya word, but IT IS NOT!

Now we face a deeper issue. Etymology. Names cannot be merely translated. In our current languages, a name means nothing, but in its origin, a name meant EVERYTHING! Through etymology one can compose a Quenya equivalent (instead of simply writing an English name using Tengwar Quenya Mode.) For the ones curious, HERE you can learn how Ashley is accurately composed into Quenya.


having considered all this, I beg you all: Ask this Tumblr http://howtowriteelvish.tumblr.com/ this question:

Would you like to learn correctly Tengwar and Quenya?

With that question, please add any good source of your choice! Fauskanger’s, Renk’s, anything! Please! Join the campaign for an elucidated world!

Lazy internet minds are ruining what Tolkien left and disrespecting his beautiful minds by their own lack of understanding!



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Do I want useful elvish sentences? SURE!


and there is a big but in it, *clear throats* which elvish is that, beg your pardon?

Now tell me the truth, be honest with me: Wouldn’t life be much easier if there was a thing we could use to search and find quickly everything we want to know about a topic? You know…something that would look for results and…BANG! there they are in a blink of an eye. That would be great, wouldn’t it?

NOT THAT GREAT! Google does that with our lives right now and it doesn’t make it an easier life. Now we have an issue to find accurate info.

The site shown above is one example. If you type “elvish sentences” in Google (go ahead, give it a shot) you will find that result among the top 3! UNFORTUNATELY, that site does not teach any elvish language that was created by Tolkien and people really are looking for that when they innocently type “elvish language” in Google. I have met hundreds of them greeting me with something like: ‘Quel re (good morning) or saying something like Namaarie (= farewell) and they really think that’s Quenya or “Elvish”.

Shall we analyze just the first 8 lines so we can understand what this site is about? Are you ready for this ultra revelation? Here it comes:

As you can see, (if you have trusted this kind of source to learn Quenya or Sindarin) you’re bound to speak gibberish with this site. It teaches Tel’Quessir! If only people read that above! (or if only the creators of the site wouldn’t write that so tiny in order to hide the real non-Tolkien essence of the site!)

What is Tel’Quessir? Shall we use our friend Google once more? Tel’Quessir is a language developed for RPG loosely based in some vocabulary of elvish languages created by Tolkien. If you wanna play Forgotten Realms RPG, that IS the site to learn this language and play it like a boss! BUT….(I told you there was always a butt) if you are a Tolkien fan searching for true elvish languages harmoniously created with a rich cultural background…sorry, but you just found a lame source that Google offered you.

If only people knew what they are tolkien about…



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The Tree is coming…

The tradition is kept! White Tree Awards is coming, but this year there is something new! A whole category chosen by you! You choose the criteria and you vote as you will! It’s People’s Choice Awards.  Here are the nominees:

A Varda, Elentári


Je suis revenu, volví, ich bin zurück, voltei….I’m back! And pretty glad to be so! Did you miss me? Well…I DID miss you! You know, it was a bit tough to…

Elvish Calendar now easier than ever!


OK, let’s get the facts straight: you came to Quenya101 Language Institute to learn more about Elvish culture. You saw a link up there labeled…

Tengwar Kanji


I love Japanese culture. Everything from Japan amazes me! Their discipline, their technology, their good manners, traditions, history. Recently, I…

Rhapsody Of Fire – Il Canto Del Vento (Full Quenya Version)


Rhapsody of Fire…. One of the greatest power metal bands, with great sagas within their lyrics and, by far, one of my favorite bands…

ONE family tree!


Everybody knows that Tolkien was interested in family trees. It’s everywhere in his books! Silmarillion got it, Lord of the Rings got it and actually it’d…

“Happy Birthday” song in Quenya


Now I bring you something that may be useful the next time a Tolkiendili friend of yours (we all have one!) celebrates his birthday. This I…

I Lindë Helcë ar Nárëo (Asta II)


Before going to the real post, I got something to share with you guys. I finished A Dance with Dragons and I am shocked. I cried. I wanted to…



There are so many posts that could be in the list above. Funny, with useful information, educational, full of creativity…etc! Choose ANY you want!



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The Qenya Alphabet (by J.R.R.Tolkien)

Well, that image you see above is not a common image. It was done, written in ink by the very hand that once told us about a certain hobbit that lived in a hole in the ground.

Actually this image dates before we met that particular hobbit and the relevance and importance of that image is way beyond one could imagine at first glimpse.

What you see here is the 11th document contained in and cover of the Parma Eldalamberon XX, one of the most renowned linguistic journals containing unpublished (yes, UNPUBLISHED) material and documents from Tolkien himself related to his languages and their development.

Do I need to say more how outstanding that image is, and surely the Parma Eldalamberon too? Let me show you in case words don’t tell exactly what I mean:

This is the fruit of your donations! Through them, Quenya101 has this material available. I’ll study it deeply (what a pleasure that will bring me…I already foresee) AND, I’ll share all the knowledge provided by this Tolkien documents with the….

Quenya101 1st class students!

It has come the time to start out exclusive classes! But that’s not all! One may wonder that the analysis of Tolkien’s 1930s documents is way too “advanced”. Perhaps Quenya101 students would fare better with some basic material in order to learn Quenya. OH, they will! We’re gonna have two sets of material in our class! Basic and advanced.  Everyone will enjoy the class in one’s own level!

By the way, Ondo is the main developer of this idea (I can’t forget to mention Erutulco too who gave an insightful feedback about the Elvish School Project) and we’re gonna work together to provide the basic material with clear cut explanations of Quenya grammar, examples, mini dialogues and exercises! After all, practice makes perfection!

If you are a die-hard Tolkien fan, you MUST buy this precious set of documents. Check here!


All students enrolled in 1st Class will receive an email with further instructions, passwords and more details! If you’re not already enrolled, you can still do it! Of course, as the other students helped, it’s only fair that one contributes with one’s share. In essence, you help me to help you!

PS:  The email with the details and further info has already been sent to the recipients. Check the email you used as your Paypal address. It’s there!

Click below and be part of the 1st Elvish Class:

1st Class is ON!


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The Elvish Facebook Cause

We shall start a new campaign right here right now! Facebook is one of the most popular social media of our recent times (Internet is volatile…who knows who’ll be on top tomorrow?) and we all know it’s about time to have it translated to other languages, right? But, no…I don’t mean Thai, Xhosa, or Urdu….I mean Quenya, Sindarin, Klingon, Vuhlkansu and all those artificial languages out there we love so much! So…..let’s sign the petition for the Facebook team to include at least QUENYA to the available languages in Facebook!

I already got my own so I don’t know why Facebook team can make it happen for everyone who wants it! Everybody deserves a Facebook in Quenya:

That’s not hard to achieve, is it? I mean…probably asking it to be written with Tengwar Alphabet for everybody…maybe it’s too much, but a Roman alphabet version would be quite simple to translate. I have a very limited knowledge about computer programming but translation….oh well, that’s my thing and I know it’s possible! Hard of course, but possible!

If you support the idea, join the Elvish Facebook page, like it, share it, tell your Tolkien fan friends and spread the seed, let’s get it loud! Bring your voice to the chorus!

Also, you can add as cover of your Facebook page this…

…as a badge for the elvish cause! We need to do something for the elves of Middle-Earth and stop the linguistic prejudice so common on our days! They deserve to have their online entertainment in their mother tongue!



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An elvish love story

This is a story of love. This is what happens when a boy meets girl and they are simply meant to be. Don’t worry if you haven’t met your boy (or girl) yet, have patience and surely there will be someone along the road which we call….life, and that someone will be just perfect for you!

By Ismael Seidel

It was a regular, nothing special day. But there was something different…there was someone different. A new girl joined my class. I don’t know the reasons, but her class was split and some soul chose her to belong to mine.

At that time, I was reading “The Sorcerer’s Companion – A Guide to the Magical World of Harry Potter”, taken from the public library. One day I tried to get the book again and someone else had already! To my surprise, THAT new girl was reading “my” book at high school. Sarcastically, I asked if she was enjoying it…but of course she couldn’t understand what I meant actually. Two weeks later, I invited her to be part of our group in a school project about oil.

On the following Monday, I received a proposal to change to another school. I did. Suddenly I got new friends, new place, everything had changed. I lost contact with the old ones. After 1 year and a half, I had a biology homework to do and I remembered that girl called Rafaela who loved biology.

I found her online and the chat took off! We talked so much and we ended up exchanging phone numbers and then the SMS started…..She was lovely but I thought she was out of my league.

A bunch of things were happening those days. Finished high school, I started dating another girl, university came, 4 years went by…we didn’t talk as before. I was too busy with my graduation papers, research and the like. Well, eventually college was finished and so was my date.

I had my dark days and a bunch of friends helped me out. One of them was Rafaela. I got in touch with her again and to celebrate our recently acquired degrees, we spent the Christmas Eve together. I gave her a gift, a plush owl which she loved and gave me a hug. With that hug, I realized 100% the feelings I had for her. By 3AM, it was cold and I touched her frozen hands in order to keep them warm next to mine. We spent 1 and a half hour hugged. Her heart was beating fast. It was a beautiful moment. Later I took her home and before she went out of the car, she said to close my eyes and gave me a shy kiss. It was perfect!

That was it! We were dating! In January, I even wrote a poem to celebrate our commitment.(which later I tried to translate into Quenya). By the way…SHE was the one who presented me for the 1st time,  a language called….

This is our love story and here I present a sneak-preview of my elvish gift for her to celebrate our love:

Wow…and…WOW! I bow down solemnly to Ismael Seidel, the talented author of this beauty and the narrator of his own love story here!

This was just a sneak-preview….the whole thing, pic by pic you’ll see soon here. Stay tuned!



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Elvish School is OPEN!

That’s right! Thanks to your contribution, I gladly announce today (47 Yávië 140) the formation of the:

1st Elvish School class

We achieved this goal thanks to you and now here’s your reward: A new, never seen before, exclusive, nowhere else to be found (I’m really serious about that) material will be made available for the 1st Elvish School class. The money donated so far was used the best way possible. It was reverted to you! It’s not about my personal financial gain, it’s about the spreading of the Quenya lore. You donated, now you deserve it!

A new page will be created for this not yet available material. Unfortunately, there is no date estimate for that, but we’re all gonna have to be patient as uncle Yoda teaches us.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Since the beginning of the Elvish School Project in 17 Lairë 140 we had donations from people all over the world. Some were interested in using Fast Line (which helped the cause too) and some were genuinely contributing for the Project. Among them I specially thank Linda Brown, Kastytis Zubovas, Goshia Orlowska and Paul Haigh. (When classes begin you’ll have a special prize…we’ll talk later through email)

The last donation counted for the 1st Elvish School Class was made in 09/10/12 at 12:30 and from this time onward, all donations will be used for the NEXT class yet to be formed.

1st elvish class students

Alexandros Giamogiannis / Alison Collins / Amanda Ferreira Lemes / Anne Taggart / Davi de Souza / Evan Fitzgerald /  Goshia Orlowska / Helene Jensen /  Jarid Bowman / Juan Francisco Ismael Manrique Huerta / Kastytis Zubovas / Linda Brown / Paul Haigh / Traci Fagan / Tyler Cotter

In due time, every single one of you will receive through email further instructions about the elvish class. I myself am very excited and anxious for our new material! Stay tuned and…



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