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Elvish New Year approaching

And due to that…here’s a NEW elvish calendar month for the new year XV 2 made available for all Patreons NOW:

Tuilë 2 Canberra Patreon

New year begins exactly at 03/29/18 7:02PM (Canberra Time). This is the year 2 of the XV yén according to Imladris Reckoning.

You can have access to this elvish calendar collection by becoming a Q101 Patreon as have Quenya Master Jack Shaw! Not only he did that, but also got his own custom calendar according to the sunset time where he lives! Get yours too by becoming a Q101 Master or Lord here.




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We are here, gathered together my friends, not to celebrate only the new elvish year (XV 1) which starts at sunset this March, 29th, 2017. No. We’re here because a NEW CENTURY starts! Not a human century though which are shorter, but an elvish one which lasts 144 years!

Last Yén started on March, 29th, 1873 and so you got an idea how far back that was, let’s check some interesting events that happened in the beginning of the XIV Yén:

05/01/1873 = 1st US postal card issued (and now we’re on the age of the internet for some decades where postal cards are pre-historic)

07/21/1873 = Jesse James gang’s 1st train robbery (and now we see those old Wild West stories on movies and not on the news as real life daily routine events)

09/06/1873 = Regular cable car service begins in San Francisco  (and the revolution on transportation didn’t stop there, did it? After all, we went to the moon not on cable cars)

Which changes will there be in 2160? Will there be peace after all? Is death be long gone? New technologies which we don’t even dream right now? Cure for all diseases? All these may be far-fetched, but so was the internet, the movies and the rockets in the year 1873, right?


When is the sunset where you live?

Also, we are proud to announce a NEW version of the Elvish Calendar designed by Erutulco Eruntano, our Quenya Master here, which gets rid of some bugs happening with the days of the week and so on. Now you got a better and enhanced version to calculate your days like an elven boss!

Tengwar calendar

You can change the languages now to: English, Spanish, German, Russian, Quenya and Quenya (Tengwar) beta version.

Download version 3.0 now and start the elvish century anew!


T101 & Q101


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NEW elvish year begins! (The last one)


March, 26th, 2016 after sunset marks the beginning of the last year of the 14th yén! (14th what?) That happens once in 144 YEARS! As you can see, there’s a big chance we’re not gonna be around when the next one happens, so… big day today…let’s make it count!

Year full circle

If you’re absolutely lost in time concerning the elvish calendar, which is pretty cool I must say, take some time to get familiar with it here.

As you may realize, sunset is not a regular point in time! It varies from place to place and season to season. When exactly will the new elvish year of 144 start in your place? Check some places around the world according to their local time below:


Amsterdam, Netherlands


Berlin, Germany


Brussels, Belgium


London, UK

New York

New York, USA


Nicosia, Cyprus


Paris, France


Rome, Italy

São Paulo

São Paulo, Brazil


Stockholm, Sweden


Sydney, Australia


Toronto, Canada



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Last day of the year…

Sunset has come!

Now we are officially in Mettarë 139, the last day of the year! 

Time to wrap up the 1 Age in 1 Year project which ends today with the banishment of Morgoth and the end of the 1st Age of the Sun. What a good ride we had together. Beleriand is such a place to visit, huh?

Some things are ended, but others are begun, brand new stuff! Here I’ll give the Imladris Reckoning Calendar for the Year XIV 140 which starts exactly at 7:18 PM ET tomorrow; March, 27th, 2012. (Check your region and local time to see when the sun sets where you live)

 Get the full calendar here: Year 140

Talking about your local time and stuff, I’ll propose a task here! Everybody who shares here, at the comments of this post, a picture of tomorrow’s sunset (the beginning of the new year) will receive a premium edition of 1 Age in 1 Year Calendar! Easy easy, huh? So take your cams, your cell phones and aim at the sun, at dusk, the rising of a new Yestarë!

Well…this is it! Wait…..I have a little surprise yet! 1 Age in 1 Year may have ended today, but now we shall have 2 Ages in 2 Years! That’s right! You hear me!! It’s time for 2 Ages in 2 Years, and it will start tomorrow with the coming the new year 140!!!! So stay tuned, as our ride is not ended! Far from that! (By the way…2 Ages in 2 Years is still a secret…so don’t tell people yet, ok?) 😀


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Happy New Year?

Well…the new year has started! Today is the first day, Yestarë of the year 139. You may already know that, but maybe what you don’t know is how you should feel about it. Humans usually celebrate it following traditions passed from civilizations which they are not aware of. But in Middle-Earth, it’s different! Check what you think about new year starting depending on your race:


This is a sad day. No point in celebrating. The world is fading, the immortality each year seems to be a curse. Don’t bother wishing an elf  “Happy New Year” because the passing of time is not a happy thing.



New Year? Let’s celebrate! Even though we’re gonna die, please fill my cup and don’t wake me up early next morning.



Is there gonna be food and drink and fireworks? I don’t care what we’re celebrating, call me in


New…. Year? What…. does…… that ……mean? Is……. Spring……….. back? Hrmmmm……Good…….. good.



Orcs don’t know how to count. It doesn’t mean anything to them the counting of days and years. But if they did know, they’ll surely hate the old year, the new year and every single year you can come up with.



Dwarves like celebrations but they take the New Years’ day to reflection and pondering on their lives and their new weird infants (as you can see here with glasses) reincarnated in the last year.

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To celebrate the new year about to come, be joyful with the Elvish seasons:

Kick-Ass Clip of the Week

Émilie Simon – Fleur De Saison
(2006) – France

And don’t forget to check other cool videos at Videos page!

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Last Week of the Year!

Well…year XIV 138 is coming to an end. Today, 50 Coirë is the last Elenya of the year and in preparations for the New Elvish Year, I’m releasing here the complete XIV 139 Calendar. It will start next March,29th and through it you can follow the reckoning of Imladris pretty close! Enjoy and stay tuned for the new features coming at Calendar page too, in this new year.


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