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Mugs, cases and books



Now you can be an elven boss while drinking a mug of coffee, scribbling some notes and texting your folks!

You can get mugs, notebooks and phone cases with all Q101 Shop designs! Get yours now!






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Facebook 2.0 (Elvish like a Boss)

Quenya Facebook logoWDo you remember when we created our Facebook campaign? It’s been a year and let’s renew it with the release of not one but several Facebook covers for you, Tolkien fan and crazy for Quenya!

Quite simple! Grab the images below and use them as you wish! Spread them, share, like, whatever you feel like! It’s a lil’ gift for you! (even though mommy says don’t accept things with elvish writing from strangers, specially rings)

So, here we go:

Quenya Gothic Pointers

AP2When you feel basic.

LK – Lembas King

LKWhen you feel hungry.


LailócëWhen you feel like partying.

Elvish Love

Elvish LoveWhen you feel in love.

White Trees

WTWhen you feel artistic.


AntaparmaWhen you feel social.


IngolëWhen you feel smart.

Cup of coffee

YávaWhen you feel you need caffeine!

Quenya Facebook




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The Elvish Facebook Cause

We shall start a new campaign right here right now! Facebook is one of the most popular social media of our recent times (Internet is volatile…who knows who’ll be on top tomorrow?) and we all know it’s about time to have it translated to other languages, right? But, no…I don’t mean Thai, Xhosa, or Urdu….I mean Quenya, Sindarin, Klingon, Vuhlkansu and all those artificial languages out there we love so much! So…..let’s sign the petition for the Facebook team to include at least QUENYA to the available languages in Facebook!

I already got my own so I don’t know why Facebook team can make it happen for everyone who wants it! Everybody deserves a Facebook in Quenya:

That’s not hard to achieve, is it? I mean…probably asking it to be written with Tengwar Alphabet for everybody…maybe it’s too much, but a Roman alphabet version would be quite simple to translate. I have a very limited knowledge about computer programming but translation….oh well, that’s my thing and I know it’s possible! Hard of course, but possible!

If you support the idea, join the Elvish Facebook page, like it, share it, tell your Tolkien fan friends and spread the seed, let’s get it loud! Bring your voice to the chorus!

Also, you can add as cover of your Facebook page this…

…as a badge for the elvish cause! We need to do something for the elves of Middle-Earth and stop the linguistic prejudice so common on our days! They deserve to have their online entertainment in their mother tongue!



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