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Hostaina Aranië Lienórëo (Bundesrepublik Deutschland)

Today, it’s a HOLIDAY! The German Unity Day (10/03/90) aka Tag der Deutschen Einheit when the nation became united and one single Germany came to be (once again). No more East Germany, no more West Germany, nur…DEUTSCHLAND!



So, as I love maps and as I love Germany, I couldn’t help it but present to you all the Elvish version of Germany map with place names composed according to its etymologies. Behold, the land of the people, i Lienórë:

Deutschland auf Quenya


I cannot imagine how hard that must have been for people who lived in Luxunor under the shadow of a terrifying wall that cut a deep trench in the German Unity. Families, friends, lovers, all of them divided simply because of politics, ideologies….yikes! I wasn’t there, I didn’t live that kind of reality, but I can sympathize and understand the pain it must have caused such a distressing situation. Thankfully, that is past! There is no Rómenya Lienórë nor Númenya Lienórë anymore!

Deutschland auf Quenya Tengwar


Für die deutsche Einheit!

Germany Elvish Heraldry

Hostaina Aranië Lienórëo


Q101 Deutschland


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Arda United Nations

Just for the record: I hate Politics. Deeply. But I love Geography, maps, flags, nations stats and so on. (You can see that clearly herehere AND here also, huh?)

So, I thought: What if Arda got nations too? You know, with flags, patriotic emblems…the whole “political” nine yards.

Well, here I present some flags I made (and you have already seen a couple of them) for possible Arda nations, be them the size of a continent of just a city.

Some of them are good, some are not. I’m not artistically gifted, you know…but I tried to maintain some coherence and meaning for the emblems shown in the flags. Enjoy!


Concept: The Two Trees shining two different shades of light all over the land.


Concept: Upper left corner with 5 stars meaning the 5 corners of the great continental land of Beleriand. Below, the starry sky seen before the creation of the Sun. The color was based on the Sindar of course. (Grey-elves)


Concept: Ocean blue and the island of Númenor at the core of it.


Concept: Black border as the color of the enemy, red smaller rectangle in the middle representing the Battle of Sudden Flame which changed the landscape of Ard-Galen (giving origin to Anfauglith) and Glaurung representation as one of the main agents of Morgoth in the battle mentioned.


Concept: Light Blue representing the Teleri people who loved the sea, black swan spatted with blood to remember the mourning over the Kinslaying at Alqualondë.


Concept: Dark blue as the night sky without stars to remember the Darkening of Valinor and the incidents that took place at Formenos. The emblem at the upper corner left representing the fortress with a red thin border representing Finwë’s blood shed by Morgoth.


 Concept: Morgoth carries no symbol. Darkness only is before him and his fortress.


 Concept: This one I did not create. This is kinda official as a symbol of Rohan. There’s no need to explain the horse, right?

Wanna more? Add yours here! Anything you design is welcomed! Explain the concept and share it here!


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