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Hostaina Aranië Lienórëo (Bundesrepublik Deutschland)

Today, it’s a HOLIDAY! The German Unity Day (10/03/90) aka Tag der Deutschen Einheit when the nation became united and one single Germany came to be (once again). No more East Germany, no more West Germany, nur…DEUTSCHLAND!



So, as I love maps and as I love Germany, I couldn’t help it but present to you all the Elvish version of Germany map with place names composed according to its etymologies. Behold, the land of the people, i Lienórë:

Deutschland auf Quenya


I cannot imagine how hard that must have been for people who lived in Luxunor under the shadow of a terrifying wall that cut a deep trench in the German Unity. Families, friends, lovers, all of them divided simply because of politics, ideologies….yikes! I wasn’t there, I didn’t live that kind of reality, but I can sympathize and understand the pain it must have caused such a distressing situation. Thankfully, that is past! There is no Rómenya Lienórë nor Númenya Lienórë anymore!

Deutschland auf Quenya Tengwar


Für die deutsche Einheit!

Germany Elvish Heraldry

Hostaina Aranië Lienórëo


Q101 Deutschland


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1,000,000 elves!


Surprise! Minutes ago, we stroke the MILLION mark! Yes, 1 million elves! Although internet is or was full of “click here and win a prize as you’re the 1,000,000th visitor”, here in Quenya101, we’re gonna make it DIFFERENT! Elves are different and we gotta keep our reputation, right?

The 1,000,000th WILL WIN a prize and I myself personally will see to it! I have a few information about our lucky winner! Check the image below:

Who's the elf from Bavaria?

Who’s the elf from Bavaria?

If you are from Bavaria and you were clicking at the Maiar Gallery, please contact me through email so I can give you this special gift as you’re truly the 1,000,000th visitor!!!!!

The dispute was tough as I visualized second by second the race to be the 1,000,000th visitor! I thought Delaware or British Columbia would win. There was also strong California (as always) followed by several European countries like France, Poland, Belgium. In the last minute, Gauteng, South Africa popped up but the winner was….BAYERN, DEUTSCHLAND!

1,000,000 elves


Quenya101 staff





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Deutscher Tengwar Modus

I should have already published more about different Tengwar Modes here. People crave for that. Since I fell in love with Quenya, I don’t spend much time learning how to write another languages using the Tengwar Alphabet, but I’m positively sure that’s the entrance, the door which brings new people into Quenya lore: The writing of one’s mother tongue with Tengwar.

At Quenya101, you had already checked a little bit about Tengwar English, Spanish, Portuguese and even Welsh Mode. NOW, It’s German’s time!

It couldn’t be different but there are some places where you can learn it. I didn’t check them all and definitely there might be some not that good, then I bring one the Christian Thalmann’s version which is concise, clear and the site is pretty neat too! Take a look at what you’re gonna find at the site:

If you already know any Tengwar Mode (mainly the elvish ones) you can see how well built and organized this Tengwar chart is, applied around German phonetic as good as it could possibly be. Sure, there are some weird things here and there, but I don’t think a better work could be done. Kudos for Thalmann for the job!

German vowels are easy and there’s simply no secret about it. The umlauts and diphthongs seem fairly regular enough too.

Full of examples, even if you don’t read in German at all, you can learn something with the well illustrated examples:



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