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Mugs, cases and books



Now you can be an elven boss while drinking a mug of coffee, scribbling some notes and texting your folks!

You can get mugs, notebooks and phone cases with all Q101 Shop designs! Get yours now!






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It’s Friday! (I mean…it’s Beerday!)

Finally we got a new sponsorship deal signed! Newly fresh, I’m most honored to present to you the best beer in the whole Buckland, exported to all the four corners of Middle-Earth, including the  Far Harad and Bellakar.



When you see the red star sign or the green dragon insignia in a pub, be sure to know: They have the best beer you could possibly have in Middle-Earth!


Don’t order for the light, sissy, girlie beer version of the Prancing Poney. Head straight on to: Lailócë! Because your inner dragon deserves it! Quench it!



Recommended by all Rohan horses!

Lailócë is a product designed for elves over 50 years old,  men over 18 years old, hobbits over 33 years old and dwarves over 1 month old. Lailócë should not be consumed by minors. Drink responsibly. Share it with your horse.



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