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Happy Elvish Holidays!

That’s right! It’s not about the mismatched September, something hobbit birthday or the destruction of the Ring around March…NO…the only official elvish holiday precisely calculated is upon us, the Enderi!

If you’re not an elf, you may wonder…but what is “Enderi”? Check some details about them here.

And to celebrate the date, here’s the Q101 Elvish Calendar for this high holiday of year XV 2 for ALL! Patreon and non-patreon alike at the same time! Enjoy:

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141 – The New Year is here!

Right now, 7:16PM EDT, sunset, the last day of the year starts: Mettarë 140. One more year passed us by, a special year, a year we had the premiere of The Hobbit and so many good things that happened in Quenya101.

To celebrate the time we had together so far and the elvish holidays too (Mettarë & Yestarë), I share with you now the coming calendar for the year XIV 141 according to the Imladris Reckoning!

Below you may take a look at each month’s calendar page. At the bottom of Calendar section you may take the whole file as well as a quick visual conversion guide between Gregorian and Imladris calendars. Also, don’t forget the ultimate Java tool released by Erutulco here!

New Year stars tomorrow, March, 27th, 2013 at sunset! Check your local time and celebrate! How is it the celebration? Simple! Wherever you are take a picture of the sunset! We’ll be happy to have it shared here with us! Be our guest!

My own special "Good Evening" to the New Year!

March,27th,2013 – 7:17PM ET. My own special “Good Evening” to the New Year!


FAST LINE will be paused for the holidays for one elvish week. Requests made from March,26th sunset to April,1st sunset will not be subject to the 101-hour delivery time. After April,1st sunset everything is back to normal and all requests will be answered super fast!


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