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Tengwar Burger

Do you remember it? Do you recall? Well, it’s been such a long time since I published a new and exclusive Q101 Tengwar font!!! And here it is, the 4th one coming right out of the oven. It’s yummy, it’s fresh, it got extra special sauce and you can order with or without pickles and onions….YaaY! This Tengwar Burger:


Tengwar Burger is chubby and designed to be so. No room for diet talk, boring side salad as main course….yikes! The font is healthy and sound, rounded and full of carbs, fat and all that juicy stuff and grandmas and grandpas would want us to have to grow strong and wide!

Since immemorial times (in fact, I can remember it…it was 2011) we have been sponsored by Lembas King and this font celebrates that fat enriching partnership too.

In order you get all the flavor coming with this brand new font inspired in Coimaso Aran logo, check the Quenya pangram below:

tengwar burger pangram

You can taste that fresh font right away! Order it by clicking at the button below and you’ll receive one special exclusive Tengwar font to go!

tengwar coimas

But you know that’s not it! You can get all Quenya101 exclusive fonts (Tengwar Kornography, Tengwar Kids & Tengwar Bathory) and type in different styles in Tengwar never dreamt before!

tengwar-cornotecina-button tengwar-hini-buttontengwar-bathory-button


Also, there will be a big update in the Tengwar Fonts Ultimate Guide coming soon. A whole new collection is bound to be added! Stay tuned for it! This is the only place where you can get the craziest and different Tengwar fonts of the whole…Arda! Everything here, only…


the q burger

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Q101 Spring Collection

…has blossomed!

Q101 Tuilë Logo

A new Spring from a new century (Tuilë XV 1) is upon us and it’s time to renew our wardrobes! See what has flourished in this NEW Q101 Shop Collection!

Check out our new products and designs:

King in the NorthAll we have to decide is what to do with the joystick that is given to usNárëPrecious LoopsBlack RiderLembasQ101 Tuilë LogoI am HUGE in the ShireSúrëMake Mordor great againIt's a crapEä as elves know it

Let your elvish style BLOOM with Q101 Shop…


Q101 Tuilë Logo medium

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