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Aranië Léranórëa (République Française)


Allez les bleus!!!!

Today is THE French holiday, the storming of the Bastille and tomorrow possibly France will be for the second time Fifa World Cup Champions (I’m counting on that) so….

I present to you the awaited map of France (Léranor) in Quenya!

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Earth, to which I belong … in Quenya

Earth to which I belong in Quenya

Earth, to which I belong

NEW sentence translated into Quenya!

(Requested by David Mondragon and answered in 82 hours with HUGE Tengwar fonts perfect for tattoos through Tattoo Q101)

Are you looking for something different? Search whatever you like!


Middle Earth Ready



Request anything you want in the appropriate pages and they’ll all be gladly answered to you. If you don’t wanna wait a long time in line, please consider quicker options like…



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thanks deeply our Patreons for the support and contribution

to our elvish language institute. Thanks to them we now have…

Earth, to which I belong which is the 616th sentence translated into Quenya…



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Hostaina Aranië Lienórëo (Bundesrepublik Deutschland)

Today, it’s a HOLIDAY! The German Unity Day (10/03/90) aka Tag der Deutschen Einheit when the nation became united and one single Germany came to be (once again). No more East Germany, no more West Germany, nur…DEUTSCHLAND!



So, as I love maps and as I love Germany, I couldn’t help it but present to you all the Elvish version of Germany map with place names composed according to its etymologies. Behold, the land of the people, i Lienórë:

Deutschland auf Quenya


I cannot imagine how hard that must have been for people who lived in Luxunor under the shadow of a terrifying wall that cut a deep trench in the German Unity. Families, friends, lovers, all of them divided simply because of politics, ideologies….yikes! I wasn’t there, I didn’t live that kind of reality, but I can sympathize and understand the pain it must have caused such a distressing situation. Thankfully, that is past! There is no Rómenya Lienórë nor Númenya Lienórë anymore!

Deutschland auf Quenya Tengwar


Für die deutsche Einheit!

Germany Elvish Heraldry

Hostaina Aranië Lienórëo


Q101 Deutschland

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Vinya Eärnor (New Zealand)

This map is dedicated to my new neighbors from New Zealand, the Marshalls. It’s more than appropriate too as we all know New Zealand is the living Middle-Earth in our own planet. The names were quite easy to compose etymologically into Quenya, as most of them come from English. Some come from Maori, but that didn’t pose any hardship too as the language is kinda Quenya friendly in its orthography what makes it pretty easy to adapt.

New Zealand

New Zealand is the #1 place I’d like to visit in the near future! Let’s see what future holds to me! I must touch that lovely land with my own feet!

New Zealand Quenya

Noteworthy are the etymologies of same names there. Take a look at Northland for instance. That’s exactly what Forostar in Númenor meant! The adaptation couldn’t be more perfect! Also Arfanyarassë which is basically one of Taniquetil’s names. That’s what Taranaki means! Great discoveries that map brought to my attention! New Zealand IS Middle-Earth! There’s some cosmic coincidence pointing to it! No one can deny it!

New Zealand Tengwar

If you like this map, you can check much more here. Click on some countries names there and you’ll see their maps composed into Quenya. If your country is not there, you can request me and I’ll be glad to help you with your map! Have in mind that it’ll take some time and depending on your mother tongue, I may need serious help to make it. Anyway…be my guest and enjoy for now….Vinya Eärnor!

Vinya Eärnor

Vinya Eärnor




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Ilyalma Hyarmenórëo (Commonwealth of Australia)

And the Elvish Cartographer (a.k.a. Quenya101) attacks again! After we completed the maps for North America why shifting the compass and head a little bit south? Birds migrate every year heading south and this year it seems to me, I’ll take this route too! South it is!

Australia map below was extremely easy to compose into Quenya. States got simple names, all in English so quick and painless, I present to you: Hyarmenórë!



The only name which took me a little research was Tasmania. It’s based on the name of the first one who discovered it and due to the sm cluster, Tasmania was adpated to Tammanya following the phonetic evolutionary rules of Quenya, i.e. SM > MM in medial clusters.

Australia Quenya


Hyarmenya Hyarmenórë seems TOO MUCH souths involved but, well that’s really what it means “South Australia”. It’s English/Latin redundant, so let it be in Quenya too!

Australia Tengwar


I hope enjoy the land of Oz and don’t forget to check other countries as well here. If yours is not there, just ask it here and it’ll be a pleasure to compose it for you!

Ilyalma Hyarmenórëo

Ilyalma Hyarmenórëo




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Aranië Hyarmenya Afarico (Republic of South Africa)

AFRIKAThe very first African country Quenya map debuts today in Quenya101! Daviyd requested this country and I thought it would be pretty hard as South Africa has many official languages (11) and perhaps many and many provinces, states or regions…well, I wasn’t aware of South Africa’s province divisions, but to my surprise; it was easy easy! Few states, most of them, simple names in English. Phewww, I dodged the bullet!

Without further delay, I present to you South Africa!

South Africa

Sweet! We got three capes, one state, one with just compass directions and four that deserved some research! South Africa was gentle and nice to me!

South Africa Quenya

Just for the record: Afarica was based in the supposed derivation of the Latin word AFRICA from the Arabic word afar “dust,  earth” even though this line of thought is easily arguable.

South Africa Tengwar

Here we got Afarico due to the genitiva case suffix -o. So, Hyarmenya Afarica = South Africa, but Republic of South Africa = Aranië Hyarmenya Afarico.

Aranië Hyarmenya Afarico

Aranië Hyarmenya Afarico

If you wish to check other countries and their maps already converted to “elvish geography” check the Eldar Ambaressë page and click in some countries’ names there.

If you wish to request a specific country, be my guest! As long as you have tons and tons of patience and willingness to help me in case the regional words are beyond my linguistic skill, you’re welcome to ask anything! I’m here to serve you!




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Masto (Canada)

For the first time, we have a continent! North America (or should I say Formenya América) is complete! Canada, the big icy brother, was the missing map, but now it’s no more.

Canada map was very easy, unlike other maps already made here. Few provinces, most of their names were English based, a little bit of native languages, and the results were quick and easy to get.


One or two names may be debatable (Québec was a hard one for instance). I was very tempted to let the name of the country as Canata or something like that, but etymology spoke louder and I chose to follow what the word kanata has to offer.

Canada Quenya

Don’t forget to check the whole maps collection at Eldar Ambaressë page. Click the links below the countries flags and follow the elven path. Maybe you’ll be granted the sea road to Valinor!

Canada Tengwar



Formenya América (North America)



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Onórë Mehyinórëo (Estados Unidos Mexicanos)

Eso es mi regalo para todo el amable pueblo Mexicano!

This was top wanted map I’ve been asked for quite some time, but honestly I was a little bit afraid to do it. All this Nahuatl names posed a real hardship for me and I’m not sure if I got those right, (sorry!) but I tried the best I could with the etymologies I researched. Spanish names, when they were referring to people, were left untouched and some others were pretty cool in their orthographic equivalents (Huaxiacca, Tyapan, etc.)

I’d like also to thank deeply Eruyome who commented on the US map about the New Mexico composition and thanks to her, I stuck here with Mehyinórë.

Bien…entonces….mirad el gran y bueno México!!!

Mexico Regular

Well, nothing new so far. Those are the real names. Some look like Quenya (Querétaro), some sound like Quenya (Sonora) and some might even mean straightway Quenya (Sinaloa). Spanish is definitely a key language that helps Quenya studies!

Mexico Quenya

A place for stones and a place for trees, a place for fishermen and for warriors; Mexico got pretty good names for its states.

Mexico Tengwar

Check all the countries that had their maps already made in Quenya at the Eldar Ambaressë list.    Click on their links there.

Onórë Mehyinórëo

Onórë Mehyinórëo



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Aranië Italyanna (Repubblica Italiana)

A long long time ago, someone asked me this map. I was digging up some old comments last month while in vacation and found request. Here, in Quenya101, everything is done for the fans and if something is asked, I’ll personally strive to achieve it (be it difficult or not) provided it’s not an impossible feat. It may take a long time, but in the end, you’ll have it! The Italian guy who asked me is a living proof of that and it serves as a gift for all Italian Tolkien fans! Benvenuti in Italia!

Repubblica Italiana

I don’t know Italian yet (I’m saving it to learn as my 7th language) but the names were not THAT hard as I expected.  Everything was Latin related and mostly came from names of ancient tribes.

Italia Quenya

You can check all the previous maps already “converted” to Quenya by clicking all the links available in Eldar Ambaressë section! Check if your country is there! If not, well don’t be shy, just ask!

Italia Tengwar


Aranië Italyanna

Aranië Italyanna



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Inwinórë (England)

“Remember, remember…the Fifth of November.”

And to help you remember that, in celebration of the date, I have prepared a gift map as usually we do here in Quenya101. Here it is England map etymologically translated into Quenya. There are many Tolkien fans from UK (the most renowned one among them, Paul Haigh) and they really deserve this map!

One more for the collection!

Comyaina Aranië

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Lord of the Rings flows…

Which Tolkien fan doesn’t know the map designed by his son and included in almost every Lord of the Rings trilogy?

That’s so iconic, isn’t it? It’s just a piece of fantasy map, but I’m sure you have gazed upon it for hours and hours while reading all the events involving the War of the Ring and the quest for its destruction.

Well, instead of this traditional approach of mapping and following our Lord of the Rings characters through Middle-Earth, xkcd site brilliantly came up with this:

(click and check it huge)

 It charts the itinerary of the story’s main characters, individually and in group, showing when they meet, separate and rejoin each other. The progression is from left to right, not only in tune with the traditional (Western) reading direction but also mirroring the trajectory in the story itself, which starts in the Shire on Middle-Earth’s western edge and leads to Mordor in the east.

The geographic parallel only partly holds up: at the very end of the story, after they have returned to the Shire, some members of the Fellowship board ships to the west, but their trajectories trail off the map on its top right (i.e. northeastern) corner.

The map is however an excellent tool to identify the different strands of the story as it progresses. The main thread, in yellow, follows the Ring itself: first with Bilbo as Ringbearer and then Frodo, who carries it to Mordor to be destroyed. The trajectories are also colour-coded to identify the different races: green for Hobbits, grey for Wizards, light-brown for Men, dark-brown for Dwarves, light-blue for Elves, dark-blue for Ents. Sauron, the Evil One, is a dark red. Black is for the Orcs, Uruk-Hai and his other minions.

Battles, events and important episodes are indicated by a light grey background; the attack at Weathertop, the Council of Elrond, the Breaking of the Fellowship, the Battle at Helm’s Deep, etc.

Source: bigthink.com

Pretty cool and original way to draw a map! (I love maps) I wonder how a flow chart of A Game of Thrones would look like following the idea proposed here by this one.

Next time you reread Lord of the Rings, give a shot and consider grabbing this very different map to follow the story inch by inch while comparing the changes between the movies and the book.

THAT’s what I call a Lord of the Rings Marathon!



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Onórë Américo (United States of America)

ASTONISHINGLY, I have not made this map yet! Well, I saved it for later and later…and finally it is here! United States of America, home sweet home, is the most elvish populated country in the world and also the place where we get more visits by Humans here. It’s about time we get the Onórë Américo map!!!

Also, and not by coincidence, Quenya101 opens the celebrations of the coming July,4th (only hours away).

So, enjoy the map, grab your fireworks and have a nice holiday! 😀

The diversity of etymologies explored was amazing! Lots and lots of indigenous languages, Spanish, French, Dutch, Old English, Latin…it was a great exercise and linguistic trip to the origins of our place names.

But this is not the end! I will share all the research made and why each state has got its own particular name. Let’s dig deeper and let’s dig together!

Wait for the next posts and they will bring the details of each name! Stay tuned!

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