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The greatest thing you’ll ever learn … in Quenya

The greatest thing you_ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return in Quenya

NEW quote translated into Quenya!

Nat King Cole – Nature Boy

(Requested by Paula Orihuela had his request answered in 92 hours through FAST LINE)

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Tegan … in Quenya

Tegan in Quenya


NEW name etymologically composed into Quenya!

(Requested by Melinda Gunkel and answered in 19 hours through FAST LINE)

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Tegan which is the 585th name etymologically composed into Quenya…



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My love is music … in Quenya

My love is music in Quenya

My love is music.

NEW sentence translated into Quenya!

(Requested by Salvador Yunes and answered in 20 hours through Fast Line)

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Request anything you want in the appropriate pages and they’ll all be gladly answered to you. If you don’t wanna wait a long time in line, please consider quicker options like…

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My love is music is the 570th sentence translated into Quenya…



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All is full of love

(Dedicated to a special lady called Atanvarnië)

Ilya ná quanta melmëo. Right now, I’m experiencing some very unique and different events in my life. It’s about healing, love, fear, seduction and all the things that come together, be them good, bad or something in-between. This is a simple post, nonetheless. This is a date to be remembered and I’m doing it not only in my mind, but here with you as well. Björk is what I’m listening nonstop right now (I love her) and the lyrics of this particular song “All is full of love” touches a deep corner within me. I’d like to share it in Quenya with you all. That’s it, that’s simple! Here it is:

Let us simply love and be loved.

Nauval antaina melmë

Nauval ortirna

Nauval antaina melmë

Mauya len harya estel

Cé lá ehtellon

Úliel lyenya

Cé lá tiellon


Á ricë caselya


Ilya ná quanta melmëo

Ilya quilta le

Ilya ná quanta melmëo

Er umëal camë

Ilya ná quanta melmëo

Palantírelya ná rácina

Ilya ná quanta melmëo

Andolyar nar holtainë

Ilya ná quanta melmëo

Ilya ná quanta melmëo

Ilya ná quanta melmëo….

Ilya ná quanta melmëo





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Anga Wendë – Cuilë Epanqualë (Iron Maiden – Live After Death)

This is a tribute to a great (saying just great is not enough) band coming from British lands, the same lands where once dwelt Father Tolkien.

Anga Wendë

Recently, I have rediscovered Iron Maiden and all its potency, melodies, style and the huge impact they had in the 80s’ and the whole metal scenario. I’m a Metal devotee, (as most Tolkien fans are) and undoubtedly Iron Maiden is a band we all should pay tribute. Our everyday Metal was influenced by what they built in their golden era.

You certainly know how we do things here! We do them in Quenya big time and with that in mind, let’s have a review of a great live album, Live After Death:

Anga Wendë Cuilë Epanqualë

Released in 16 Quellë XIV 113 , Live After Death (a.k.a. Cuilë Epanqualë in all elvish lands) brings us the Anga Wendë World Slavery Tour which was one of the longest and most extensive tours ever undertaken by a rock band. Lasting from 7 Yávië 112 to 44 Lairë 113, and visiting lands as East Beleriand, Forlindon, Ossiriand, Lothlórien, Falas, Nargothrond, Doriath and Valinor, the show included a mammoth setup that replicated the intricate ancient Avarin iron_maiden_powerslave_tourscenery of the Moltúrë album cover. As a “hantanyel” to the hundreds of thousands of fans who packed arenas the world over, the double-disc live set Cuilë Epanqualë was issued in XIV 113. Disc one is comprised of selections from a four-night stand at Alqualondë Long Beach Arena, with disc two comprised of performances from Nargothrond Hammersmith Odeon. The album is essentially a best-of of sorts, since most of their singles released up to this point are featured in all of their high-decibel glory: “Tárë Rámar,” “2 Tittalúmi Tenna Endelómë,” “I Mehtar,” “Wilië Icaruswa,” “I Nótë Hravanwa ” “Á Yurë Ambonnar,” and “Yúran Léravë”. Also included are such strong album tracks as “Rúsehína,” “22 Acatya Nómë,” “Híni I Sauro,” “Fairë Lindalello,” “Nai Airë Esselya,” “Anga Wendë,” plus their two epics, “Moltúrë” and “Quetta Yára Ciryamova,” making it a near-complete overview. Cuilë Epanqualë is easily one of heavy metal’s best live albums.

Track Listing

CD 1

  1. Yessë: Quettar Tyertilwa
  2. Tárë Rámar
  3. 2 Tittalúmi Tenna Endelómë
  4. I Mehtar
  5. Apantier
  6. Wilië Icaruswa
  7. Quetta Yára Ciryamova
  8. Moltúrë
  9. I Nótë Hravanwa
  10. Nai Airë Esselya
  11. Anga Wendë
  12. Á Yurë Ambonnar
  13. Yúran Léravë

CD 2

  1. Rúsehína
  2. 22 Acatya Nómë
  3. Híni I Sauro
  4. Á Firë Yo Hyapatulya
  5. Fairë Lindalello

Anga Wendë ALTA



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How Lord Of The Rings should have sounded…

I remember when I was a teen and we were all excited about the coming movie The Fellowship Of The Ring, one of our first questions was: “What’s the soundtrack gonna be like? There gotta be Blind Guardian, Rhapsody  and the like”.

But we were naive. That’s not how Hollywood (a.k.a. Movie Industry) works, right?

There was a crazy rumor that Rage Against The Machine would sign the soundtrack! What??? We thought: “They gotta nothing to do with it” And then along came Enya. I might say it was kind of a good choice. Emphasis on KIND OF. I like Enya, she’s good, she sings in several different languages, she’s got a good soothing voice. But there, it’s the problem! It’s too calm! What about the metal? What about the epic metal melodies which every single Tolkien/Fantasy/RPG/Metal fan loves?

……By the way….I wonder: How many Tolkien Fans love Metal music? I got really curious! I think I need to ask YOU! Please answer and help me with the stats:

That’s something the wicked Big Movie Industry can’t get sometimes. They prey the masses but fail on minor details. To correct (in my opinion) the Lord Of The Rings soundtrack, I’d like to include here and share with you all, this amazingly put together video containing scenes from the movies (telling the whole story chronologically) and with a wondrous soundtrack! Erutulco indicated me and I jizz in my pants. “That’s the vision, that’s the true soundtrack of Lord Of The Rings”

I got shivers and I got goosebumps, delightfully edited!



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