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8th Year and counting!

Quenya101 Logo 2018

Quenya101 celebrates its 8th of life and the gift is yours!

New ideas, new projects, new Patreon rewards, new T-shirts, new translations, new languages are all in the mixture for this new year that begins right now! It’s…


Let’s rewind and go back a little in another time, in another reality where it all began…

8th year is the very first year I got helped in loco by my partner in life, my wife to design and come up with the new variant logo for this year. Bone of my bones, love of my heart, I thank you for helping me so much!!!


The Q





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Brace yourselves… Sindarin is coming!


Quenya101 proudly announces the newest, groundbreaking project coming up here! SINDARIN translations FOR ALL!

For ages, since Elwë Singollo (aka Elu Thingol) banned our beloved Quenya from Beleriand, there has been a rift between Quenya and Sindarin speakers. Noldor against Sindar, the elven family divided. Not anymore, not in here!


Quenya101 calls all of you to back up this Patreon goal to start NEWEST pages where you’ll get all the accuracy and quality Quenya101 brings you, but now…in SINDARIN!

So, what do you think? Shall we expand our linguistic borders and embrace all elves out there?






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