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Fast Line 101 Guide

Recently people started using and asking me a lot about Fast Line, how it works and more details about how to make requests using it. Here, I’ll lay down some FAQ to clear out any doubt you might have about Fast Line.

Gandalf is sponsored by Fast Line – where you get it right here & right now! Without it, he simply wouldn’t make it and you know that!

FAQ Index

1 – What is Fast Line?

2 – How long does it take to get my answer?

3 – How does it work?

4 – How many things can I ask with one donation?

5 – How long can a sentence be?

6 – Do I need to have PayPal to use Fast Line?

7 – There’s a bug or restriction on my PayPal account and I cannot use Fast Line through the buttons on the site. What do I do?

8 – Do I have to donate otherwise I won’t have my request answered?

9 – What exactly do I get with each kind of request (names, quotes, sentences & special dates)?

10 – I’d like my request in different font styles. How many of them can I get?

11 – Actually, I want no translation as I already have the Quenya text translated. I’d like to have it written with a different Tengwar font style. Can I get that?

12 – I have already decided for one specific font! Can I ask it as big as possible?

13 – I want ALL that now! Where do I click?

1 – What is Fast Line?

It’s the way I found to please people who do not want to wait in line for the answer of their requests. As the line is usually long (many people ask me lots of things), this is a shortcut if you are in a rush and want your answer quicker than the average.

2 – How long does it take to get my answer?

Up to 101 hours, instead of days, week or months in the regular waiting line. (except during vacations)

Attention: NOTHING is answered through email. All requests are shown publicly in the site. If you request something through Fast Line, don’t expect to receive any email, please check the appropriate page for your answer because in up to 101 hours IT WILL BE THERE!

If you follow Quenya101 on Twitter, Tumblr or like the Facebook page, you’ll see constant updates with new answers announced and won’t have any problem checking yours when it’s out.

3 – How does it work?

Click on the Fast Line buttons on the site, donate the appropriate amount for the Elvish School Project and fill the form HERE asking the name/famous quote/sentence/special date you want to be composed into Quenya. The amounts are as follows:

Name: $1.01



Poem & Prose: $3.03


Poem & Prose

How do we say (…) in Quenya: $5.05


How do we say (…) in Quenya?

My special date in the elvish calendar: $1.01


My Special Day in the Elvish Calendar

For more details of what you get with each kind of request, please check question #9 here:

4 – How many things can I ask with one donation?

Per donation you can ask 1 name OR 1 famous quote (taken from books, movies, songs, etc.) OR 1 random sentence at your choice OR 1 special date of your choice.

5 – How long can a sentence be?

Up to 80 characters (for publication space purposes). More than 80 characters, it’ll be considered not as a single sentence and therefore more than a single Fast Line donation is required to make them all fast!

6 – Do I need to have PayPal to use Fast Line?

Yes. If you want to use Fast Line benefits, you’ll need a PayPal account from any country. No geographical restrictions applied! 

7 – There’s a bug or restriction on my PayPal account and I cannot use Fast Line through the buttons on the site. What do I do?

Well, I’m really sorry to hear that. Few people had previously experienced such bugs and it’s pretty annoying that this kind of Paypal restriction exist. I wanna provide the best service possible and I thank you in advance for trying to donate to Quenya101. Do not despair though! You can still use Fast Line!

Below you’ll find alternate buttons designed to work if your currency is R$ (the major problematic currency identified so far).

Use them ONLY if you have a Brazilian Paypal account.

If your currency is not R$ and you still have bugs when donating through the regular buttons as shown in #3, please let me know so I can provide a better solution for your needs.


Names (Brazilians only)

Poem & Prose

Poem & Prose (Brazilians only)

How do we say (...) in Quenya?

How do we say (…) in Quenya? (Brazilians only)

My Special Day in the Elvish Calendar

My Special Day in the Elvish Calendar (Brazilians only)

8 – Do I have to donate otherwise I won’t get my request answered?

No! I’m here to help and teach and I do it gladly for free! You can ask me anything you want and you’ll have it here for FREE! The Fast Line is just a resource for those in a rush, short of patience who don’t want to wait in line! As I’m not here for the money, I don’t charge people this and that for the knowledge I wanna so passionately share!

9 – What exactly do I get with each kind of request (names, quotes, sentences & special dates)?

Well, here are the details of each one:


  • Included: Any personal name coming from any language. No surnames or family names of any sort allowed. Why? Check here under “Note on surnames”
  • Within the pack: The origin of your name with the language it comes from and possibly even the rendition in it, the meaning of your name and the Quenya etymological equivalent of it as well as its analysis of why is constructed that way.
  • OBS.:Important to say that an etymological research will be conducted and if any difficulty arise with it, you will be consulted for further explanation of your name’s detail (mainly for languages I don’t speak). If no accurate etymology is available, you may request an orthographic equivalent or another name (or quote or sentence) instead. Donations are not refunded.

Example of a Name request answered


  • Included: Any famous quote coming from books, movies, songs, comics, games, real life, etc. 
  • Within the pack: The name of the famous author, the source, the sentence itself, the Quenya translation in Tengwar writing with audio included (by clicking the image of the writing) and the Quenya translation written in Roman alphabet.
  • OBS.: By definition, famous quote is a sentence exactly written as its original source has said, sung or written it. If one single word is added or subtracted, it’s not a famous quote anymore and it’ll be dealt as a random sentence. See below under Sentences.

Example of a Quote request answered


  • Included: Any random sentence composed by you or anyone else (not famous). You can submit sentences in English, Español, Português, Deutsch or Français (the languages I speak and won’t have serious problems understanding them)
  • Within the pack: The sentence itself, the Quenya translation, the literal translation to give a better insight of Quenya vocabulary, the full analysis of each word and elements within them, the “author’s” name, the date of answer and the Tengwar writing in Quenya.
  • OBS.: Not much to say here, except to pay attention to the 80-character limitation as described in Question #5

Example of a Sentence request answered

Special dates

  • Included: Any personal special date taken from the Gregorian Calendar spanning from March, 29th, 1 to March, 28th, 2305.
  • Within the pack: The day of the week of the requested day, a famous news or event that took place at the same date, its elvish equivalent according to the Imladris Reckoning, the elvish day of the week and the yén.
  • OBS.: It’s extremely important that when asking for a date conversion, one must determine if it’s before or after the sunset. It makes the whole difference to the elvish calendar and without this info, no conversion can be accurately made.
Example of a Special Date answered

Example of a Special Date answered

10 – I’d like my request in different font styles. How many of them can I get?

This is a special feature! When you request through Fast Line, you can get up to 6 different Tengwar font styles. There are packs or collections published in the Tengwar Fonts Ultimate Guide to choose from. Click on the banners below and check the fonts you can get in each collection.









It is ESSENTIAL you mention which Fonts collection you want for your request. If no collection is mentioned, a random one may be picked for you.

11 – Actually, I want no translation as I already have the Quenya text translated. I’d like to have it written with a different Tengwar font style. Can I get that?

Yes, that’s no problem at all.  If the sentence you want is already translated here in Quenya101, then the new content with the new font will be added there. But if there’s no previous translation from the sentence then the rules for this kind of request are a little bit different though. You may ask any Tengwar font conversion you want (as shown in the packs above) up to a 80-character text. The image will be published at Quenya101 Language Institute Facebook page, following all the other time rules for regular translation requests. One important note: The Quenya text MUST be correctly written. Talk to me before requesting it, because wrong grammar, orthography, unattested Quenya words will make your text invalid for the rendition.

12 – I have already decided for one specific font! Can I ask it as big as possible?

Yes! That’s the Super Huge Single Pack. Instead of choosing a Tengwar Fonts Collection, you can pick one font and have it pretty big! It’ll be helpful for artistic purposes like tattoos and the like.  Click on the example below to check the size you’re gonna get:

Please, for clarity purposes, refer to the font you want by its exact name as presented in the Tengwar Fonts Ultimate Guide.

13 – I want ALL that now! Where do I click?

All roads lead to….Rivendell, right? So, click on the button below or any of the Fast Line buttons on Names, Poem & Prose, How do we say (…) in Quenya?, My special day in…the elvish calendar and you’re good to go! 

Do you want your request answered fast without waiting in line? CLICK!




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Impatience? Not a problem anymore!

We all know it, but sometimes you forget you cannot please everybody. It’s hard, you know. You try your best, you do what you can, you give what you get, but you will not please everybody! NEVER ever!

Here, in Quenya101, we (Erunno, Ondo & Erutulco) try our best to please everyone. We cannot, but that’s no point in trying, huh? There are pages and sections for all tastes. For that curious person who just wants to know his/her name in Quenya. For that beginner who wants to know more about Tengwar Alphabet. For that person who wants to get an accurate tattoo and is wise enough to research before getting it. It’s free for all. Come ye all!

BUT…as you may have realized…there is no place for the impatient. OOOooo woe to the impatient one, because it is a punishment to him/her the waiting in line! The impatient one wants his/her name composed into Quenya right now, his/her sentence right now…why should the impatient one wait in line? That sucks, right?

I, therefore, announce: Impatience shall NOT be a problem here anymore!!! Come ye all impatient ones, for thou shalt receive your bounty sooner than thou deemest.

“What do you mean, Erunno Alcarinollo? Have you lost your mind? Aren’t you busy enough with the current 33 names requests, 32 sentences to be translated and even 5 quotes to be composed into Quenya?”

Yes, my friends…I should say. But here is the thing: It doesn’t please me to have a long waiting line as there are many people out there thirsting for Quenya…and I’m just one regular guy (You know…I have to work, eat, sleep and other things too…)

 So….from now on, I create the FAST LINE!

You will not wait weeks or months for a name or sentence..noooooo….if you’re impatient, if you want it fast, make your request in the appropriate section (Names, How do we say (…) in Quenya? or Poem & Prose) and right after it, click on the FAST button in order to leave a donation. (it’s only $1.01) Write down in the comment of the donation your request too (sentence or name) and in less than 101 hours, you’ll have it DONE!

You will not wait more than 5 days! That is it! Request, donate and have it done! FAST LINE!

Of course, everybody can request anything for free here, but if you don’t have patience to wait in line, if you want it fast, if you want it now….FAST LINE is the answer! Your impatience shall not be a hindrance!

PS: All people who have already requested something and want to get it right away, cut out the waiting and order FAST LINE right now!

Just click



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A token of knighthood

Erutulco, i roquen taraso!

As you may be aware of, Erutulco has solved the challenge proposed here and as promised, he received a gift for the deed!

What you see above, is the T-shirt sent to him to celebrate his knighthood! Now Erutulco, not only is, but has the token to prove he is officially a knight of the castle!

My girlfriend helped out with this plan, by getting this artwork done in São Paulo, Brazil where I should have been last January…but my plans were frustrated! So…I had the idea, she got it done and the final result was this:

The colors were all based in Uruguay flag. That particular artist was chosen (I think his name is Juarez, I can’t remember exactly) because I have already seen him in action and he’s goddamn good! He sorta tattoos T-shirts, so I wanted him to produce that piece of art.

And maybe…maybe….this is the 1st T-shirt coming out from Quenya101. Who knows what the future may bring, right?

Erutulco / Quenya101.com

Erutulco, the knight of the castle.

Mission accomplished! Promised & fulfilled!



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Mana esselya?

“What’s your name?”…..well, now anytime someone asks you that in Middle-Earth, you may identify yourself as one of the Elendili!

Do you feel like having your name composed in Quenya according to its etymology? No problem! Go for it in the new page Names

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