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Q101 Autumn Collection

…is released to celebrate the 1st anniversary of Q101 Shop!



How fast! 1 year has flown by! You know what time it is, right? Time for new designs!

Check the NEW Q101 Shop Collection!

Here are some of our new products and designs:

Why so seriousBazingaI'm simply walkin itSpongebob ElvishpantsCthulhuTassë ar entulë ataI love youI knowStraight outta Green BayTake iTShut up, RightwraithNot all those who wander are prosper and with the Force


Get dressed to celebrate this 1st year in elvish style with Q101 Shop…





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Tengwar fonts FUN FUN FUN!

Well, I’ve been working a lot these couple of days creating fonts nonstop and I got some more already finished and ready to be used! I present to you all the new Tengwar Kids:


I’m not sure if that was inspired in Spongebob Squarepants, but well I can’t hide the fond feelings I have for that cartoon. I wanted this new Tengwar font to be funny, less serious than all others around the internet.


Soon, very soon all these fonts will be available for download in the new Tengwar Fonts page I’m developing here. Also, don’t think this is it. There’s so much more to come! Fonts in concept phase and others already finished, like:


Tengwar Bathory

As you can realize by the image above, all my fonts following a friendly mapping unlike Tengwar Annatar (which I enjoy typing even though some people don’t like it) which you definitely need to study its character mapping before typing anything. Tengwar Kornography, Tengwar Kids and the coming Tengwar Bathory follow the same pattern where you get what you type! T stands for T, not another thing. Easier for beginners, easier to type, easier to learn! It’s a win-win!

To finish, let’s celebrate the creativity festival I’m having these days with a song, shall we? It’s HwandeCalion TéracornaLanni time! (you can even listen the singing clicking this link)







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White Tree Awards III


How did we make it? I don’t know. I just know it all started here with no pretension whatsoever. I guess perhaps that was the trick in it. Let’s just make something we enjoy together and yeah….if people enjoy it too, cool! White Tree Awards was born with this idea in mind: to show what people have enjoyed too! 😀

The 3rd edition of this award celebrate the best post achievements between 10/22/12 and 10/10/13.

wt3 1


And the White Tree goes to…

Most Engaging

Thousands and thousands of people just flock to this post for the past 7 months! #1!

Most Philological

Quenya verb system easily explained so you can conjugate them all!

Most Polemic

Quenya101 shows you the TRUTH behind those magical elvish sites!

Most Spread

Impressive stats! And it’s NOT in English! Puxa, pessoal!

Most Watched

Undoubtedly an amazing pen for an amazing alphabet!

Most Jaw-dropping

Troy’s idea was jaw-dropping and the results got awesome!

And now…..the MAJOR prizes!

Best Rated

not all those who wander are lost full analysis in quenya BEST

“Not all those who wander are lost” FULL analysis in Quenya

Sky-high as I told you above and just rising! Prime analysis!

Best Funny

a maia called spoungebob squarepants

A Maia called…. SpongeBob SquarePants

We all get drunk and sing stupid songs sometimes,….don’t we?

Best Translation

the prophecy of malbeth quenyanna

The Prophecy of Malbeth Quenyanna

A very well dug text from Tolkien and translated nicely into Quenya!

Best Attraction

the church of middle earth

The Church of Middle-Earth

Not about religion, but beauty and style. Must see!

Best Commented

the hobbit an unexpected journey review

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Review

What a event! What a great day around the World!


You all voted on the next one…..

Best People’s Choice

an elvish love story

An elvish love poem

Oh, love…what is love! Warmth to our hearts!


Quenya101 staff


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A Maia called….SpongeBob SquarePants

Ok, here is the thing: I’m drunk. You can see that by the title of this post (I guess). Today is Beerday and I’m really celebrating it the way it should be. As a matter of fact, while celebrating Beerday everybody knows one must sing aloud incoherently any stupid song that one has in mind when being drunk, because it is funny and because…yeah, because!

So, to make things shorter as they are already too long, here comes SpongeBob SquarePants (but you know…in QUENYA! because that’s what we do here….things in Quenya)

Ma nalyë manwa, híni?

Ná, ná, hesto!

Umin polë hlarital


A man marë yávessë nu i ëar

HwandeCalio TéracornaLanni

Ve hwan ar malina ar yo ecca naryë

HwandeCalio TéracornaLanni

Qui úsanalë ëarello ná i nat meril

HwandeCalio TéracornaLanni

Sië á tulë ciryanna ar á lilta ve lingwë

HwandeCalio TéracornaLanni

Manwa? HwandeCalio TéracornaLanni

HwandeCalio TéracornaLanni

HwandeCalio TéracornaLanni

HwandeCalio TéracornaLanni

PS: SpongeBob SquarePants is not a Maia who lives under the sea and I foresee a huge hangover tomorrow.


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