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Bring the waters, Ulmo!

Coirë 2 Patreon

Here comes the last month of the elvish year! It announces the end of NFL Season as well and the deluge caused by tons of snow melting (or the end of summer rains depending on where you are). Thinking about those kind of endings, this month brings to mind, the cover art of Coirë 2 is based on the Fall of Númenor and features Ulmo as well!

If you want to have access to all exclusive content (like the elvish calendar series) become a Patreon now and grab all elvish rewards and prizes there are! Don’t forget you can even get a calendar customized to your place and sunset time!

Here’s the full version of last month’s calendar made available now to all:

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Tengwar Kanji

Shall we bring Tengwar alphabet to the NEXT LEVEL?

I love Japanese culture. Everything from Japan amazes me! Their discipline, their technology, their good manners, traditions, history. Recently, I have even found out that their food isn’t that bad (I used to dislike the idea of eating raw fish) and I got addicted to salmon sashimi.

Influenced by all that, I was wondering for some time: What if Tengwar had visual signs that would convey a whole idea like Kanji does? That definitely would be interesting!

Well….I’m creative, you know. I like to come up with new ideas, new stuff…so why not Tengwar Kanji!

Below I share some of my ideas of how Tengwar Kanji would look like. Of course…these are my ideas. It’s nothing official, nothing attested, just a free exercise on Tengwar forms, shapes and visual features. Feel free to comment, to compliment, to criticize; and if you like the exercise….please share some ideas for Tengwar Kanji too! If you’re crazy about Tolkien, you’ll have fun in the process. Quenya101 guarantees that!


the planet with stars all around. It’s a pun with the word in Quenya (Arda) which you can read right there in a very unusual way. It may stand for Cementári too.


The air in motion (represented by the tehtar floating) with an extended thúlë which is the first tengwar of the Quenya word súrë (wind). It may stand for Manwë too.


The heat, the blaze, the non-destructive power of fire. It was based on the Quenya word nárë (fire) as base and some kind of a plate above where smoke is rising due to the fire beneath. It may stand for Aulë or even a volcano itself.


The Sea, the rivers, everything that Ulmo controls in Arda. It’s based solemnly on the flowing visual effect that the tengwa essë provides. It may stand for Ulmo himself or even fishes, waves or shores.


That is a crazy one! I mixed some tengwar and tehtar and in the end I had something like a Balrog face spiting fire (Don’t worry if you don’t see that. It means you’re sane!). It may stand for Melkor or even a Balrog.


This is a central core element for all Elves. It must have a Kanji of its own. It was based on the short supporting vowelthe first tengwa of the word elen (star) with some sparkles all around. It may stand for Varda, light or even a Silmaril.

So…that’s what I have in mind. Creating some cool stuff and enhancing the visual aspect of Tengwar alphabet. I have some other Kanji ready in store, but I’ll bring them some other time. What did you think? Shall we grab the idea and create a new thing?



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