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Q101 Stirring Collection

…is released!


Today is the first day of a new elvish month (1 Coirë 144) and you know what that means! A NEW Q101 Shop Collection!

Check out our new products and designs:


AND….you’re ALL getting free shipping until 02/14/17 12PM CT (any order over $45 US or $80 International except Wall Art for International orders)

Free shipping code is:


Let things be reborn and be stirred with new life…




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Ano Novo OR Año Nuevo? It’s XIV 142 upon us!

A new elvish year is upon us!!! 142 starts NOW and along with it we have really good stuff for you all, NEW stuff! Dedicated pages for the whole Americas! Portuguese and Spanish are now official languages of Quenya101 and the “revolution” starts with special content! You can check it right now and pedir tu(as) frases agora(hora) mesmo(ismo)!



Página especial dedicada ao Português! Ondo Carniliono, nosso mestre Brasileiro do Quenya101 cuidará da página, ajudando todos com seus pedidos.



¡Página especial dedicada al Español! Erutulco Eruntano, nuestro maestro Uruguayo de Quenya101 cuidará de la página, ayudando a todos con sus pedidos.

Enjoy! Aproveitem! Disfruten!


Quenya101 staff

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Rómenya Aranië Aiwisírëo (República Oriental del Uruguay)

This time its my pleasure to introduce a new map to the collection! This map has a special significance to me, because its the one of my beloved nation: a small one between two giants, but very proud of its unique and rich traditions.

For the composition of the names, I had to recall memories learnt in my young years, and do some research. Many showed a special complexity, for their origin is in the natives of this land, before colonization. And THAT made the task much more interesting!

This is personal, but I must say that these names sound good in Quenya! Or maybe its just because I’m Uruguayan… Anyway, these names that bear so much history, now can carry the Elvish tradition with them.

Well, enough talking for now! I just hope than if you visit us some time, please call! I’d love to meet you, guys.

Rómenya Aranië Aiwisírëo

For those interested, see the analysis here.



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Erutulco, núrolya!

Aiya, meldonyar!

I’m Erutulco Eruntano, and I have been honored with a position in Quenya101 Language Institute. Though I made some contributions before, now I’ve been given the chance of helping more actively in task of spreading the awesomeness of Quenya to every corner of Arda.

My encounter with Professor Tolkien was at the age of 12, through his most popular masterpiece “The Lord of the Rings”. Since then I started to delve deeper and deeper in his whole mythos. Now I count 22 years of life, and this passion has done nothing but increase. Needless to say, Quenya played a primary role in this process: in 2009 (age 19), I stumbled into Helge Fauskanger’s Quenya Course. I instantly began to study it, though very slowly due to life’s other obligations.

A little before finishing the Course, I found Erunno on Twitter, and he helped immensely in the task. And when, afterwards, he opened this site, I became an avid reader. Since then I’m up to perfecting knowledge, translating, and helping others to learn Quenya.

Finally, for the curious ones, here’s some information about me:

  • Age: 22 years old
  • Studies: currently studying Computer Engineering
  • Country: Uruguay
  • Languages: Spanish (mother-tongue), English, Latin (though a bit rusty lately), and Quenya.

My most notorious previous contributions to Quenya101 are these two: Tenwar Quenya Quick Guide & A Varda! Elentári!. Also I’ve been awarded with the title “I roquen taraso!” and a Quenya101 t-shirt for solving a challenge here.

Great, now you know me! But how do you contact me? I’m in a bunch of social networks, and on email. These are the most effective means of reaching me:

Twitter: @joaquingatica | Google+: link | Email: erutulco@quenya101.com

Do not hesitate to get in touch at any moment. I check this networks very frequently, and I’ll be pleased to help anyone anytime. We are here with that purpose. As the title states: Erutulco, your servant!



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A token of knighthood

Erutulco, i roquen taraso!

As you may be aware of, Erutulco has solved the challenge proposed here and as promised, he received a gift for the deed!

What you see above, is the T-shirt sent to him to celebrate his knighthood! Now Erutulco, not only is, but has the token to prove he is officially a knight of the castle!

My girlfriend helped out with this plan, by getting this artwork done in São Paulo, Brazil where I should have been last January…but my plans were frustrated! So…I had the idea, she got it done and the final result was this:

The colors were all based in Uruguay flag. That particular artist was chosen (I think his name is Juarez, I can’t remember exactly) because I have already seen him in action and he’s goddamn good! He sorta tattoos T-shirts, so I wanted him to produce that piece of art.

And maybe…maybe….this is the 1st T-shirt coming out from Quenya101. Who knows what the future may bring, right?

Erutulco / Quenya101.com

Erutulco, the knight of the castle.

Mission accomplished! Promised & fulfilled!



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