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Hope … in Quenya

Hope in Quenya

NEW sentence translated into Quenya!

(Requested by Ben Neadle and answered in 89 hours with HUGE Tengwar fonts perfect for a tattoo through Tattoo Q101) Continue reading

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Q101 Stirring Collection II

…finally is here!

1 Coirë


The last month of the year, marking Quenya101 anniversary and the end of the 1st year of the new elvish century, it has begun! Check the new Q101 Shop Collection with its new hit designs:

Two Trees of ValinorPurple Panther got the PowerI love Middle-EarthBorn in AnaryaStranger indeedQ101 8th

AND:…..to celebrate the release of this new collection, we got FREE SHIPPING until 02/12/18 10:00AM CT

Code is: FREESHIP184d1f8c

Let this year end and the celebrations being like an elven boss with Q101Fashion!




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Eärendillinwë Quenyanna 5


Eärendil finally reaches Valinor!

Check out

Stanza 5

and join him in this epic journey


in Quenya!



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Q101 Shop Free Shipping

Q101 Shop brings you our first Thanksgiving promotion!


Free Shipping*

What do you need to do?

Vote on the poll here and follow Q101 Shop Instagram!

Voilà! Free Shipping you got! A code will be sent to you through Instagram chat and you’ll be ready to pack all the elvish products of Q101 Shop for free in time for Thanksgiving! How cool is that, huh?!

Do you already follow Q101 Shop Instagram? Don’t despair! You’ll have your special free shipping code as well! That’s only fair!

*Free Shipping is available for orders over $45 US or $80 International (excluding wall art for International Orders) until 11/21/16 11:59PM PT





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Listen “i metta Ainulindalë Quenyannava”

And with that, we finish our beloved project. Now, all Tolkien fans have the whole Ainulindalë meticulously translated into the mother tongue of the Elves of Valinor.


If you are new to Quenya101 site, check the Listen tab in the Menu above and you can listen this and much more in Quenya. Great help to learn phonetics and get your progress going faster than just reading about sounds.



If you are an old friend of Quenya101 site, here’s a little treat for you. Many people have asked me that, many times in the past, but I never ever have shared this into one single file. Now, that everything is said and done, here I give to you all, the master file with the 307 lines of Ainulindalë Quenyanna. Click on the image below:

8 pages for post WM

Please, please I just ask that you handle this gift of mine with care. Do not alter it nor share it without due credits. I don’t ask you money for that, I’m not selling anything, I did it for free and I did it for pleasure! I hope you have pleasure with that too.






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The Star-Spangled Banner (I Netyaina Ambal Elena)

I’m on vacation but I couldn’t let the day pass unnoticed here. It’s Fireworks Day, no, I mean Independence Day and we should celebrate it properly here in Quenya101!

So, to mark the occasion, here comes the National Anthem of Onórë Américo in Quenya, as we elves of Valinor should actually sing:

Middle Earth Ready

If you cannot see the Tengwar alphabet correctly below, click at the Middle-Earth-Ready icon and learn why.

`C ~C zR1R t# qYj%j aF5$ a~Cj$,F `Ct.D7R`CyE=
hÍE `Cj#,F`CyR jlE1E5$jt$ 1Fm# `BjaT`V 1T2~Nt$,FyE=
hÍEyE 9N`V 1T`V6 `C6 aEj%t$ `Vj$5% 1R6 7EaG|v# t#d1T`V=
`N6 `B `C61E6 1T65$jt$= 5$6 1E 9M`N7TzDyR ½j#qT`V,FÀ
`C6 `B aE65$ 5~C6 1T4%5lE5$ qTj%2%yE= `B 7~MyT5$ 7lUyR6 yTj#´,R=
1E5#5$6 1Ef#yR 1R6 `B j~Nt$ hÍE `Cw#j$jt# 5~V `V6 1E,F=
`C ~C zR1R t# 5$1ÎlE5# `Cw#j `Vj$5# `V6 ½j#qU=
`N6 `B 5~N7F j~V7EyE `C6 `B t~C6 9M`N7Tv#yEÀ


O say can you see by the dawn’s early light,
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming,
Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight,
O’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming?
And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there;
O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave,
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

Star Spangled Banner


A á quetë ma polil cenë cálessë amaurëava,

Ya alassëavë laitanelmë telda ilcië tindómesseva,

Yava hoë tier ar calimë eleni ter raxinqua mahtië,

Or i artar tirnelmë, ner ta huorinquavë hlapiessë?

Ar i carnë nár tintinainë pilindiva, i rúvinë ruiver vilyassë,

Tananer tancavë ter i lómë ya ambalelma né er tassë;

A á quetë ma netyaina ambal elena er hlapu,

Or i nórë lérava ar i már huorinquava?

That’s all folks! This bonus post comes to its end and off I go to my vacation! See you in August!



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Quendi & Eldar

Do you know those awkward moments when you made an inappropriate remark about someone’s cultural/ethnic/race without even realizing it? It may range from a simple “calling-someone-chinese-when-one’s-actually-japanese” to using the n-word (and you know you shouldn’t but it just pop out).

Well, let’s have a simple etiquette class here so we don’t commit those embarrassing mistakes with elves! They are not all the same people. Just because you saw someone with a bow and pointy ears(?), don’t point the finger calling names without giving some thought to what you say!  That’s rude!

Taken from p.372-5 of The History of Middle-Earth Vol. XI The War of the Jewels, here’s what you need to know:


Quendi = Elves of any kind, including the Avari (the ones who refused to take part on the Great March from Cuiviénen to Valinor. Singular less frequently used =  Quendë. This term became popular and useful when the elves met other races such as Men, Dwarves, Orcs, etc. It simply distinguished neutrally between Elvish people and non-Elvish people. Not used at all in Valinor where they called themselves Eldar and not Quendi.

Calaquendi = Elves who desired the light of Aman and took part on the Great March reaching its final destination. It was coined before the Separation and evidently by the party favorable to Oromë. In Valinor, it was used strictly to the Elves who actually lived or had lived in Aman (not only desiring it). In Beleriand, Calaquendi went out of use because it was offensive to the Sindar, still the Noldor used the word in books of lore.

Moriquendi = Elves who did not desire the light of Aman and wished a place with darkness and night (possibly to contemplate better the beauty of the stars). From the beginning the term had a tinge of scorn, implying they were inferior and more prone to follow Melkor and his Darkness. In Valinor, its meaning was simply the opposite of Calaquendi, namely elves who hadn’t lived in Aman. In Beleriand, Moriquendi was applied to all Elves except the Noldor and Sindar, basically the Avari.

Eldar = It literally means ‘Star-folk’ and in the beginning it encompassed all Elves. It had a close relation to Quendi, but later it did not include the Avari at all.

To be continued with Telerin and Sindarin terms and uses…



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Bank of Valinor

Economic crisis? Banks with rotten credit all over the World? Real estate market falling like a spiral to the ground? NOT here, my friend…not in Valinor.

At Bank of Valinor, we take seriously the position we hold in helping serve as an engine of growth and success for millions of individuals, households, families, and businesses of every size and of every race*. 

*Bank of Valinor and its subsidiaries do not support financially any Orcish venture.

A financial health of a bank goes hand in hand with the kind of bank loan practiced there. Rigid banks profit less, but are safer and they tend to work properly within its “boundaries”. A bank too flexible can compromise its own financial health and bring down the whole system with it (i.e. this motherf… economic crisis those goddam.. banks put us in)

Having this in mind…can you imagine how I was blown up to the core when I received mail from the Bank of Valinor (which I was expecting at all) and when I opened it………..

My own custom Visa Platinum Valinor!!!!!!

And I mean it! Now you may be wondering….WHAT? Is this some kind of joke? Is that real? What’s that? I can’t even see it!

It`s as real as my fingers holding it! Take a better look!

See???? I held back some info for security reason, of course…but look…my name, my own!!! And the beautiful (copyrighted) background of the elves in Cuiviénen!

Man…….I was in heaven when I saw that!!!!

If you wanna get yours, don’t be shy….elves usually don`t charge hidden fees! Dwarves do, not elves!

How can you get one? Visit any branch office of Bank of Valinor next to you and ask yours now!!!!*

*Availability dependent on credit report information & current income

I can`t wait to use it!


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