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Eärendillinwë Quenyanna 7


Eärendil starts sailing on immortal skies


Stanza 7

Hoist your banners, hold your Silmarilli up high and come sail away with him…





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The Stars by the Elves


Today I had the biggest relief EVER. I was about to check Lindefirion wiki (which is super cool full of features and extra stuff made by fans) and it is simply GONE! Unrecoverable is what they say and damn…..they had it all. The only thing I could save from them (and I did a long time ago) was a starmap as you can see above, which they made pretty accurately and as you may know, elves and stars are connected! The mere name of the race is based on the word “star” and literally “elves” mean “star-people”. Why?tumblr_inline_mjr1mxlxAu1qz4rgp

When they were born (and you can read that in The Silmarillion) the very first thing they beheld and were astonished by their beauty, was the stars of Varda Elentári, the creator of all stars.

You know by now that I love maps and oddly enough I’ve been too concerned with earthly maps and elves are not about Earth. They are children of the Stars! For the first time, a most appropriate map presented by this half-elf to all humans, elves, dwarves, hobbits and perhaps even orcs. An elvish STARMAP:

Elvish Starmap

The names shown in this map follow closely the ones created by Lindefirion site. I kept them all even though some are not that good in my personal opinion. The overall works is excellent and I’d certainly give 4.5 out of 5 stars to it!




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The Tree is coming…

The tradition is kept! White Tree Awards is coming, but this year there is something new! A whole category chosen by you! You choose the criteria and you vote as you will! It’s People’s Choice Awards.  Here are the nominees:

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ONE family tree!


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There are so many posts that could be in the list above. Funny, with useful information, educational, full of creativity…etc! Choose ANY you want!



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