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Exit Ondo Carniliono

Sadly, after watching the whole video about a Quenya lecture given in 2015 by Ondo Carniliono (former contributor of Quenya101) where he meant that Quenya101 site was HIS and something HE created with some friends of his (those were his exact words in Portuguese), I resigned his internal access to everything connected to Quenya101 and would like to clarify that he is no longer attached to anything related to Quenya101, Q101, and his former email as a representative of the site (ondo@quenya101.com) is no longer active as well.

I thank him for everything he officially contributed from 2012-2015 (and even before when he was my pupil and learnt everything he could from me). He was a very good pupil I had and I’m sure as the video well shows, he is and has become a good Quenya Master.

Namárië ar hantanyel.






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