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Erutulco, núrolya!

Aiya, meldonyar!

I’m Erutulco Eruntano, and I have been honored with a position in Quenya101 Language Institute. Though I made some contributions before, now I’ve been given the chance of helping more actively in task of spreading the awesomeness of Quenya to every corner of Arda.

My encounter with Professor Tolkien was at the age of 12, through his most popular masterpiece “The Lord of the Rings”. Since then I started to delve deeper and deeper in his whole mythos. Now I count 22 years of life, and this passion has done nothing but increase. Needless to say, Quenya played a primary role in this process: in 2009 (age 19), I stumbled into Helge Fauskanger’s Quenya Course. I instantly began to study it, though very slowly due to life’s other obligations.

A little before finishing the Course, I found Erunno on Twitter, and he helped immensely in the task. And when, afterwards, he opened this site, I became an avid reader. Since then I’m up to perfecting knowledge, translating, and helping others to learn Quenya.

Finally, for the curious ones, here’s some information about me:

  • Age: 22 years old
  • Studies: currently studying Computer Engineering
  • Country: Uruguay
  • Languages: Spanish (mother-tongue), English, Latin (though a bit rusty lately), and Quenya.

My most notorious previous contributions to Quenya101 are these two: Tenwar Quenya Quick Guide & A Varda! Elentári!. Also I’ve been awarded with the title “I roquen taraso!” and a Quenya101 t-shirt for solving a challenge here.

Great, now you know me! But how do you contact me? I’m in a bunch of social networks, and on email. These are the most effective means of reaching me:

Twitter: @joaquingatica | Google+: link | Email: erutulco@quenya101.com

Do not hesitate to get in touch at any moment. I check this networks very frequently, and I’ll be pleased to help anyone anytime. We are here with that purpose. As the title states: Erutulco, your servant!



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Enter Ondo Carniliono

Aiya ilyen!

My name’s Ondo Carniliono and I’m a new writer here in Quenya101. You may know me for some posts by our friend Erunno, like “All that is gold does not glitter”, “Bard’s song” and, I would say this is the most famous of them all, “Soft kitty”. 

I’ve started studying Quenya in October 2010, and on my first comments of it on Twitter I found the @Quenya101 guy. With his help, before the end of the year I was already translating parts of some lyrics into Quenya and I still remember my first translation was “When life leaves us blind, love keeps us kind” by Linkin Park (Song: The Messenger).

But… who am I anyway? I’m a 17 year old Gondorian, studying to be a physicist, I speak Portuguese, English, Spanish and, of course, Quenya and I live in Brazil. You can find me on twitter (@_Ondo) or you can email me (ondo@quenya101.com), so, if you need any help, got any comments or anything, hit me up there!

See you later guys! Namárië!



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King of the castle, master of the domain.

I proudly announce to you that Quenya101 Language Institute has acquired its own domain from WordPress.

From now on, you can simply type quenya101.com and voilà…here we are!

This will bring much more visibility to our beloved elvish site and also will improve some of its features. Stay tuned for they will come in the near future.

For instance…..have you EVER imagined Quenya101 like this:

Pretty cool the trick, huh?

But…wait…don’t despair if you can’t read Tengwar alphabet yet…this is just an Easter Egg of Quenya101 and with it, I’d like to propose a challenge here (just like old times).

The 1st one to access Quenya101 in its Tengwar version like shown in the picture, will be awarded a special prize, to be revealed.

So…it`s not an easy task to get this Easter Egg, I know…but if you do, take a picture of you and your computer screen proving the deed!

Leave a reply here and after the Quenya101 Easter Eggs evaluation comission analyzes and approves your skills involving Tengwar and computer programming, the special prize will be delivered by postal service ANYWHERE in the world. Be it Earth or Arda!


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Welcome to Quenya101 Institute, where you can learn the most beautiful of all elvish languages, Quenya! Here you’ll find resources to improve your knowledge if you have some, or to start developing it if you have none. Below, there’s a quick explanation of each area to make your navigation smoother and lighter. May Eärendil guide your ship!

Ainulindalë Quenyanna – Area dedicated to my personal project of translating Tolkien’s writings to Quenya.  Specially interesting for advanced students.

Elvish Course – In this area you can study Quenya language in an easy simple way. You’ll understand Tengwar alphabet writing, Quenya grammar and much more. Designed for starters, it’s the most comfortable way to get familiar with the language.

About me – Are you curious? Well, if you are..check this part!

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