Tengwar Fonts Ultimate Guide

JRRTIf you’re here, you must be a Tolkien fan and be fond of his languages and his alphabets. Tengwar, his most famous alphabet, is an unique collection of “symbols” which perfectly stands for all phonemes necessary to pronounce the target language, be it an elvish or human language. Throughout Quenya101, you can find lessons to learn the Tengwar alphabet, learn the most beautiful elvish language Quenya through the Elvish School Project, and now I present to you the Ultimate Guide for Tengwar Fonts! 


Previously, I have divided some of the info here in a collection of posts released some years ago. Not only I intend to join them all here (to make it easier), but I’ll constantly add NEW Tengwar fonts created by my own! Original ones, inspired by everyday fonts we already have around the net. Why should we stick to a dozen of Tengwar fonts when there are millions of possibilities as we can see in the variety of Roman alphabet fonts? That’s right,tolkien baby! That’s Quenya101 reasoning and I should discover a brave new world full of Tengwar fonts! Let creativity guide us all like Tolkien would like it.

You will find in the following pages a Quenya pangram so you can check the fonts completely in a glimpse as well as links to download them. Click on the name of the font and you’re one step away to start typing like a boss! An elvish boss!

(Click on the banners to check each Tengwar fonts collection)

Enjoy them all!









MANY MORE FONTS to come. Stay tuned for new fonts and collections!



OBS: If you don’t know how to type using Tengwar, please read THIS before downloading the fonts and typing like a regular keyboard. That’s not how it works!

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  2. Karin

    This is a very lovely website. -Karin

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