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Tengwar Fonts Ultimate Guide

High-elven Collection

Tengwar AnnatarTengwar Annatar ItalicsTengwar NoldorTengwar GothikaTengwar QuenyaTengwar Eldamar

Tengwar Annatar

Tengwar Annatar Quenya Pangram

Tengwar Annatar as you see in the image above is a standard writing, balanced and with a neutral elvish style.

(©2004-2005 Tengwar Annatar by John Winge)

Tengwar Annatar Italics

Tengwar Annatar Italics Quenya Pangram

Tengwar Annatar Italics is the #1 choice of Tolkien fans as it’s the One Ring inscription and it flows beautifully in a cursive and “liquid” way.

(©2004-2005 Tengwar Annatar Italics by John Winge)

Tengwar Noldor

Tengwar Noldor Quenya Pangram

Tengwar Noldor is the most Dwarvish Tengwar can get! Full of straight lines, it’s perfect for chiseling stone and perhaps make amends with that stunted bearded people!

(©1998 Tengwar Noldor by Daniel Steven Smith)

Tengwar Gothika

Tengwar Gothika Quenya Pangram

Elves in Middle-Ages? Unusual combination, but why not? Tengwar Gothika is one of my favorite ones! It adds an air of medieval taste to the already beautiful alphabet.

(©2005 Tengwar Gothika by Enrique Mombello)

Tengwar Quenya

Tengwar Quenya Quenya Pangram

Tengwar Quenya is a serious font with stern face and balanced visual. It’s good for documents or history specially those related to…Alqualondë burning ships! (Trolling Thingol)

(©1998 Tengwar Quenya by Daniel Steven Smith)

Tengwar Eldamar

Tengwar Eldamar

Tengwar Eldamar feels like a dagger. It’s a sharp font with pretty marked tehtar. To me, it’s the most “Arabic” of Tengwar fonts. I can’t explain, I just feel that about it!

(©2006-2007 Tengwar Eldamar by Måns Björkman)