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Tengwar Fonts Ultimate Guide

Silvan-elven Collection

Tengwar TelcontarTengwar CursiveTengwar NaiveTengwar Gandalf The WhiteTengwar KidsTengwar Telcontar Underlined

Tengwar Telcontar


Extremely versatile font. Usable only  in OpenOffice Writer (here at size 24) but you can customize ligatures, underlines, decorations…wonderful! Easy to type due its mapping and it adjusts its own tehtar by itself! What a prime!

(©2005-2009 Tengwar Telcontar by Johan Winge)

Tengwar Cursive


Tengwar Cursive is a tiny font (here size 24) with some casual and yet elegant calligraphy.  Its curvy style is its great charm. It’s like Gandalf writing Tengwar casually in kind of a hurry.

(©2000 Tengwar Cursive by Harri Perälä)

Tengwar Naive


Tengwar Naive is a little small too (here it’s size 18) and its original rendition got minor problems which I had to adjust and modify. Its essence is round and a bit elvish teens, I would say.

(©1997,2004 Tengwar Naive by Johan Winge. ©2016 Tengwar Naive Adjusted by Erunno Alcarinollo)

Tengwar Gandalf the White

Tengwar Gandalf

Tengwar-Gandalf = HUGE problem. I had to fix some many things with it, that it’d be completely appropriate to call it “Tengwar Gandalf the White”. Check the two pics to compare! Gandalf was indeed reborn to become better!

(©2005 Tengwar-Gandalf by Michael S. Elliott. ©2016 Tengwar Gandalf the White by Erunno Alcarinollo)

Tengwar Kids


Exclusive Quenya101 Tengwar font! Tengwar Kids resembles an elvish child’s calligraphy just learning how to write. Cool, huh? If you want to download this font, click in its name and follow the instructions.

(©2016 Tengwar Kids by Erunno Alcarinollo)

Tengwar Telcontar Underlined


One of the custom “modes” within Tengwar Telcontar. Those underlines with random dots here and there adds to this font charm and enhances the beauty of Tengwar writing.

(©2005-2009 Tengwar Telcontar by Johan Winge)