The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – The Dragon Clip
(New Zealand – 2012)

This is just a sweetener to our future Hobbit-barf. I don’t like how Internet destroys surprises, but the anxiety related to watching a movie has never been so high!

Peter Jackson – The Hobbit Trailer
(2011 )- New Zealand

It’s 1 year to go….my Precioussssss…..1 year!

ABC15com – People getting elf ears
(2011) – USA

REAL life elf ears? I saw that and right away I said: Yeah, right! But then I dug a bit and next thing I was saying: “Holy elvish cow!”

MadTV – The Lords of the Bling
(2008) – USA

What if Lord of the Rings were written by a rapper? Dare to find out here, with The Lord of the Bling feat. Sisqo, Missy Elliot, Lil’ Kim & much others with “blackish” slangs. Yea, uh-huh!

Machinima – The Lord of the Rings War of the North: The Legend of the Rings
(2011) – USA

If Tolkien had never written Lord of the Rings, the world of Fantasy genre as we know it, would NOT exist. Check the video and understand why!

TubeMastah – The Silmarillion Trailer
(2010) – Beleriand

Alright! Flaws are all over the place…but the mere thought of it becoming a reality brings warm feelings to my heart! (The Silmarillion Movie)

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