Air New Zealand – An Unexpected Briefing
(2012) – New Zealand

By now you may have watched this clip zillion of times, but DID you enter the contest??? Find how many times the Sindarin message appears in the video and fly to The Hobbit premiere in New Zealand! HERE!

Comediva – Oppa Klingon Style
(2012) – USA

Ondo showed me this one again where this strange space orc sings in a very unfamiliar language….I LOVED IT! How funny and well done!

Ooakoo – The Fellowship of The Rings in 60 seconds
(2006) – Germany

Fast, quick…it’s only 60 seconds full of funny voices and weird dialogues I’m sure you haven’t listened when in theater!

MTBritton – The Fellowship Of The Ring in 63 songs
(2008) – Canada

It’s free for all. There are 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s… some scenes are goddamn funny! If you don’t laugh, we give you your money back. Wait…did you pay anything?

Mouth of Sauron – Ding Ding Dong
(2009) – Philippines

You touched my tra la la…my ding ding dong! Annoyingly hilarious!

Blind Guardian – The Bards’ Song
(1992) – Germany

Well, there’s nothing left to say here. It’s Blind Guardian so you know what it means. No introductions needed! Enjoy the video with Quenya subtitles.

Arkxyz – I Yessessë
(2011) – Italy

Excellent video, very well pronounced. This Italian girl knows what she’s tolkien about! With few interferences from her mother tongue (which is natural), this video is good guide to Quenya phonetics

1234baller5678’s – Dominic Monaghan interviews Elijah Wood
(2008) – USA

That’s where the feud between Merry and Frodo began!!! Hilarious stuff made by Merry! He messes up Frodo badly and everything with a fake German accent! 😀

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