Morthane – Lord Of The Rings / Nightwish
(2010) UK

This IS how the Lord Of The Rings should have sounded! Metal-like. An outstanding and thrilling edition by Morthane! Kudos!

Skit Productions – Trolling Saruman
(2012) – Canada

This is what really happened in Caradhras! Saruman is not evil…he’s just like…he just sings too much! 🙂

PistolsShrimps – The Lord Of The Rings: Boyz N The Ring
(2010) – Middle-Earth Guetto

Yo, fool! We’re bringin’ Hip Hop back 2 Middle-Earth (Fo’ shizzle my nizzle). Yeah…muthaffcka!

Ainur – Son Of Gloom
(2007) – Italy

The video is just a static image, but the lyrics…WOW..everything about Túrin Turambar ill fate. The Italian accent is so pleasing too (in my opinion). Good vocals and the beauty of it all just increases with Beleg’s song.

Émilie Simon – Fleur De Saison
(2006) – France

Alright, the lyrics are not about Tolkien but through this most beautiful video you can see all Elvish seasons! It’s all there, from Coirë to Hrívë. Superb clip! It seems like a flower singing in the forest of Lothlórien.

Blind Guardian – Lord Of The Rings
(1996) – Germany

Classic of the classics. What can I say more about it? The name is there, the images are there. Listen to them, it’s definitely a sweet music to elvish ears .

HelterStardust – Lord Of The Stars The Fellowship Of The Hope
(2011) – Brazil

Funny video with the my 2 most beloved movies franchises (Star Wars & Lord Of The Rings) It couldn’t be better! Perfectly done, voices and scenes seem to be meant for each other!

Ensiferum – Into Battle
(2004) – Finland

A great song with fast chords, powerful drums, hard vocals and the video is all about a…small lil’ ring which caused such huge battles.

Asgair – Oath of Fëanor
(2009) – Poland

Interesting clip, tense soundtrack which contributes to the greatness of the Oath. Here, Quenya is used weirdly, like some archaic form with accusative & other odd details too. Indicated by Ondo Carniliono.

LiMaSo – Hakuna Matata
(2006) – Norway

Legolas & Gimli singing this childhood classic! Funny one and well-made at some extent. I wasn’t that crazy about Lion King but this song certainly brings good memories! Hakuna Matata for all!

Anne-Marie Dicce – Namárië
(2009) – USA

Cello & Soprano for all! Some people may not appreciate the sweetness of this kind of music, but I certainly do! Good vocals and nice played cello! Best part, it features Namárië poem! Enjoy ‘sí man yulma nin enquantuva’!

Placebo – 36 degrees
(1996) – England

Made by me in 2009, here’s a translation of a whole song from English to Quenya. One of my favorite bands and although it’s not Tolkien related, it just felt right to have it in Quenya!

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