ScreenTeamShow – Gandalf Style
(2012) – USA

Ondo showed me this one and after getting to know the Korean guy singing this new pop hit, well…I rather sing along with Gandalf lyrics heheheh

SNL – Frodo & Gollum
(2009) – USA

What if Frodo & Gollum were the stars of an 80s’ TV series? Find out now with this funny short video!

Rata Blanca – El Reino Olvidado
(2008) – Argentina

Awesome quality, it sounds so much like Blind Guardian, Helloween, Angra and so on. Even though the main theme is not Tolkien related, it really deserved a space here.

Miriam Peirone – Namárië
(2009) – Italy

It’s the super famous poem of Tolkien sang in this video which I’d like to share! Of course, bad pronunciation is everywhere, but the voice soothes one’s annoyance by the mispronunciation, I think.

Brothers Grim & Grimy – The Hobbit
(2010) – USA

The Hobbit in under 2 minutes! Specially designed for those who incredibly haven’t read the book yet and wants to somehow, save spoilers for the upcoming movies.

Isaiah Butler – The Return Of The King in 5 seconds
(2008) – USA

This is for those who haven’t watched the movie for a while, have a very bad memory and wanna recall the whole plot of The Return of the king INSTANTLY! Enjoy!

Level 22 – Avatar in 5 seconds
(2010) – USA

Wait..Avatar? What has it got to do with Tolkien? Check the video above and you’ll see there’s much more than the EYE can see!

Hobbit House Of Montana – Hobbit House
(2011) – USA

That’s right! You heard me! A hobbit house in Montana!! To be more specific it’s 16 miles NW of Thompson Falls and 8 miles SW of Trout Creek, MT.

FantasticFest – Elijah Wood challenges Dominic Monaghan
(2011) – USA

The fight of the year (in the Shire) Frodo VS Merry! Are you ready to rumble? That’s something I don’t wanna miss.

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